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USING Brush Pro Cimex

2 We should understand the
Before we discuss the what and how of encapsulation cleaning – We should understand the “WHY?”

3 Some History of Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Late 1970’s – Going rate for commercial carpet cleaning was 15 to 18 cents per sq. ft.

4 Some History of Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Mid ’80s – The rise of maintenance management companies National brokers contracted numerous accounts at 12 cents or less They offered Local cleaners 4 to 8 cents to do the actual cleaning. Explain broker arrangement

5 Some History of Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Current – Many contractors still bidding at 10 cents per sq. ft. or less. Cleaners taking short-cuts to remain profitable; Carpet looks neglected. Carpet losing market share to other flooring due to unhappy consumers. Wal-mart changing carpet to laminate over next 2 years

6 Options for the reputable cleaner
#1 Clean at going rates Barely make wages; No money to maintain or upgrade equipment; Big budget for duct tape. Distributors – You know you have customers like this.

7 Options for the reputable cleaner
Option #2 Find a new job. Is there an Option #3?

8 Option #3 - Encapsulation
Advantages to the cleaner Carpet looks great! Reduces or eliminates wicking and associated re-dos. Carpet stays cleaner longer; Maintenance cleaning is easier.

9 Option #3 - Encapsulation
Can often use encapsulation with current equipment Upgrading equipment relatively inexpensive

10 Option #3 - Encapsulation
6. High production rates! 1,200 to 2,500+ sq. ft. per hour Varies with equipment and conditions $60 to $125 per hour even at 5 cents!

11 High production rates! Even more 8 – 10 cent rates

12 Many cleaners are able to charge significantly higher rates due to satisfied customers!

13 ENCAPUCLEAN STEP #1- Thorough Dry Vacuuming Cleaning Procedures
A Pile Lifter can be used to improve vacuuming. The Brush Pro machines with the receptacle added can be used as a pile lifter. With less dry soil present more of the encapsulate can bond to the carpet fiber instead of the soil.

14 ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Procedures
Mix one part Encapuclean Green Double Strength with 32 parts water (4 oz. to a gallon) into sprayer or dispensing tank on the machine. 320 ml/solution with 4 liters of water

15 ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Procedures
STEP #2– Apply Encapuclean Green DS or Encapuclean A light, even mist is applied with an battery or pump-up sprayer or through a solution tank on the machine Apply more solution to heavier soiled areas and stains.

16 ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Procedures STEP 3 - The solution is thoroughly distributed and agitated into the carpet. A wide variety of machines can be used for encapsulation cleaning including a Cimex, a Brush Pro or 175 RPM rotary buffer. When using a Cimex with a tank you apply ENCAPUCLEAN in this step.

17 ENCAPUCLEAN What’s happening?
The detergent solution dissolves, suspends, and emulsifies the soil. The brush or bonnet agitation dislodges soil from the carpet yarn. The bonnet extracts some of the loosened soil. Emphasize - Soil is separated from the fibers.

18 ENCAPUCLEAN What’s happening?
A “soil redeposit prevention agent” coats the soil and prevents it from re-attaching to the fiber. Extra chemical coats the fibers to retard future soiling.

19 ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Procedures Both dry and oily soils along with the carpet tuft are coated with a polymer. Sticky oils that held soil in place are now encapsulated.

20 ENCAPUCLEAN Carpet looks clean immediately! Cleaning Procedures
Dislodged soil falls to the base of the carpet. Sticky oils are encapsulated and fall. With nothing to hold them to the fiber other soils also drop. “Slick” coating on the soils and fibers allows any soil to easily drop off the tuft to the base of the carpet. Carpet looks clean immediately!

21 ENCAPUCLEAN Cleaning Procedures
Encapuclean and Encapuclean Green DS dry to a “non-resoiling” film. Some refer to this as crystallizing. The carpet usually dries in under 60 minutes.

22 ENCAPUCLEAN STEP 4 - Dry vacuuming Cleaning Procedures
Removes encapsulated soil along with some of the dried cleaning agent. This step is often performed by housekeeping staff the next day. Subsequent vacuuming is more efficient as soil does not readily bond to coated fibers.

23 ENCAPUCLEAN CIMEX 19” MACHINE Cleaning Equipment
Base turns one direction while three brushes or pads attached to Instalock pad driver rotate in the opposite direction to dislodge soil from all sides of each fiber. Efficient to use and allows you to add Encapuclean with solution tank saving you time. Use brushes when the carpet has pile, use pads witn Instalock Pad driver when the carpet has no pile.

Cleaning Equipment BRUSH PRO LM 17 & LM 20 The Brush Pro is a cylindrical counter–rotating brush machine (rotating inward toward each other) which reaches into the pile, pulls out dirt and debris and scrub two sides of each fiber.

25 ENCAPUCLEAN BRUSH PRO 17 & 20 BRUSH PRO 17 & 20 Cleaning Equipment
The Brush Pro 20 has three speeds. 280 rpm for deep cleaning 400 rpm for normal cleaning 520 rpm for pile lifting The Brush Pro is easy to handle and maneuver. You can use to groom pile in one direction if desirable. Both models come with standard brush. Gentle brush for wool and a stiffer commercial brush are available.

26 ENCAPUCLEAN Tips for Using Cleaning Equipment
A cleaner who has both the Cimex and Brush Pro will use the Cimex in the areas with the most traffic and will use the Brush Pro for offices and areas without as much traffic. The Brush Pro can also be used to agitate pre-sprays prior to hot water extraction. The Brush Pro, Cimex or any other rotary machine should not be stored or stopped for even a short time with the brushes bearing the weight of the machine. The Brush Pro has its special storage container and the Cimex head can be turned so that the brushes do not bear the weight of the machine.

27 ENCAPUCLEAN Drying Benefits A true minimum moisture method
If the soil level demands so much solution that the carpet gets wet, it’s time for hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is recommended for initial cleaning of soiled carpet and for periodic maintenance.

28 ENCAPUCLEAN Drying Usually dries within 10 to 60 minutes
Carpet may be returned to normal use immediately after drying. An Air King or other air mover will further speed drying times.

29 ENCAPUCLEAN Testimonial
Dave Winston: “I have several customers who have tried Encapuclean and continue to use it over a well established competitive product they had been using for years. Customers say it cleans better and is more economical to use.” Typical chemical cost when using Encapuclean 3/10 – 4/10 cents per sq. ft. W/ Maxim 5/10 to 6/10 cents per sq. ft. Works better. Lower cost. What more could any cleaner want?

30 ENCAPUCLEAN Suggested Demonstration
Encapsulating cleaners should dry to a non-sticky residue. Here’s how to determine if Encapuclean or other product does that. Mix product according to label directions. Pour a several drops in a saucer. Let it dry. Shake black pepper over the residue. Blow! Pepper should easily blow off. Pepper should blow right off if the product has dried non-sticky.

31 ENCAPUCLEAN WITH MAXIM Encapsulate Cleaner
Same great cleaning as Encapuclean Fluorochemical and Acid Dye Resistor added Competitive products may separate after being mixed if they are not used the same day. Replenishes stain resistance with each cleaning

32 ENCAPUCLEAN WITH MAXIM Encapsulate Cleaner
Six maintenance cleanings equals approximately one full application of Maxim Advanced Its use allows cleaner to add 2 to 3 cents per sq. ft. to cleaning charge Demo during next slide

33 ENCAPUCLEAN The following photos demonstrate the relative soiling performance of the listed materials when compared in an ASTM 6540 accelerated soil drum test. The results indicate that the Encapuclean with Maxim product, by far, offers the highest level of soil protection of the materials tested. The competitive “crystallizing” material, while better than control, was not nearly as effective at preventing soiling in this study. All materials were applied per label instructions at equal amounts by weight.

34 Control Encapuclean Maxim Encapuclean Competitive Product
Comparison is to ReleasIt. The largest selling encapsulation cleaner. “I know the name of the competitive product but, I can’t release it.” Competitive Product

35 Encapuclean Green DS had not yet been introduced at the time the proceeding photos were taken.
In later tests, Encapuclean Green DS out performed the competitors on resoiling tests

36 These companies and organizations support, promote encapsulation cleaning or use it themselves.

37 SUMMARY Immediate appearance improvement. Loosened soil drops to base of tufts. High production rate allows cleaner to be profitable. Reduces return calls due to wicking. Fast drying. Ready to use immediately. Carpet stays cleaner longer. Acid Dye Resistor can be refreshed using Encapuclean with Maxim.

38 SALES TIPS System is a good entry for most into the cleaning business. If someone cannot afford a truckmount, sell them some encapsulation equipment instead. It is an excellent system to sell to institutions who maintain their own carpet. Talk about this system with any of your customers who are doing commercial work. Be aware that the Cimex is the standard and is close to being a commodity product. Do not lose sales to internet competition. Brush Pro 20 is unique and is the ultimate counter rotating brush machine. The Cimex is its perceived competition even though cleaners serious about encapsulation should have both machines. Seeing is believing so a demonstration is recommended whenever possible.


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