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MTCIS ESOL Project Job Service Tour GREAT FALLS 1018 7th Street South Great Falls, MT 59405 Telephone (406) 791-5800 Fax Number (406) 791-5889 Job Hot-Line.

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1 MTCIS ESOL Project Job Service Tour GREAT FALLS th Street South Great Falls, MT Telephone (406) Fax Number (406) Job Hot-Line (406) HOURS Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Friday ~ 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Closed Saturday, Sunday, and for standard state holidays

2 Go to Great Falls Job Service! It is the place you can find all kinds of resources to get your dream job. They can help you during the whole process. It is the easiest and best way for job seekers to achieve their goals. Do you need money... but you do not have a job?

3 Veteran's Employment Services Montana Career Information System

4 Are you hiring now? If you are tired of looking for a good candidate to work in your company, try to register at the Great Falls Job Service’s web page. You will receive applications and resumes according to the jobs you posted. The Job Service will try to match your needs with the job seekers you are looking for

5  Register for the Career Fair Register for the Career Fair  Post a Job Opening Post a Job Opening  Find a Job Seeker Find a Job Seeker  Business & Employer Tools Business & Employer Tools  Wage & Hour Resources Wage & Hour Resources  Employment Posters Employment Posters  MT Employers' Council MT Employers' Council

6 Employer Information Resources for employers to find laws and other useful information. Montana Department of Labor & Industry Assistance for Business Clinics ~ 2013 Schedule Assistance for Business Clinics Business & Occupational Licensing Employment Relations Division Employment Laws Employment Posters Employer Guide to Drug Testing in Montana Employer Testing of Job Candidates Health Care Licensing Human Rights Bureau - Post your Job on the Internet MSEC (Montana State Employers' Council) Prevailing Wage Rates Required Postings Research and Analysis Bureau Safety and Health Bureau Unemployment Insurance Division Wage and Hour Laws Work Opportunity Tax Credit

7 Job Seeker Information Here are some more places that you can use to help you find a job. Montana's electronic self-service Jobs system Application Download Page Resume, CV, Cover Letter and Interview assistance is done by staff at your local Job Service Office, find your local office Federal Jobs FedWorld - National Labor Exchange Jobs for Teachers Montana State Fund MSU Career Services Rural Employment Opportunities, Inc. Troops to Teachers USDA Forest Service Employment Information

8 Services Available... Employment Counseling Educational Opportunity Center Financial Aid Information Internet Access Job Application Process Job Matching – Referral Job Registry Job Search Assistance Job Training or Retraining Post-Secondary Education Information Referral Services Resume Assistance Resource Center Skill Testing/Typing Tutorial Veteran's Resources Voter Registration Other Useful Links Tips for using Job Registry - Register Online America's Career InfoNet Driving Record Release Form Troops to Teachers Veterans Upward Bound

9 More Resources Employment OpportunitiesWorkforce Services Information Montana's electronic self-service Jobs system Post a job opening (non-state- government job) Post a job opening (non-state- government job) Find a job in Montana Find a state job (job search, how to apply, applications & forms) Find a state job Find a federal job (job search, how to apply, applications & forms Find a federal job Montana Jobs for Teachers Surviving a Layoff Apprenticeship and Training Resource & Career Fairs in Montana Directory of Montana Job Service Centers Foreign Labor Certification Program Jobs For Montana's Graduates (JMG) Labor Market Information Montana Career Information System Disability Resources Veteran's Employment Services Workforce Investment Act Information


11 Workforce & Business OrganizationsOther American Society for Training and Development American Society for Training and Development American Management Association National Association of State Workforce Agencies National Association of State Workforce Agencies International Association of Workforce Professionals International Association of Workforce Professionals Society for Human Resource Management Youth Services Montana Youth Challenge Program Montana Youth Challenge Program Job Corps Job Corps Montana Outreach & Admissions Call for more information.(800# works only in Montana). Job Corps Montana Outreach & Admissions a complete resource covering all the colleges and program offerings in the US, including occupational guides, financial aid resources and FAQ's on all the different programs.

12 Cascade County City of Great Falls Great Falls Public Schools Great Falls Tribune Great Falls Online - Community Portal Great Falls Online - Community Portal University of Great Falls MSU Great Falls Autumn in Russell Country

13 1. Schedule Availability Employers are looking for individuals with flexible schedules, meaning they are available to work during large chunks of time. Many employers understand that youth are in school and can accommodate school or extracurricular schedules. If you are a student looking for a job, when you fill out an application pay special attention to your availability in the evenings and on the weekends. Employers are more likely to hire an individual who is available to work during these times. 2. Pay Expectations Many applications ask for a desired starting wage. In many cases, especially if you have not worked before, you should mark "Flexible" in this space. This tells the employer that you are willing to work out a desired wage with him/her. If you have worked before, either put your hourly wage from your last job or an average hourly wage for the job you're applying for. In the State of Montana, Minimum Wage is currently $7.90 per hour. 3. Work History & Job Stability Employers look at the "Work History" portion of your application to see if there are any sudden, frequent, or lengthy gaps of time where you were unemployed. This tells the employer how long you stay with each job. 4. Relevant Experience Depending on the position you are applying for, employers will see if you have matching experience for the job. If you've had jobs, volunteer opportunities, or other forms of work before, you have some sort of experience. Make sure to use action words to describe some of your responsibilities. Some responsibilities may include: Babysat two children under the age of ten for three years. Handled and counted cash for five months at XYZ Job. Responsible and on time. As you can see from the examples above, employers look for action words, your experience, and how long or how much time you've done the experience. 7 Areas Employers Look For in Good Job Candidates: 7 Areas Employers Look For in Good Job Candidates:

14 5. Professionalism and Enthusiasm Professionalism is an attitude and an appearance. It means wearing appropriate attire, and acting appropriate or adult- like at a job. ATTIRE The general rule when going to a job interview is to dress on the dressier side rather than the casual. Different jobs have different dress codes. For example, when you go to interview for a clerk job at a grocery store, you may want to wear nice slacks and a button up shirt or a knee-length skirt, blouse, and heels. Look at the example to the right. If you were an employer and had to hire one of the two individuals shown here, based on professional dress, which person would you pick? ENTHUSIASM One way to set yourself apart from the crowd when applying for a job is to be enthusiastic about the job and as well as your everyday demeanor.

15 6. Communication Skills Good communication skills are necessary in the workplace. Employers want to know that you're able to communicate well with others. In the list of communication skills below, check the box if you do the following things: Think before you speak Speak clearly Ask questions when you don't understand something Pay attention to non-verbal cues Non-verbal cues include body movements such as nodding your head to show someone you're listening to what they are saying. Smile when listening and speaking to others Control negative emotions Screen out distractions (for example, cell phone calls at work) For each check box you selected above, give yourself a pat on the back. All the items above are examples of good communication skills. If you did not check some of the items above, you can get better at them by practicing with family members and friends. 7. Customer Service Skills Good customer service is: Being polite to customers and employees Having a positive attitude even when times get rough Understanding a customer's complaint and trying to solve it without getting upset Asking customers if they need any help finding something Saying Hello, Thank You, and Have A Nice Day!

16 ESOL/ Great Falls students exploring the Job Service facility in Great Falls

17 Understanding how to navigate on the Job Service web site

18 Exploring the Job Service Web site. Learning about job applications. Exploring sites with jobs opportunities in Great Falls.

19 Field Trip Debriefing- back to the classroom.

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