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 To hear from local school district human resource and Career Development Center representatives  To understand the purpose of hiring portfolio  To.

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1  To hear from local school district human resource and Career Development Center representatives  To understand the purpose of hiring portfolio  To understand how to develop a hiring portfolio  To learn how to use the hiring portfolio Chance favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur

2  Pick up materials: ◦ AAEE Job Search Handbook ◦ Exit Pass ◦ Class Evaluation ◦ Notes (Graphic Organizer)

3  4:00–4:15SchoolSpring Demo Site Job Search Handbook See Education Supply and Demand  4:15-5:15 Panel Discussion  5:15-5:30 Break  5:30-6:30 The Hiring Portfolio  6:45-7:00 Reflection and Evaluation

4  Don Cowart, Cranston Public Schools  Linda Kent Davis, Director, RIC Career Development Center  Spencer Dickinson, Providence Public Schools  Shannon Sweeney Saunders, Human Resources, Warwick Public Schools Moderator– MacGregor Kniseley, Professor, RIC

5  Welcome and Introductions  Current and Future Market Conditions  Application Process ◦ Where do look for job openings ◦ Time table for applying ◦ Required application materials ◦ Nature of the interview  Questions from Students  Further Advice  Closing

6 Notes HIRING PORTFOLIOS Types How to Use Purpose How to Develop

7 A.Yes, I developed a printed binder portfolio. B.Yes, I developed a digital, computer-constructed portfolio. C.Yes, I developed BOTH a printed binder AND digital, computer- constructed portfolio. D.No, I have never developed a hiring portfolio.

8 A.Web-based pay for service ( e.g., Chalk and Wire, Live Text) B.Web-based free service (e.g., Google Page Creator, Google Docs) C.DVD-R D.CD or USB flash drive E.I do not have a digital portfolio.

9 A.Web-based pay for service (e.g., Chalk and Wire, Live Text ) B.Web-based free service (e.g., Google Page Creator, Google Docs) C.Microsoft Office software D.Other digital portfolio development software (e.g., Dreamweaver) E.I do not have a digital portfolio.

10 It’s a result of self-assessing. An organized container of evidence with critical reflection that demonstrates knowledge, skills, and dispositions in relation to expectations of employer or other professional standards.

11 A.Unique Skills, Knowledge, Experiences B.Knowledge/skills of teaching C.Critical reflection D.Dispositions E.Organization

12 1. Monitor one’s progress of learning. 2. Relate standards, theory and research on effective teaching to the practice of teaching. 3. Problem solve-analyze situations thoroughly and generate effective strategies. 4. Set goals for future learning.

13  Table of contents (indicates organization)  Evidence (indicates knowledge/skills/dispositions)  Reflective paragraphs introducing each section (indicates critical reflection)

14  Before the interview -To organize your thinking and evidence.  During the interview -To present evidence, examples, and illustrations from (printed portfolio). -This requires PRACTICE.  After the interview - To provide each interviewer with your digital portfolio CD in an envelope.

15  Professional in appearance  Message to interviewers – “Applicant uses technology.”  Able to use multi-media (brief video clips, PowerPoint presentation, scanned work samples)  Easy to reproduce and deliver – CDs and urls But a printed portfolio can be practical for interviews.

16  Chalk and Wire Chalk and Wire - Purchase in the RIC Campus Store  Interfolio Interfolio


18 1. Determine the employer’s expectations. Analyze the job description. 2. Research district and school. Mission, initiatives, hiring process, employer expectations, demographics, curriculum 3. Identify your core beliefs. 4. Customize a resume and cover letter. 5. Develop a hiring portfolio.

19 Know your school/district employer. Providence School Department Web Site  Mission  Initiatives  District Hiring Process ◦ PATS Criteria-Based Hiring System PATS Criteria-Based Hiring System  District Curriculum and Assessment  State Standards  Current Trends and Issues

20 Providence School Department Web Site  Criteria-Based Hiring System Criteria-Based Hiring System  Fact Sheet  Curriculum Guides  Community Partnerships  NCLB – School Performance Classifications  Schools (e.g, Vartan Gregorian)  College Crusade  PASA  Teachers Union  I-Plan – Professional Development

21  Cover Letter  Two Letters of Reference  Resume  Three Samples of Student Work with Annotation  Evidence of Professional Development Activity  Copy of Parent Communication  Application Form

22  Content Knowledge and Pedagogy  Achievement  Critical Thinking  Communication Skills  Professional Engagement

23 1.Raising Student Achievement Raising student achievement is the greatest challenge facing PPSD. Please explain what draws you to this work, what your academic and professional experiences will enable you to bring to it, and why you believe you will be successful in raising the achievement level of all your students. 2.Using Data to Drive Instruction How have you used data in the past to drive decision making? How might those experiences help you to use student performance data to drive classroom instruction? 3.Continued Professional Learning Please describe your experience with continued learning, either through academic coursework, structured professional development, or in pursuit of professional credentials/certifications and how you plan to continue your development while teaching in Providence.

24 Statement of Purpose Table of Contents I. Cover Letter II. Resume III. Philosophy Statement IV. Images of Teaching V. Unit Planning with Two Implemented Plans VI. Reflection on Implemented Lesson VII. Student Work – Assessment of Student Learning VIII. Plans for Professional Development IX. Results of an Evaluation of Teaching X. Parent – Guardian Communication XI. Other: Certifications, BCI, Letters of Reference

25  Explain the purpose of the hiring portfolio.  Relate to job description and employer expectations (e.g. PSD “Five Teacher Competencies”)

26 Simple

27  Introduce-Grab Attention-Increase Interest  Develop after you have completed the resume.

28 Indicates a candidate’s disposition of critical reflection. You can explain...  Why the item was selected - Significance  What you learned or achieved  Your goals for future learning Relate thinking to professional teaching standards, theory/research about how children learn and effective teaching.

29 In this section you can view evidence of my ability to plan a unit using a “backwards design approach.” The unit planning framework centers on the idea that the design process should begin with identifying the desired results and then "work backwards" to develop instruction rather than the traditional approach of defining topics need to be covered. The framework includes three main stages: ◦ Stage 1: Identify desired outcomes and results. ◦ Stage 2: Determine what constitutes acceptable evidence of competency in the outcomes and results (assessment). ◦ Stage 3: Plan instructional strategies and learning experiences that bring students to these competency levels. Unit planning helps me focus on the big ideas, align with standards, and plan systematically for assessment of student learning. (Rhode Island Professional Teaching Standard 2) Source: McTighe, J. & Wiggins, G. (2005) Understanding by design. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development.

30 You can explain...  what you learned about the students or yourself during the teaching incident.  instructional decisions that helped your students learn.  how you would teach the lesson differently. Relate thinking to RI Professional Teaching Standards, theory/research about how children learn and effective teaching.

31 Using Classroom Response System (CRS) CRS engage all learners, increase student interaction, improves critical thinking and assessment. I pre- assessed students during the FOSS Earth Materials science unit by using an emerging technology called classroom response system. I learned about my students’ misconceptions and planned lessons accordingly. (RI Professional Teaching Standards 4, 5, 9)

32  Develop your digital media development skills.  Reduce size (resolution) of images.  Save as PDF.  View completed portfolio on Windows and MAC computers.  Edit video clips of teaching.  Two – three minutes  Include reflective commentary

33  Set up SchoolSpring Job Seeker Account.  Read job posting.  Enter ID: 44410 (CURR 480 Teaching Job).  Complete cover letter and resume and answer two questions.  When you’re ready to submit, login at  Go to Job Search, Enter ID: 44410 (CURR 480 Teaching Job). Click on “Apply for this Job.”

34  Treat the interview as an authentic interview. ◦ Dress professionally.* ◦ Arrive early. (There are no make up interviews.) ◦ Bring 7 copies of your cover letter/resume and a printed hiring portfolio.  We will start on time and end on time.  Leave your printed portfolio with me.  Write thank you letters to each interviewer. Interview Attire for Women Interview Attire for Men Click here:

35  May 31 – June 2: Meet in small group tutorials to improve resume, cover letter, hiring portfolio, and interviewing  By June 3: Set up SchoolSpring account and submit application (cover letter, resume, response to two questions). See Blackboard>My Course Work>SchoolSpring Job Seeker Account.  June 6 and 7: Mock Job Interviews.

36 ◦ Complete Exit Pass ◦ Class Evaluation

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