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Library Rep Training 21 October 2014 Lecture 3, Gateway.

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1 Library Rep Training 21 October 2014 Lecture 3, Gateway

2 Welcome Ondrej Hajda (DoRep, dorep@) & Vicki Cormie (Senior Academic Liaison Librarian, library@) 5.15-6.15pm Objectives: Understand the role of Library Reps and show how to be an effective Library Rep. Explain how to work with Academic Liaison Librarian and Library Link in your School. Establish an action plan for improving learning resources in your School.

3 Icebreaker

4 What does a Library Rep do? Ondrej

5 Overview You are a Class Rep with a democratic mandate first and foremost. Consult your mates and represent! Role description : Work closely with the Library on improving the library facilities, online reading lists, access to learning resources (both paper and online), and on raising awareness about services on offer (inter- library loans, morebooks@ etc.) Student Library Users Group (SLUG) 3 times a year: Oct 30 th, Feb 12 th, Apr 16 th ; 4-5pm Library Reps + Library staff + DoRep

6 Student Library Survey (November 2013) Open Main Library longer on weekend: DONE Open JFAL & St Mary’s College Library longer: PENDING Print books > e-journals > e-books > print journals ¾ didn’t know about morebooks@ Issues: Power sockets Availability of learning resources Availability of study spaces & seat hogging

7 How can the Library help? Vicki

8 Academic Liaison Team

9 Funding Library budgets Books Journals Databases Research Enhancement Funds Morebooks Reading Lists Number of copies/short loans

10 King James Library Founded in 1612

11 Martyrs Kirk Postgraduate Research Library

12 Services SAULCAT & SEEKER Online reading lists Acquiring learning resources & morebooks@ Inter-library loans Library skills sessions Circulation services (including fines)

13 Mindreading? Importance of feedback Do not wait till SSCC or the end of semester – email library@ immediately!

14 Known problems Library not big enough Not enough sockets Library temperature Noise and zoning issues Lack of awareness of services Café issues

15 Small Group Discussion 1. What would you like to achieve from being a Library Rep? 2. How do we manage the morebook@ budgets to make it fair for everyone? 3. How can you help in letting us know about problems?

16 Action Plan: What do I do? Talk to lectures about online reading lists and getting them well in advance (think of Semester 2). Organize School-specific Library skills session (email library@). Publicize alternative study spaces/morebooks@/inter- library loan. …?


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