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Cleansing. Feedback Thank you for your appreciation… Overwhelmed… class moving too fast. “Not True…”

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1 Cleansing

2 Feedback Thank you for your appreciation… Overwhelmed… class moving too fast. “Not True…”

3 Agenda High Tech / High Touch vs. No Tech / No Touch The Bodies Many Cries for Water, Our Toxic World The true cleanse: Water-Fasting Bentonite, colonics, cleansing herbs Salve Making Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, and Bladder herbs

4 Low tech / no touch. Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth. Wise Woman Herbals for buying custom tinctures. Starwest Botanicals for bulk herbs The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook TIP: Careful with Chinese herbs and discount herbs

5 Expert Medical Systems Computer diagnosis engines. Will the Government Intervene?

6 Community Supported Agriculture Volatile oils don’t last long. Available during transportation crisis Talk to the plants

7 Bodies Many Cries for Water Water is the #1 preventive for every kidney disease. Colonoscopys before and after drinking water is dramatic. 75% of body is water, we need to constantly resupply.

8 Polution EPA data indicates that 1.2 billion pounds potentially harmful chemicals were released into air and water nationwide in1998 Over 80 000 chemicals presently in use in the US Less than 10% have been partially evaluated for safety Approximately 7500 have been tested for health effects in health young males only

9 Body Burden  Styrene100%8-350 ng/g  1,4 Dichlorobenzene 100%12-500  Xylene100%18-1,400  Ethylphenol100%0.4-400  Benzene 96%0 – 97  Chlorobenzene 96%0 – 9  Ethylbenzene 96%0- 280  Toluene 91%0 - 250

10 Solvent Sources  Styrene, xylene and benzene commonly from Env. Tobacco Smoke (ETS)  Styrene from food and containers  Xylene from paint and auto exhaust  Toluene from paint  O-Ethylphenol is one of the components of creosote.  Chloroform from showers

11 EPA – Mercury is #3 priority Mercury poisoning: 10 ug/dl(10 liters) 5 ug / 5 liters blood (male adult) Amalgams 1-4 =8ug/d; 5-12=29ug/d Themerosal ( 49.6% ethylmercury) Vaccinations 25 ug per vaccine. 1.5 ug can of tuna 20% enters brain and never leaves. 20 year half-life x 5 = 100 years in the brain.

12 What is the BEST cleanse? What cleans out toxic metals What cleans out parasites and microbes What cleans out scar tissue and plaque What cleans out glycosylated sugars What cleans out mineral/stone build up

13 LONG WATER FAST!!! Is the only time the body can truly do deep house cleaning.

14 Long water fast is THE cleanse Fasting first 2.5 days just burn carbs. Day 3+ the body metabolizes everything else. Fasting medical benefits peak at day 10. Miracle cures happen, usually around day 7!!

15 During the fast The body has no sugar so it burns up anything unnecessary: proteins, bugs, scar tissue, etc. The immune system is highly active and kills most microbes People with heavy metal and toxic poisoning find huge symptomatic relief. Food allergies are out of the equation. Net result: mystery diseases are resolved.

16 Probably not right for Hypoglycemics Pregnant and Nursing Young If you don’t feel right about it then do a modified water fast…

17 Ancient form of cleansing “Essene Gospels of Peace” Book One give detailed instructions on fasting and colonics Since early Christian era. Kellogg’s Rational Hydrotherapy

18 Why Bentonite and Psyllium? Toxins get dumped and reabsorbed about 25 times before coming out of the body. Calcium-d-gluconate Bentonite will prevent re-digestion of toxins. Psyllium will address constipation without breaking the fast.

19 Bentonite Shake 2 Tbs. Liquid Bentonite 4 oz. Fruit juice 8 oz. Water 2 tsp Psyllium powder Arise and Shine has kits…

20 Bentonite Clay stops diarrhea (and kills the bugs that cause it) abdominal cramps - 80%; abdominalcramps anorexia - 78%; anorexia malaise - 80%; malaise headaches - 71%; nausea - 85%; nausea weakness - 100%.

21 Colonics Great for constipation 2 cups catnip tea. Watered down yogurt.

22 Sensible Cleanse Program 14-day water fast. Bentonite/Psyllium Colonics (only if stable enough) Infrared Sauna LOTS OF WATER! Sun bathing 7-day build Cabbage juice Fish oil Cat’s claw Probiotics Vegan diet

23 For heavy metals take Chelators EDTA Vitamin C Neurological diseases Can’t find research on celantro, still looking. Weekly suppository for 30 weeks. ( TAKE HIGH MINERALS ESP ZINC. Watch for cramps.)

24 Gallbladder Cleanse Have patient eat lightly for two days before flush, brown rice, veggies, a little white fish, etc. The day of the flush, usually a Saturday or Sunday works best, the patient eats lightly until 2 p.m. If she has not had a bowel movement by then, then do gentle enema. No water or food for five hours, until 7 p.m. At that time the patient begins drinking a 1/4 cup of olive oil and taking 2 TSP lemon juice every half hour. This is continued until an 8 0z. bottle of oil olive is finished and/or they reach their tolerance. They lie on their right side and gently massage abdomen. They can eat after the oil/lemon juice treatment, particularly if they are nausea or hungry. Invariably they will have bowel movement(s) either during the night or in the morning. They will probably see green stones/peas which ARE NOT gallstones. They are calcium salts combined with oil. The flush is designed to produce a great deal of bile that hoses out the gallbladder, unstagnating it. I have never had a stone “ get stuck ”. If one is concerned about that as known large stones are present in the gallbladder, give muscle relaxing herbs like valerian to open up duct easier.

25 Liver cleanse Artichoke Tumeric Milk Thistle


27 During an Gallstone Attack Fennel Ginger Catnip Peppermin

28 Actions to help pass the stone. Relaxant Anodyne (pain relief) Antimicrobial Robert’s formula 4 parts aloe vera / 2 parts wormwood.

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