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National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium Monthly Exercise & Training and Calendar Synchronization Meeting October 7, 2008 Unclassified/FOUO.

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1 National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium Monthly Exercise & Training and Calendar Synchronization Meeting October 7, 2008 Unclassified/FOUO

2 Agenda Purpose Information Postings NCR Key Events (Out to June 09) –Exercises & Special Events –Seminars, Workshops, Meetings & Conferences –Training ETOP Updates Issues / Comments / Discussion Conclusion For Official Use Only (FOUO)

3 To gain better visibility on the activities of all the organizations residing in the National Capital Region in order to improve operations, coordination, and synchronization of activities and events. Provide a communications conduit to NCR ETOP Monthly Synchronization Meetings - first TUE of each month, hours, in the MWCOG Conference Room. Meetings co- hosted by DHS/ONCRC and NCR ETOP. All FSL organizations within the NCR are invited and encouraged to send a representative to this meeting. Purpose For Official Use Only (FOUO)

4 Provide Calendar input and Event Slides by the last Thursday of each month – format for this input provided in later slide. The slides will be distributed via to meeting attendees following the meeting. The slides from each month will be posted on the ETOP website: During the monthly meeting we will review the calendar, provide an overview of the identified events, discuss new events and long range planning, and develop possible resolutions to any event scheduling conflicts. “Business Rules” For Official Use Only (FOUO)

5 Document Web Postings NCR Training and Exercise Operational Panel Web Site DHS-National Exercise (NEXS) Portal – Password Required DHS-Lessons Learned Information Sharing Portal – Password Required Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Homeland Security & Public Safety Homepage Homeland Security Digital Library render.userLayoutRootNode.uP FEMA-Office of National Capital Region Coordination For Official Use Only (FOUO)

6 NCR Key Events (Out to June 09) Refer to Long-Range Calendar National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium For Official Use Only (FOUO)

7 October 2008 Events Fire Prevention Month: October 1-31 Arlington County Facilitation Workshop: Fall (TBD) Anniversary of NCR Sniper Shootings: October 2-24 Medical Needs Shelter Exercise: October 7 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank: October JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: October 16 Potomac River Spill Water Supply Partners’ Response Tabletop Exercise: October 21 NCR Emergency Preparedness Council Senior Leader Seminar: October 21 FEMA Region III Operation Hotwire FE: October 23 Marine Corps Marathon: October 26 Exercise Capital Shield 09: October NCR Bio-Notification Exercise: October 28 Collaborative Multiagency Exercise: October 30 Virginia Communications FSE: October/November (TBD) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

8 November-December 2008 Events Virginia Communications FSE: October/November (TBD) Election Day: November 4 Arlington/Alexandria Dispensing Exercise: November 8 Loudoun County CodeFlu 08: November 8 Veteran’s Day: November 11 Exercise Vigilant Shield 09: November Exercise Vigilant Guard: November Exercise Autumn Fox 08: November 13 Virginia FluEx 08: November JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: November 24 Thanksgiving: November 27 Winter Preparedness Week: November 30-December 6 JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: December 3 JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: December 9 JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: December 11 JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercise: December 18 Christmas: December 25 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

9 January-June 2009 Events New Year’s Day: January 1 MLK Birthday: January 19 Presidential Inauguration: January 20 NCR Training and Exercise Planning Workshop (January / February TBD) President’s Day: February 16 Naval District of Washington ATFP Exercise: February Anniversary of World Trade Center Bombing: February 26 Anniversary of Madrid Train Bombing: March 11 Anniversary of Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack: March 20 Joint State Funeral Training: April Anniversary of Virginia Tech Shooting: April 16 Anniversary of Waco Hostage Seize Ending/Murrah Building Bombing: April 19 Anniversary of Columbine High School Shooting: April 20 Northern Virginia Emergency Response System FSE: May 2 (T) Command, Control and Communications Vehicle Rally: May 7 Memorial Day: May 25 Vigilant Accord: June Eagle Horizon 2009: June 17 Ardent Sentry 09: June For Official Use Only (FOUO)

10 Exercises and Special Events National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium For Official Use Only (FOUO)

11 Medical Shelter Exercise WHAT: Medical Needs Shelter Exercise DATE / TIME: October 7, 2008 / LOCATION: Gum Springs Community Center 8100 Fordson Road, Alexandria, VA PARTICIPANTS: Fairfax County Dept. of Family Services, Dept of Transportation, Office of the County Executive, Office of Emergency Management, Police-Animal Services Division, Sheriff’s Office, Fire/Rescue, Dept. of Community & Recreation Services, Health Dept, Public Schools and the American Red Cross. PURPOSE: The purpose is exercise the Medical Needs Shelter Plan, the Medical Needs Population Evacuation Plan, the Medical Needs Registry, and the Animal Transportation and Evacuation Plan. Milestones: May 16 : IPC July 17 : MPC August 15 : MSEL Conf Sept 23: FPC –Oct 7: EX –TBD : AAR POC: Michael Guditus FFX OEM W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

12 JFHQ-NCR Table Top Exercises WHAT: Bi-Weekly Table Top Exercises DATE / TIME: Below LOCATION: JFHQ-NCR PARTICIPANTS: JFHQ-NCR Commanding General and Staff, District of Washington Service Components PURPOSE: Improve planning procedures and readiness DATES (T): 16 Oct 08/ – Technical Rescue TTX (Bldg 39, CR22) 24 Nov 08/ – Inauguration Medical Support TTX 03 Dec 08/ – MDW Live Rehearsal – Rescue and Medical TTPs 09 Dec 08/ – USNC Senior Leader Seminar – with CBRNE TTX 11 Dec 08/ – Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances TTX 18 Dec 08/ – Inauguration DOD Support Rehearsal POC: MAJ Gwon, J37 W: (202) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

13 13 Potomac River Spill Water Supply Partners’ Response Tabletop Exercise WHAT: Potomac River Spill Water Supply Partners’ Response Tabletop Exercise DATE / TIME: October 21 LOCATION: By invitation only PARTICIPANTS: Potomac Drinking Water Source Protection Partnership, EPA Region 3, the U.S. Department of Transportation, regional water suppliers, emergency responders, and key Colonial Pipeline staff. PURPOSE: These sessions address a potential oil spill in the Potomac River and will bring together local water suppliers and emergency responders to: Provide response plan training Enhance coordination and communication between all responders Improve understanding of roles and responsibilities Emergency restrictions and water supply Oil tracking and forecasting via simulation models or visual observation Communications Oil containment measures and options for protecting water supply intakes Media and public relations Water utilities potential operational changes at intakes and water treatment plants Allow participants to discuss steps to be taken now to better prepare for a future water system-specific emergency incident. Milestones: 09/16/08 :Training Session –10/21/08 :Table Tope Exercise POC: Mark L. Miller - Virginia Department of Environmental Quality W:

14 Operation Hotwire FE WHAT: FEMA Region III Operation Hotwire FE DATE / TIME: October 23 LOCATION: FEMA Region III EOCs PARTICIPANTS: FEMA Region III States, FEMA, DHS, DOE, Army Corp of Engineers PURPOSE: Long-term management of a power outage Milestones: May 20 10:00 am: Initial Planning Conference July 14 10:00 am:Mid Planning Conference Sept 22 10:00 am:Final Planning Conference –Oct 23:Exercise –Dec 4:After Action Review Conference POC: Don Amos W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

15 POC: Mr. Cory Wright, J37 (202) Exercise Capital Shield 09 WHO: JFHQ-NCR, Components, DoD Partners and Interagency Partners WHAT: NCR regional command post and field training exercise conducted at the operational and tactical levels using terrorism and natural disaster scenarios. WHEN: Oct 08 WHERE: NCR (Lorton, VA; Ft. McNair, DC, Ft. Myer, VA) WHY: To enhance JFHQ-NCR ability to provide Defense Support to Civil Authorities through a multi-echelon, full scale interoperability exercise. Milestones: 26 MarConcept Working Group 11 AprInitial Planning Conference 24 AprMSEL Development Conference 20 MayExercise Planning Group Meeting 30 JunMid-Planning Conference TBDHSEEP Training 12 AugExercise Planning Group/MSEL Development 1 OctMSEL Synchronization Conference –15 OctFinal Planning Conference –22 OctFTX Site Visit Lorton YDC 0900-comp (FTX Participants only) –20-24 OctStaff Academics/Training Objectives Synchronization –20-24 OctSim/Ex Control Cell Training –27-30 OctCS08 Exercise Execution –NovAfter Action Review 2 Mar 07 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

16 16 NCR Bio-Notification Exercise WHAT: NCR Bio-Notification Exercise DATE / TIME: 28 October, EST LOCATION: Phone notification throughout the NCR PARTICIPANTS: PURPOSE: Validate the effectiveness of the NCR Bio-Notification Concept of Operations (CONOPs) Milestones: Planning meeting the week of October 6 th. POC: AL Romanosky DHMS W: Maryland (MD) Virginia (VA) Washington DC (DC) Office of National Region Coordination (NCRC) DHS National Operations Center (NOC) Dept of Defense Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) Andrews Air Force Base (Guardian) Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

17 Collaborative Multiagency Exercise WHAT: The Bethesda Hospitals’ Emergency Preparedness Partnership consisting of the National Naval Medical Center, Suburban Hospital Health Care System, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center and the National Library of Medicine will conduct a mass casualty exercise in concert with the Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region Capital Shield 09 on Thursday, 30 October 2008 DATE / TIME: October 30, LOCATION: Bethesda Naval Medical Center PARTICIPANTS: National Naval Medical Center, Suburban Hospital Healthcare System, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, National Library of Medicine, National Naval Medical Center Fire Department, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue, Service & Hazardous Response Team/Units, National Institutes of Health Fire Department & Hazardous Response Team/Units, Walter Reed Army Medical Center Fire Department, Fort Meade Fire and Emergency Services, Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region, District of Columbia National Guard, Air Force District Washington, Andrews Air Force Base PURPOSE: The exercise is designed to test the medical readiness and response to a multi- casualty event with potential hazardous material exposure that occurs on the National Naval Medical Center compound. The exercise will also serve as a valuable training opportunity with the Joint Forces Headquarters National Capital Region in direct preparation for the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. POC: __________ W: __________ For Official Use Only (FOUO)

18 Virginia COMMEX WHAT: COMMEX DATE / TIME: October/November (TBD) LOCATION: Statewide PARTICIPANTS: VEOC, Localities, RACES/ARES PURPOSE: Test Statewide WebEOC and communications path POC: Hampton Hart W: (804) x6593 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

19 Arlington/Alexandria Dispensing Exercise WHAT: Arlington and Alexandria CRI Drill DATE / TIME: November 8 LOCATION: Various POD locations along the Alexandria/Arlington border PARTICIPANTS: Arlington and Alexandria Health Departments PURPOSE: To validate CRI medication distribution procedures and test cross border coordination between Arlington and Alexandria. POC: Lucia Schmit W: (703) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

20 20 CodeFlu ‘08 WHAT:CodeFlu 08 DATE / TIME:November 8, 2008 LOCATION:Eagle Ridge Middle School, Ashburn, Va. (Staging Site) Briar Woods High School, Ashburn, Va. (POD Site) PARTICIPANTS: Loudoun County Health Department, Loudoun County Office of Emergency Management, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office,Loudoun County Department of General Services, Loudoun County Parks and Recreation PURPOSE:Full Scale exercise testing the Flu Vaccine medical POD with a staging site as the main focus. Milestones: January 16, 2008C&O Meeting February 28, 2008IPC June 26, 2008MPC –October 23, 2008FPC –November 8, 2008Exercise –November 20, 2008After Action Conference POC: Art Webb W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

21 CWG SVTC 29 Nov Jan Sep 08 DESCRIPTION: Vigilant Shield 09, a NORAD and USNORTHCOM exercise; primary focus will be HD, with a secondary focus on DSCA. Together with US and Canadian partners, exercise current contingency plans against state-sponsored military threat to the homeland, as well as employ multiple JTFs in a DSCA environment. Linked Exercises: Joint Staff POSITIVE RESPONSE 09-1 and Vancouver 2010 Olympics prep BRONZE (Regional TTX) PARTICIPANTS: Joint Staff, Canada Command, NGB, CANG, State of California. IPC VS 08 Phase II TTX Feb 08 MPC Offutt AFB 9-12 Jun 08 FPC Feb 08 SDC Oct 08 MSEL Sync JWFC Nov 08 Execution CT Acad 2 Oct Nov FAAR Hot Wash 18 Nov TIMELIN E EVENT: Vigilant Shield 09 (12-18 Nov 08) Exercise: Vigilant Shield 09 Scenario: Northern tier, maritime approaches, BMD, SOF, cyber.

22 EVENT: Vigilant Guard Region IX (CA) (13-18 Nov 08…TTX/Drills 24 Oct 08) DESCRIPTION: Vigilant Guard (VG) Region IX, host State California, is a NG regional exercise (CPX) designed for California National Guard’s DSCA/CS exercise requirements. Its purpose is to enhance preparedness of JFHQ-CA & JTF-CA to perform DSCA/CS missions. The exercise will focus on: JFHQ-CA & JTF-CA processes & coordination with Federal, State & local responders. The CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force, regional partner States, the National Guard Bureau, and the State of California Office of Emergency Services. This is linked to Vigilant Shield 09 & California’s Golden Guardian exercise. PARTICIPANTS: CANG, NVNG, AZNG, ORNG, NGB, ARNORTH, JTF-CS, NORAD and USNORTHCOM, & State of California Exercise: Vigilant Guard Region IX (CA) 24 Oct Feb 08 IPC 12 May 08 FPC MPC 21 Aug 08 TIMELIN E CPX Nov 08 L-TTX ROC Drills Los Angeles Affected Fault Line Scenario Details (CPX and FTX): 13 Nov, Magnitude 7.8 EQ strikes for 90 seconds along 270 km section of the San Andreas Fault, CA Nov, multiple aftershocks Casualties: 1700 dead; injured 250,000+ displaced households Widespread infrastructure damage & utilities outages Multiple, HAZMAT releases uncontrolled fires DCO/E IX / Nov / CA FEMA IX / Nov; Nov / CA State of California / Nov; Nov CA National Guard / Nov / CA

23 Exercise Autumn Fox 08 WHAT: TTX on Consequence Management for Pentagon Incident DATE / TIME: November 13, 2008 LOCATION: Pentagon PARTICIPANTS: Washington Headquarters Services Defense Facilities Directorate, Pentagon Force Protection Agency, NCR Interagency Partners, JFHQ-NCR PURPOSE: Address consequence management and recovery tasks associated with a large scale incident on the Pentagon Reservation. Milestones: 09/30: Initial Planning Conference –10/31:Final Planning Conference POC: Melissa Perotti W: (703) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

24 FluEx 08 WHAT: FluEx 08 DATE / TIME: November LOCATION: Statewide (VA) PARTICIPANTS: VDH, VA State Agencies, Hospitals PURPOSE: FluEx ’08 will provide tri-sector (government, private and civic) representatives an opportunity to participate in a 2-day, multi-jurisdictional pandemic influenza exercise. The Functional exercise (FE) will be operations- based and involve key decision-making, coordination, process execution, recognition, situation assessment, and public awareness in a pandemic influenza. POC: Steve Harrison W: (804) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

25 2009 Command, Control & Communications Vehicle Rally WHAT: Command, Control & Communications Vehicle Rally DATE / TIME: May 7, LOCATION: Fairfax County (TBD) PARTICIPANTS: Federal, State, Local and Regional Authorities PURPOSE: Bring together the communications vehicles and personnel to help further communications, coordination and interoperability. POC: Jim Wadsworth W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

26 Eagle Horizon 2009 WHAT: Eagle Horizon 2009 DATE / TIME: June 17, 2009 LOCATION: NCR PARTICIPANTS: Federal Agencies PURPOSE: Enable Federal D/As to validate and assess D/As continuity plans, procedures and policies; validate and test interagency continuity communications procedures and capabilities; and exercise continuity across the Federal Executive Branch. Milestones: 10/ :Concept and Objectives Meeting –10/29:Initial Planning Conference –02/10/09:Mid Planning Conference –04/08/08:Final Planning Conference –07/15/09:After Action Conference POC: David Webb W: (202) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

27 ARDENT SENTRY 09 Scenario Review ARDENT SENTRY 09 (18-24 June 2009) is designed to train N and NC in homeland security processes with an emphasis on Defense Support of Civil Authorities. Interaction with multiple states (IA, KS, MO, and NE for VIGILANT GUARD… biological events (National Planning Scenarios #13, Food Contamination and #14, Foreign Animal Disease); CO and WY for NUWAIX… FTX events at Tactical/First Responder level. AS 09 is not linked to NATIONAL LEVEL EXERCISE 09 but is a National Exercise Program Tier III exercise NUWAIX Elements Domestic terrorist organization attacks a Launch Facility in the F.E. Warren AFB missile field Results in damage to one re-entry vehicle and thief of another Initial Response Force and Response Task Force conduct response operations Law enforcement agencies locate and neutralize terrorists off base, and recover missing re-entry vehicle within 8 hours (Note: This weapon has been removed from a DOD facility) DSCA Elements Heavy rains result in flooding along the Mississippi River Domestic terrorist organization releases Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) at 4-H Expo Anthrax in food supply as result of a disgruntled employee Train Derailments in IA and KS result in chemical releases

28 Seminars, Workshops Meetings & Conferences National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium For Official Use Only (FOUO)

29 Public Assistance Workshop WHAT: Public Assistance Eligibility and Grants Management Workshop DATE / TIME: Thursday, October 9, LOCATION: Loudoun County Fire – Rescue Training Center Classroom # Courage Court Leesburg, Virginia PARTICIPANTS: Local governments should send staff that typically incur and submit disaster costs, as well as those who support the cost tracking and documentation process. PURPOSE: FEMA's Public Assistance (PA) Eligibility and Grants Management Workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the PA program and process to include discussion of eligibility in the context of applicants, work, facilities and costs; development of project worksheets; and what resource support/references are available to assist applicants in gaining a better understanding of the program and associated policies. The class will also cover eligible sheltering costs for humans and pets. Registration: POC: Rob Hiltner W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

30 EPC Senior Leader Seminar WHAT: NCR Emergency Preparedness Senior Leader Seminar 2008 DATE / TIME: October 21, :00 am – 1:00 pm LOCATION: MWCOG Board Room PARTICIPANTS: NCR EPC, Elected Officials, Emergency Management Partners, Private Sector PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for National Capital Region (NCR) leaders involved in emergency planning and response to discuss their respective roles, responsibilities and interests in the context of a facilitated, scenario- based discussion of a regional public health disaster. The seminar will focus on high-level decision-making and policy development within a regional framework. Milestones: June 3: Planning Meeting June 24:Planning Meeting July 22:Planning Meeting August 19:Planning Meeting September 23:Planning Meeting POC: Don Amos W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

31 Arlington Community Facilitation Workshop WHAT: Arlington County Critical Incident Community Facilitation Program DATE / TIME: Fall 2008 TBD LOCATION: FDIC PARTICIPANTS: Arlington County government and private business representatives. PURPOSE: This two day event facilitated by Michigan State University will focus on building relationships between the public and private sector and creating a community wide emergency management culture. The first day (in April) will consist of a workshop which will be followed by a Tabletop Exercise in the Fall. POC: Charlotte Franklin W: (703) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

32 Meetings Monthly Synchronization Meetings Nov 4, 10:30 am (COG) Dec 2, 10:30 am (COG) Jan 6, 10:30 am (COG) Joint Federal Committee Meetings Oct 8, 10:00 am (FEMA HQ) Nov 12, 10:00 am Dec 10, 10:00 am For Official Use Only (FOUO)

33 J37 Training Conference and Long Range Calendar Update WHO: Selected JFHQ-NCR and Component Staff, Select IA reps WHAT: JFHQ-NCR J37 led conference to review the Long Range Calendar and Web Update WHEN: Last Tuesday of every other month WHERE: J3 Conference Room, Fort McNair WHY: Share information and synchronize calendars and the web update Meeting Dates/Times: –28 Oct –30 Dec 08(T) –24 Feb –28 Apr –30 Jun –25 Aug POC: Steve Schwandt, J37 (202) Feb 07 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

34 WHO: MDW Subordinates, NDW, AFDW MCNRC, USCG-Washington Station, and federal, state and District, police and protective services WHAT: Working Group Meeting with Guest Speakers & Presentations WHEN: Bi-monthly (Second Tuesday of each odd month) Hrs WHERE: JFHQ-NCR J3 Conference Room, Bldg 46, Fort McNair WHY: To coordinate FPCON response and disseminate timely information and current situational awareness on AT/FP and Intelligence issues affecting the JFHQ-NCR JOA. Future Meeting Dates*: –11 Nov 08 –13 Jan 09 * Note: Call the day prior to confirm meeting status Joint Terrorism Intelligence Working Group Meeting POC: Josh Grimm (202) Jan 07 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

35 Joint Federal Committee PARTICIPANTS: All Federal Agencies’ Emergency Planners WHAT: Monthly Event Synchronization and Project Updates DATE / TIME: Monthly (Second Wednesday of each month) LOCATION: TBD, Rotates Monthly PURPOSE: To coordinate Federal Agencies’ Event Schedules and give Project Updates. For Official Use Only (FOUO)

36 Emergency Management Subcommittee WHAT: JFC Emergency Management Subcommittee DATE / TIME: Monthly, (Fourth Wednesday of each month) noon LOCATION: 800 K Street, NW, Washington, DC (North Tower), FEMA ground floor conference room PARTICIPANTS: Federal Department and Agency representative, or their designee, with emergency management and/or protective services workforce management responsibilities. PURPOSE: To coordinate and facilitate the sharing of workforce planning information and best practices among Federal Departments and Agencies in the NCR. POC: Cheri Roe W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

37 NCR CIP RPWG WHAT: National Capital Region Critical Infrastructure Regional Program Working Group DATE / TIME: As needed by invite only LOCATION: MWCOG PARTICIPANTS: NCR CIP RPWG members (public and private sector) CHAIR: Mike McAllister MWCOG POC: Jim Shell ETOP LIAISON: Aldo M. Davila For Official Use Only (FOUO)

38 RESF-8 Health, Mental Health & Medical Services/Medical RPWG WHAT: RESF-8 Health, Mental Health & Medical Services DATE / TIME: Monthly (4 th Wednesday of each month) 1:00 p.m. LOCATION: MWCOG PARTICIPANTS: Health Officials ETOP LIAISON: Lauren Ohl-Trlica POC: Lauren Ohl-Tilica W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

39 RESF-12 Energy WHAT: Regional Emergency Support Function - 12 Energy DATE / TIME: Monthly (Third Thursday of each month) 10 a.m p.m., as needed by invite only LOCATION: MWCOG PARTICIPANTS: R-ESF 12 members (public and private sector) CHAIR: James Gorby MWCOG POC: George L. Nichols ETOP LIAISON: Aldo M. Davila For Official Use Only (FOUO)

40 RESF-15 External Affairs WHAT: RESF-15 External Affairs DATE / TIME: Monthly (Third Thursday of each month) 2-4 p.m. LOCATION: MWCOG PARTICIPANTS: R-ESF 15 members (public and private sector public information officers and communication directors) CHAIR: Merni Fitzgerald ETOP LIAISON: Don Amos For Official Use Only (FOUO)

41 RESF-16 Donation & Volunteer Management WHAT: RESF-16 Donation & Volunteer Management DATE / TIME: Monthly (Fourth Monday of each month) 2-4 p.m. LOCATION: MWCOG PARTICIPANTS: Non-Profit Round Table CHAIR: Mary Foley ETOP LIAISON: Vacant For Official Use Only (FOUO)

42 Training National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium For Official Use Only (FOUO)

43 NCR NIMS Training Manassas Park ICS-300/400: October 6, 14, 20 & 27 Montgomery County ICS-300/400: October 11, 18, November 8 & 15 Loudoun County ICS-300/400: November 15, 16, 22 & 23; Fairfax County ICS-300/400: November 10, 12, 18 & 19 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

44 NCR WebEOC Training WebEOC User: October 8; November 12, 13, 18; December 2, 11 WebEOC Refresher: October 15, 21, 22; November 19, 27; December 9 WebEOC Administrator: October 14 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

45 Training Opportunities: DC HSEMA Courses WHO: NCR Personnel WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity WHEN: Refer to following website: WHERE: Refer to following website: Courses Offered POC: Ms. Leslie Harrison, DC HSEMA Web EOC User Training October 8, November 12 9 am - 3 pm Web EOC Refresher October 22, November 19 9 am - 3 pm HSEMA - EOC 2nd Floor Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE Washington, DC Point of Contact: Leslie Harrison (202) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

46 46 WHO: NCR Personnel WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity WHEN: Refer to following website: WHERE: Refer to following website: Courses Offered : –ICS 300/400, October 20-23, Baltimore –NEW: EOC Management and Operations, October 20-21, Gaithersburg –Preparedness and Response to Agricultural Terrorism, October , Bethesda –NEW: Senior Officials Workshop for WMD/Terrorism Incident Preparedness, November 3, Cheltenham –Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Train-the-Trainer, December 16-18, Bethesda POC: Erin Valentine W: Training Opportunities: MEMA Courses For Official Use Only (FOUO)

47 WHO: NCR Personnel WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity WHEN: Refer to following website: WHERE: Refer to following website: Courses Offered: –Campus Preparedness Planning Workshop: October 14 (Richmond) –Exercises and Training Adjunct Instructor Workshop: October 15 (Richmond) –ICS-300 Intermediate Incident Command System (ICS):October (Winchester); December 9-10 (Frederick County) –Coordinator’s Briefings: October 30 (Blacksburg); November 5 (Hampton); 19 (Staunton) –Emergency Operations Center Management and Operation: November (Henrico County); March 24-26, 2009 (Fairfax County) –WebEOC Training for Localities: November 13 (Culpeper); December 4 (Richmond) –Rapid Assessment Workshop: November 14 (Henrico County; January 15, 2009 (Culpeper);March 26, 2009 (Fairfax County) –Incident Command System / Emergency Operations Center Interface: November 18 (Henrico County); January 21, 2009 (Fairfax County); February 11, 2009 (Warren County) Training Opportunities: VDEM Courses POC: Mr. Aldo Davila, VDEM W: (703) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

48 WHO: NCR Personnel WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity WHEN: Refer to following website: WHERE: Refer to following website: Courses Offered: –Recovery from Disaster: The Local Government Role : November (Henrico County); March 10-11, 2009 (Richmond) –Incident Command System Train-the-Trainer Workshop: December 2-3 (Charlottesville) –HSEEP Mobile Course: December 8-10 (Fairfax County) –Training and Exercise Planning Workshop: January 2009 – TBD (Richmond) –Mass Fatalities Incident Response: January 27-28, 2009 (Richmond) –Basic Public Information Officer: March 4-6, 2009 (Fairfax County) –ICS-400 Advanced ICS: March 17-18, 2009 (Frederick County); April 28-29, 2009 (Richmond); June 25-26, 2009 (Chesterfield County) –Principles of Emergency Management: April 21-23, 2009 (Richmond) –Mitigation Planning Workshop for Local Governments: June 2-3, 2009 (Fairfax County); September 15-17, 2009 (Richmond) Training Opportunities: VDEM Courses POC: Mr. Aldo Davila, VDEM W: (703) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

49 WMD Complexities - Responder POC: Beverly Tolbert W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

50 NCR ESF-6 Disaster Kitchen Training WHAT: NCR ESF-6 Disaster Kitchen Training DATE / TIME: October LOCATION: Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church PARTICIPANTS: Personnel involved in providing disaster feeding and food related services PURPOSE: To build human resource capacity for emergency response for feeding and food services Courses to be offered include: –Disaster Kitchen Training –Mass Care II (Advanced Mass Care) –ERV: Mobile Feeding Workshop –Serving People w/Disabilities Following a Disaster For more information visit: POC: Questions - Willie Clark: Registration: Ken Briggs:

51 Active Shooter Train the Trainer WHAT: Active Shooter Training (2-day Train the Trainer) DATE / TIME: Fall 2008 (Oct 16,17 / Oct 23,24 / Nov 6,7 / Nov 13,14). All training days are hrs. LOCATION: Montgomery County Police Training Academy (9710 Great Seneca Hwy, Rockville, Md ) PARTICIPANTS: NCR local L.E. agencies PURPOSE: This two-day training event is designed to provide L.E. trainers with ideas, information, and skills to utilize in training officers from their jurisdictions in tactical response to active shooters. (5) two-day training sessions will be offered on the dates listed above. POC: Lt. Phil Raum (Mont. Co. PD) W: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

52 52 Supply Unit, Ordering Manager, and Receiving/Distribution Manager Class WHAT: Supply Unit, Ordering Manager, and Receiving/Distribution Manager Class DATE / TIME: October LOCATION: McLean, VA- hosted by NCR-IMT PARTICIPANTS: IMT Members PURPOSE: The class will follow the NWCG curriculum for S-356, J-252, and J-253. We have required the contractors to include all-hazards examples and exercises in the program. Space is limited. NCR-IMT anticipates conducting a Facilities Unit Leader (including Base/Camp Manager) and Ground support Unit Leader class in November and a Logistics Section Chief class in December POC: Joel Hendelman

53 Hospital Security Preparedness Training WHAT: Hospital Security Preparedness Training DATE / TIME: Nov 3-6; Dec 1-4 LOCATION: Washington Hospital Center PARTICIPANTS: Hospital Protective Services OVERVIEW: HSP is a unique course for Hospital Protective Services. This four- day immersion course uses hands-on training, live drills and classroom instruction from instructors who have extensive security and counterterrorism experience. PURPOSE: Learn how to effectively handle all threats pertaining to the Hospital Security Officer, from routine situations to mass casualty incidents and terrorist attacks against the facility. POC: Ricardo Tappan W: (202) For Official Use Only (FOUO)

54 Emergency Medical Services Operations and Planning for WMD Events POC: Beverly Tolbert W: For Official Use Only (FOUOO

55 NCR ESF-6 Leadership Training Conference WHAT: NCR ESF-6 Leadership Training Conference DATE / TIME: November LOCATION: Red Cross National Headquarters – Washington, DC PARTICIPANTS: Personnel involved in providing disaster related services in Mass Care, Human Services, Volunteer Management, Disaster Health and Disaster Mental Health, including participants involved in ESF-6, 8, 11, 14 & 16 within and across NCR Jurisdictions PURPOSE: To build human resource capacity for emergency response for ESF-6, 8, 11, 14 and 16 partners. Courses to be offered include: –Collaborating to Ensure Effective Service Delivery Fundamentals of Disaster Assessment –"Pre-Act Leaders" -- LSS -- for faith-based leaders Critical Incident Stress Management - Crisislink –Prepare 2 Care" – faith community members in disaster reliefFundamentals of Disaster Operations Management –Caring for Pets During DisastersShelter Operations –Preparing Families & Communities for Pets In Disaster – HSUS Disaster Kitchen Supervision –Foundations of Disaster Mental HealthHealth Response Workshop –Serving People With Disabilities Working With Total Diversity –Disaster Mental Health: An OverviewPsychological First Aid –Financial & Statistical Information ManagementClient Assistance System (CAS) Workshop –Emergency Operations Center/Incident Command LiaisonEmergency Support Function #6 Workshop –Mass Care II (Advanced Mass Care)Mass Casualty Disasters –Supervision In Disaster Hold The Fort –Service Delivery Site Management Staff Services Workshop –Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism: An OverviewClient Assistance System (CAS) Workshop –Disaster Fundraising: Preparing and Responding Life Safety and Asset Protection (LSAP) Works –In-Kind Donations Workshop Disaster Instructor Specialty Training –Disaster Public Affairs: The Local Response Disaster Public Affairs: The National Response For more information visit: POC: Questions - Willie Clark: Registration: Ken Briggs:

56 WHO: Public WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunities WHEN: Refer to following website: WHERE: Refer to following website: Courses Offered: –DAT Training Camp –Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating Compassion into Action –Community Services Overview –Shelter Operations –Disaster Mental Health Overview –Fundamentals of Disaster Assessment –Logistics Overview –Public Affairs in Disaster –Collaborating to Ensure Effective Service Delivery –Psychological First Aid –Serving People w/Disabilities Following a Disaster –Mass Casualty Disasters –Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism: An Overview Training Opportunities: American Red Cross - NCA Courses For Official Use Only (FOUO)

57 Independent Study Courses FEMA’s Independent Study Program offers courses that support the nine mission areas identified by the National Preparedness Goal: Incident Management, Operational Planning, Disaster Logistics, Emergency Communications, Service to Disaster Victims, Public Disaster Communications, Integrated Preparedness, and Hazard Mitigation –Go to –Enrollment: Official enrollment in the courses is limited to United States (US) residents with a US deliverable postal address including APO and FPO addresses. Sample Courses. –IS-100a Introduction to Incident Command System, I-100 (Information located on website). Go to –IS-200a ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, I-200 (Information located on website). Go to: –IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction. Go to: –IS-800B National Response Framework (NRF), An Introduction. Go to: –ESF 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 Specific Courses For Official Use Only (FOUO)

58 ETOP Update Current ETOP Projects: New Chair Project Funding EPC Senior Leader Seminar 2008 For Official Use Only (FOUO)

59 Event Input Format WHAT: Name of the event DATE / TIME: Date(s) and time for the event LOCATION: Where the event will be conducted PARTICIPANTS: List the event participants PURPOSE: Why is this event being conducted Milestones: –Date/Time: Milestone event (eg, IPC, MPC, MSEL Conf, AAR, etc…) POC: __________ W: __________ For Official Use Only (FOUO)

60 Issues / Comments Federal State Local ESFs For Official Use Only (FOUO)

61 Points of Contact Mr. Don Amos, VDEM: (571) , Ms. Christina Crue, MEMA: (410) , Mr. Aldo Davila, VDEM: (703) , Mr. Joey Henderson, FEMA-ONCRC: (202) , Mr. Dann Pickens, JFHQ-NCR: (202) , Ms. Jamie Quarrelles, DCHSEMA: (202) , ETOP Website: For Official Use Only (FOUO)

62 Next Meeting Date: November 4, 2008 Time: 10:30 a.m. Location: MWCOG Board Room 777 North Capital St, NE Washington, D.C. For Official Use Only (FOUO)

Download ppt "National Capital Region Training and Exercise Consortium Monthly Exercise & Training and Calendar Synchronization Meeting October 7, 2008 Unclassified/FOUO."

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