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SIUS Supported Employment på svenska

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1 SIUS Supported Employment på svenska
Henrik Jacobsson Arbetsförmedlingen, Kristianstad Henrik Jacobsson Arbetsförmedlingen, Kristianstad

2 Starting Points for Supported Employment
All people has Equal value. A need to feel needed or wanted. An ability to contribute, regardless, disability, ethnicity, gender, social background etc. Sometimes, however little or much help is needed along the way ...

3 SIUS – An established program at the Swedish labour market
SIUS – The Swedish labor markets Special introduction and follow-up support for people with disabilities, since 1993 Approximately: 625 Employment support consultants Kristianstad 5 SIUS Hässleholm 4 SIUS Östra Göinge 1 SIUS Finsam 2 SIUS 8-10 disabled persons are receiving an employment every year at the open labor market (625*10=6250) through each consultant

4 SIUS – a way to find and retain "suitable" jobs
Our goal is NOT activities. The goal is enduring employments Person-centered self-help approach to help disabled job-seekers to receive and retain an employment Focus on skills and personal opportunities - not problems. Three kind of people Identity: Disabled The Denier The Positive Realist

5 To be a job-seeker through SIUS
Registered at Arbetsförmedlingen as job-seeker, and be Positive to recive an employment Willing to accept the basic rules on the labour market - Attendence according to agreement - Able to get to and from work - No active addiction - Accept that the work is not “fun” every day - Understand and accept the relation between colleagues, manager and customers Completed all comprehensive investigation and treatment. To know about there disability, but are able to see beyond there mental, intellectual or social disabilities Be in need of a personal support in the workplace in order to obtain a position on the open labor market (not sheltered workshop or similar) Accept that Arbetsförmedlingen register the disabilities and informs the employer of this in the matching process.

6 Supported Employment Method
Building Relationship of Trust with the job-seeker, listen alot, use apropriate humor and show true empathy. Go through all the skills, preferences and training and apply it to the necessary adaptation needs Find or create custom jobs that can lead to a permanent employment (if possible use the job-seekers network) Build a relationship with the workplace, thereafter; Introduction through information, adaption and development Support the job seekers, employers and fellow workers to make employment possible and durable. Agreement on follow-up after the employment

7 Who are the winners… The job-seeker: We help them to find a job, with or without a wage subsidy which leads to: - Economic stability. - Meaningfulness - Social acceptance - Positive self-esteem The employer, communities, companies, clubs - Highly motivated “specialists” (example!) - Cost effectiveness - Internal & external Goodwill The Society - Better use of common resources - Lesser health problems / expenses Who is the society….???

8 Basic Concepts for the society
All people has Equal value. A need to feel needed or wanted. An ability to contribute, regardless, disability, ethnicity, gender, social background etc. If we cant support them who has a need, who should we support?

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