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TROVE MARIE-LOUISE AYRES. Trove at 5 Are we there yet?

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2 Trove at 5 Are we there yet?


4 Damian McDonald, 2007, Eureka Tower, Southbank, Melbourne

5 Greg Power, 2005, London Road, Clayfield

6 Louis Seselja, 2005, Cleveland Street Townsville

7 Louis Seselja, 2005, Macquarie Street Dubbo

8 Louis Seselja, 2005, Aerial view of Coonamble [?]

9 Louis Seselja, 2005, Aerial view of Longreach

10 98%

11 Troveictionary retroveal n. information sourced from Trove to trove v. to seek information in Trove troveable adj. able to be found in Trove trovearium n. nurturing environment for Trove products, home of the family API with progeny @TroveBot,@TroveNewsBot. queryPic, Trove traces with new family members regularly added. AskTrove is a new member of this API@TroveBot@TroveNewsBotqueryPicTrove tracesAskTrove troveatorium n. houses working spaces for Tim, Paul and the trovekers trovectionary n. sweet unexpected findsTimPaultrovekers trovee n. beneficiary of Trove information trovefully adv. troveia n. tidbits of information seemingly useless but great for pub nights or as conversation starters troveial adj. (see troveia) troveient adj. well suited for inclusion in Trove troveite n. one addicted to Trove troveitis n. addictive disease prone to strike late at night troveker n. a data worker, manager, librarian within the troveatorium trovel v. to dig around in Trove troveller n. an information digger a.k.a. family historian trovement n. repository for found information troveor n. major contributor to Trove trover n. seeker of information trovesty n. misleading OCR errors … Courtesy Carmel Galvin, Library Currants

12 137,485,663 lines 354 work years $23.1 million


14 ‘…its all about more content Eventually maybe, although I will probably not live to see it, Australian patents and the various state and commonwealth gazettes will be available within Trove. Perhaps in decades to come the major Australian museums and art galleries will mount their collection databases and images into Trove. ABC archives too one day? … digitised Australian books … a phone app…’

15 Louis Seselja, 2003, Community Heritage Grant Awards 70%

16 Jennifer Green, 2010, Audience for Peter Cundall lecture 65%

17 The average Troveite 50+ City dweller Female Well off Well educated Professional Employed or retired



20 Louis Seselja, 2008, School holiday program

21 Greg Power, 2010, Olympic Parade

22 Damian McDonald, 2008, Crowds watch Young Murph

23 Craig Mackenzie, 2008, Torch Relay for Beijing Olympic Games

24 Damien McDonald, 2008, Canberra Multicultural Festival


26 Louis Seselja, 1999, Aboriginal Tent Embassy

27 Louis Seselja, 2010, Barkindji Elders

28 Louis Seselja, 2005, Djakapurra Munyarryun

29 Greg Power, 2008, Chooky Dancers

30 Are we there yet?


32 Trovaborate Work jointly on an activity or project Cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association, teamwork, joint effort Working together

33 Trove at 10 Where will there be? And who will Trove serve?

34 More… @TroveAustralia

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