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Oracle Customer Data Management David Judd Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle

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1 Oracle Customer Data Management David Judd Senior Sales Consultant, Oracle

2 Where Are Your Sources of Truth? DepartmentMost Reliable Data  ServiceProducts Used  SalesContacts  Web SiteWeb Address  FinancialsAbility to Pay  MarketingDemographics How many single sources do you want?

3 It’s a Top 10 Problem 1.Cost / budget pressures 2.Data security concerns 3.Faster innovation 4.Business risk management 5.Single view of customers 6.Stakeholder pressure 7.Greater transparency of reporting 8.E-Enabled business 9.Managing knowledge capital 10.Personal data privacy Source: Gartner CIO Survey, March 2003 Why Need a Single View? Improve service levelsImprove service levels Better targeted marketingBetter targeted marketing Greater sales productivityGreater sales productivity Direct impact on top and bottom lineDirect impact on top and bottom line

4 Business Drivers  Don’t know enough about our customers  Customer data is out there, but not dependable – Fragmentation, duplication, inaccuracies  It costs a bundle to maintain separate customer masters  New initiatives make it all worse – Products, acquisitions, systems, etc. – Closer consumer tracking…beyond the agents

5 1.Fragmentation 2.Duplication 3.Inaccuracies John Doe Johnny Doe Jonathan Dough Jon Dough J. Doe John Doe Customer Data Challenges PeopleSoft E-Business Suite

6 An Oracle Innovation: Oracle Customer Data Hub  Master Customer Identity – Centralized and configurable – Embedded cleansing & enrichment  360 Degree Enterprise Viewer – Any related data from any source  Flexible Data Maintenance – Update at hub or application  Architectural Innovation – Coexists with prior IT investments – Leaves data at its source, yet provides a 360 degree view Legacy, Custom Vendor Packages Industry Partners Customer Data Hub

7 How is a Hub different than a Data Warehouse?  Simple Answer: We do not move transaction records into the hub and rollup the data into summaries. Key Differences Hub Warehouse Customer identity (party-based)Yesunlikely Data movement into/from Batch & real-time Batch Data creation & updatesYesNo Cleans dataYes Enriched Data & HierarchiesYespossible Returns clean data to sourcesYesNo Moves source transactions into repositoryNoYes Drilldown into any source systemYesNo Derived summary metricsYes Derived KPI MetricsYespossible

8 Key Elements of a Customer Data Hub Only Oracle offers the complete solution! Integrate Your Systems Central Data Store Integration Services Packaged Business Processes Hub to Spoke Mapping High Volume Import Manage Your Data Data Quality Tools Data Librarian Function & Processes Single Source Of Truth Record Integrated Enrichment Capabilities Security & Privacy Infrastructure Extended Relationship Management Custom Applications Platform Change Your Behavior Customer Master Viewer/Editor Customer Intelligence and Analytics

9 Requirements – The 4C’s  Consolidated Customer Data – Eliminate fragmentation and redundancies  Clean Customer Data – Resolved duplicates and correct inaccuracies  Complete Customer Data – Access comprehensive customer profiles and history  Coordinated Customer Data – Supply clean, complete data to all systems

10 CDM Capabilities: Consolidation  Trading Community Architecture (TCA) – Data Model designed to store all master data about organizations and people (e.g., agents, prospects, customers, contacts, suppliers, distributors, partners, competitors, employees, venues, etc.) – Designed to be used by any application or business process – Used by thousands of companies – Sold as a stand-alone item since 2000

11 CDM Capabilities: Consolidation  Relationship Model – Links Any Two Parties and Describes Their Relationship  Parties may have unlimited relationships – Relationships May Be Defined as Hierarchical or Matrix – 60 Seeded Relationship Types or Define Your Own – Examples: Business World ~ Subsidiary of ~ Business International, Inc. Business World ~ Partner of ~ Vision Enterprise Business World ~ Competitor of ~ A.C. Networks Jay Miller ~ Employee of ~ Business World Jay Miller ~ Manager of ~ Janet White Jay Miller ~ Spouse of ~ Kim Miller TCA Data Model Drilldown

12 CDM Capabilities: Consolidation  Data Model Extensibility – Used to Extend the TCA Data Model – Offers Unlimited Extended Attributes – Supports Attribute Groups, Value Sets (for validation), and Functions and Actions – Fully Supported and Upgradeable – Visible on UIs (OCO and Data Librarian) – Used by Core CDH Tools (e.g., DQM, Bulk Import) TCA Data Model Drilldown

13 CDM Capabilities: Cleansing  DQM Example 1 (Cleanse Transformation) Transformation Functions Word Replacement Lists Input Value [ Oracle ] Return “Similar” Matches [ Orocle ] [ Oricle ] [ Orucle ] TCA Registry Orocle Oricle Orucle Transformed Input Value [ ORCL ] Staging Tables ORCL

14 Staging Tables ROBERT L CDM Capabilities: Cleansing  DQM Example 2 (Word Replace Transformation) Transformation Functions Word Replacement Lists Input Value [ Bob ] Return “Similar” Matches [ Bobby ] [ Rob ] [ Robert ] TCA Registry Bobby Rob Robert Transformed Input Value [ ROBERT ]

15 CDM Capabilities: Cleansing  Party and Account Merge – After duplicates are identified, resolves the duplicate records – Manual or automated – Managed by a built-in dictionary – All related records are automatically re-pointed to the the surviving party

16 CDM Capabilities: Cleansing Business World, Inc Business World Merge Master Record - 300 Lincoln Ave. Suite 500- 300 Lincoln Ave Ste. 505 - 101 N. Park Blvd. - 201 Industrial Ave., Dock 13B- 101 N. Park Blvd. - Contact: Catherine Fisher- Contact: Cathy Fisher - Contact: Jim Harrington Orders Leads Install Base Credits Ship- ments Orders Leads Install Base Credits Ship- ments

17 CDM Capabilities: Cleansing  Data Librarian Application – Easy-to-use, process-based application to manage all aspects of customer data quality – Duplicate Identification and Resolution Tools  Perform proactive searches for duplicate records  Manage the merge process in a step-by-step flow  Accept default merge choices for a one-click merge or perform detailed, attribute level analysis


19 CDM Capabilities: Cleansing  Data Librarian Application (continued) – Import Management  Manage all Import Requests (Bulk Import and File Load) from a single Import Queue  Accept or reject import requests  Determine duplicate identification and address validation settings for bulk loads  Generate “What if” analysis prior to import  View post-import statistics – Party Purge  Physically delete unwanted records to reduce data volume and/or to comply with data removal requirements (e.g., rented lists, do not contact, etc.)

20 CDM Capabilities: Complete  “Single Source of Truth” Records – Create a single customer record based on data from multiple sources – Create custom data blending rules – Rank source reliability at the attribute level – Display “single source of truth” blended records to end users and share with source systems while maintaining original source data Revenue # of Employees DUNS # Credit Rating US$ 1.1M 20,000 1234 A 21,000 B 20,000 1234 B Blended Record Source 1 (D&B) Source 1 (D&B) Source 2 (Credit Bureau) Source 2 (Credit Bureau)

21 CDM Capabilities: Complete  Address Validation – Standardize and validate existing addresses – Apply validation during Bulk Import Process – Use out-of-the-box adaptors from Trillium or FirstLogic – Create custom adaptors using open, documented, OAG-compliant XML messaging

22 CDM Capabilities: Complete Address Validation Example – Compare an address in the TCA registry against a known good authorized data source. Trillium with US Postal Service Data Libraries TCA Registry

23 Trillium with US Postal Service Data Libraries TCA Registry 500 Oracel park Redwod Shares, CA CDM Capabilities: Complete Address Validation Example – Send address data from TCA to an address validation application.

24 – The corrected, completed & validated address in the Official Postal Format is returned to TCA. Trillium with US Postal Service Data Libraries TCA Registry 500 ORACLE PKWY REDWOOD CITY CA 94065-1677 500 Oracel park Redwod Shares, CA CDM Capabilities: Complete Address Validation Example

25 CDM Capabilities: Complete  D&B Integration – Create or supplement customer records with out-of- the-box integration – Automatically create and expand corporate hierarchies – Import data in real-time or batch mode – Access D&B data within the natural flow of UIs – Choose from 7 different D&B data packets

26 CDM Capabilities: Complete  Data Quality Reports – Data Completeness Reports  Reports on data completeness as defined by the implementing organization – Data Enrichment Reports  Analyzes how many records have been enriched with 3rd Party Data, how recent was the enrichment, etc. – Duplicate Identification Analysis  Shows number and frequency of duplicate records within a specific System Duplicate Identification batch

27 CDM Capabilities: Complete  Customers Online Application – View, update, or create any information within the TCA data model  Profile, Addresses, Relationships, Classifications, etc. – View comprehensive list of enterprise transactions  Real-time query displays transactions for a given party  Transactions are not replicated into the Hub  Meta-data model allows for configuration to query from any external system(s)

28 CDM Capabilities: Coordination  Bulk Import – Provides optimized bulk processing with validation – Optional de-duplication  De-dupe within the import file  De-dupe between the import file and existing TCA data – Optional Address Validation – Out-of-the-box integration with D&B – Configurable to use with other content providers Customer Data Hub Legacy, Custom Content Providers People Contacts Organizations People Contacts Organizations Customer Data Interface Tables Vendor Packages

29 CDM Capabilities: Coordination  Source System Management – Define, store, and manage cross-reference map between the Hub and each “spoke” application – Used to synchronize data between the Hub and the spokes – Supported for all major entities within the TCA data model  e.g., Party, Address, Email, etc. – Updated automatically during Bulk Import Legacy. Custom Content Providers Vendor Packages Central Customer Data Store - Mapping - Data Hub Spoke Apps

30 CDM Capabilities: Coordination  Embedded Integration Services – 60+ Public PL/SQL & Java APIs – 60+ Standards-based Web Services – 80+ Business Event System Callouts  Flexible Data Maintenance – Make updates in the Hub or spoke applications  Middleware Agnostic – Use Oracle’s BPEL Process Manager or any other middleware (e.g., Tibco, webMethods, etc.)

31 Sales Leads Custom Receivables Orders Web Sites Call Center Marketing Data Mart OAS10g WebServices Data Quality Services Integration Services 1. An employee in Siebel call center enters new customer 2. Triggers a ‘new customer created’ business event 4. CDH does deduping, address cleansing, master record creation 7. Hub publishes event describing new customer 8. All applications that subscribe to CDH get and process record Loyalty Program So, what does this all look like? Customer Data Hub 3. CDH subscribes to this event & creates record 6. Triggers a “New Customer Created” event in the CDH 5. New customer is approved

32 Customer Overview  Over 60 Customers in various stages of implementation  Across Many Industries – Retail – Manufacturing – Healthcare – Education – Media – Transportation – Financial Services – Public Sector – High Tech – Mexico – France – Brazil – United States – United Kingdom – Australia  Spanning Multiple Countries – New Zealand – Canada – Korea

33 Challenges Relationships Marketing Provisioning Key Accounts VantiveICMS Billing Business Challenges  Multiple views of customer  Misdirected marketing spend  Uncertain business planning 4,300,000 customers 10+ customer systems Technology Challenges  Unknown level of duplication  High integration investment

34 Results Business Results  Better customer targeting  Higher profitability  Faster product introductions  Visibility - 360 degree view Technology Results  Decommission legacy system  Less integration projects  Fewer reconciliation projects  High data availability 4,300,000 customers 1 single source of truth Vantive Marketing Mobile Key Accounts Many Custom Hub

35 Consolidate TCA Data Model Generic, Comprehensive, Proven Relationship Model Classification Model Data Model Extensibility Coordinate Bulk Import Source System Management Embedded Integration Services Flexible Data Maintenance Middleware Agnostic Clean Data Quality Management Party and Account Merge Address Validation Customer Data Librarian UIs Complete “Single Source of Truth” Blended Records D&B Integration Data Quality Reports Customers Online UIs Summary


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