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Tamara Jakupović, Dipl. Psychologist Professional fellow worker for professional selection and orientation.

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1 Tamara Jakupović, Dipl. Psychologist Professional fellow worker for professional selection and orientation

2  Institution for recording of unemployed people and mediation in employment  Mediation is the process that includes all activities and measures undertaken in accordance with law with purpose of connecting unemployed person who is seeking for employment, and employed person who is seeking for employment change, with employer who need employee because of employment establishment.  It includes:  continuous expert assistance in professional orientation,  organization of professional development,  change of professional orientation or  upgrading professional development of employment seeker.

3  Population of Federation of B&H counts 2.866.543  438.022– employed in Federation of B&H  378.306 – unemployed in Federation of B&H  126.911 – employed in Sarajevo Canton  73.067– unemployed in Sarajevo Canton

4 YEARNUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE 31.12.2001.52.088 31.12.2002.56.519 31.12.2003.59.791 31.12.2004.63.711 31.12.2005.67.537 31.12.2006.68.556 31.12.2007.65.344 31.12.2008.62.475 31.12.2009.66.299 31.12.2010.68.907 31.12.2011.69.842

5 YEARNUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE 30.06.2012.70.606 04.02.2013.73.067

6  Dipl. Economists – Management - 128  Dipl. Ing. Architecture - 164  Dipl. Ing. Electrican Engineering- 156  Genetics – 10  Dipl. Ing. IT – 45  Dipl. Ing. Computer Science - 16  Prof. English Language-137  Prof. Arabic Language -38  Prof. Turkish Language - 10  Prof. Oriental Studies - 7

7  Dipl. Economist – 444 MA - 24  Genetics – 4  Dipl. Ing. Architecture – 40 MA – 25  Dipl. Ing. IT – 12  Dipl. Ing. Computer Science – 12  IT Specialist – 1 (Other colleges)  Software Engineer – 1* MA - 1 * Through Office Mediation

8  Professor of English Language– 60 MA - 11  Professor of Arabic Language – 11  Professor of Turkish Language – 2  Professor of Oriental Studies- 1

9 Categories of jobs demand of which was higher than supply are:  IT  Biotechnology & Pharmacy  Tectonics  Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications  Hospitality & Tourism

10 1. Economist 2. Seller 3. Software Developer 4. Accountant 5. Waiter 6. Administrative Officer 7. Credit Officer 8. Pharmacist 9. Director (higher levels of management) 10. Cooker

11 - Engineers of IT, - Engineers of Electrical Engineering - Mechanical Engineers - MA of Pharmacy - Builders - Welders - Sewers - Traders (Economists)

12 LABOR MARKET EXAMINATION Common way of seeking new employees

13  Changes in the labor market, in the same manner as changes in the environment demands often revision of competence profile, and sometimes even the development of completely different model.  If thsi is not done in time, usage of old model becomes couter productive.

14  Set of activities by which we assess skills, personal characteristics, interests, motives and expectations with aim of helping an individual in successful selection of selection of his occupation.  It includes following: Professional informing and enlightenment Professional advising Evaluation of advised people

15  Advisory offices in schools and education centres  Advisors in public Employment Offices  Private employment agencies  Emlpoyers  The role of individual career planning

16  Active seeker of employment in cooperation with advisor goes through following phases: 1.Analysis and determining personal potentials and preferences 2.Analysis and determining options of career development 3.Determining objectives of career development 4.Strategy development and planning activities for achievement of determined objectives

17 I.Encounter -Initial intrview /up to 45 min -Tests and assessment scales II.Encounter - Communication and integration of results -Undertaking further steps III.Encounter -Analysis of what is done by employment seeker -Making a deal about further activities

18 1.SWOT analysis (What am I very good at? What am I not good at? What are my opportunities? What are threats?) 2.Defining goals of career – „Course of motion“; 3-6 SMART goals 3.Defining of personal development plan – includes goals and steps that an individual needs to undertake (ex. Elimination of weaknesses in communication skills – Attending seminar: „Elemenrts of Effective Communication“) The role of advisor is continuous following of development in activities regarding active employment seeking

19  Competences – portable set of knowledge, skills and statements necessary for personal realization and inclusion to labor market.  Every profession – akcent is on specific professions  Example: Competence: Motivating and leading of others How employer assess someones‘ competence (STAR model)

20  Analyticity and problems solving ability 60%  Communication and presenting skills 53%  Team work 37%  Knowing English Language 35%  Self initiative 11%

21 1.Communication using mother tongue 2.Communication using foreign language 3.Mathematical literacy and basic knowledge from science and technology 4.Digital competency 5.Learn how to learn 6.Interpersonal and civil competency 7.Entrepreneurship 8.Cultural expression

22  Definition: tendency to involve changes and accept responsibility for personal actions both positive or negative, development of strategic vision, setting up the goals and their achievement, and motivation for success.  Knowledge: Cognition about potential opportunities with goal to recognize those which are in accordance with personal and professional interests.

23  Skills: Planning skills, organizing, analyzing, communication, acting, reporting; Skills of creating projects and their implementation. Skills for cooperative work and flexibility within the team. Skills of recognition of personal strengths and weaknesses. Skills of proactive acting and positive reaction to changes. Ability of assessment and accepting the risk when it is justified.

24  Statements Tendency for initiatives Positive statement about changes and innovations Readyness to recognize areas of representing entrepreneurial skills – ex. At home, at work and within community.

25  One of the ways – through group psychosocial workshops on topics:  How to introduce to employer / Elements of successful communication  Creation of job offer  Assertiveness  Emotional intelligence  Facing stress  Prevention and conflict solving  Team creation

26  Basic – i.e. Behaviors towards people  Organizational/specialized – i.e. Communication skills/convincing  Specific/Detail – related to some narrow area of work; i.e. Skills of dealing with books/ invoicing  Personal skills Honesty Flexibility Interpersonal skills Loyalty Positive statement Self confidence Professionalism

27 Sort following managerial skills according to their importance!  Dealing with money  Leading the team/leadership  Delegating of responsibility  Perceiving of nonverbal messages  Organization  Inovation in problem solving

28  Continuing education – to offer relevant knowledge and skills using which an individual will more easily go through his/her business way, but also to provide tools and methods that will let them know where and in which way to permanently search for new knowledge and train new skills  Nowadays, labor market search „continuing students“. Those are persons which are overtaking responsibility for their development and they are ready to invest time, money and efforts in continuing learning process.

29  Set of skills: self-understanding skill, self-control, self- confidence and emphaty.  EQ refers to emotional and social skills  Complementary ability in relation to rational intelligence

30  Consisted of five components 1.Recognition of personal feelings 2.Control of intensity of feelings 3.Self motivation 4.Recognition of emotions of others 5.Establishment and maintenance of relationship with others  EQ can be developed and it can be worked on its growth regardless of age.

31 1. Interpersonal scale 2. Interpersonal -empathy -interpersonal relations 3. Scale of controlling the stress/ more tolerance in stressful situations 4. Scale of mood/more optimistic view on life

32 1.Awake reasons of personal emotions 2.Controlling of emotions – self control development 3.Motivation – planning and problem solving, keeping optimism and hope to success 4.Empathy – recognition and understanding of others emotions – this is base for altruism, helping behaviot and cooperation so it also represents the base for successful inclusion in community and work with others 5.Social skills – skills of behaving with people


34  Report from survey for employers (only for following year) Forecastings for 2012.g  EKONOMISTS 56  BIOLOGISTS / PROF. OF BIOLOGY 3  PROF. OF ENGLISH LANG. 2  ENGINEER OF ARCHITECTURE 1  ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 8  MANAGER 7

35  In previous year, more than 8000 job ads is published  Number of job ads in 2012 is smaller for 12,5% compared to 2011 (source:  In first month of 2013, same amount of job ads has been registered like in 2012

36  There was a need for specific profiles of education such are:  IT engineers  Electrical engineers  Mechanical engineers  MA of Pharmacy (Source FZZZ)  In this office, it is stated that there are expectations that in 2013 trend from previous year will be more intensive, which means that mentioned profiles will be demanded.

37  Law regulations  Code Book of occupations  Examples from practice Copywriter/job description

38  Every unemployed person should work on improvement of new knowledge and skills in order to respond properly to needs of labor market, needs of emyployers.  It is necessary that legal assumptions are created in order to regulate area of education of adults and continuing education.

39  It is necessary to adopt law on education of adults in Federation of B&H, through which assumptions for easier adjustment of adults for labor market requirements will be created.  Soon, in the office, application of Competences Passport for employment seekers will start.

40  Encourage awareness of students about importance of having the skills and competences, not only knowledge.  Introduction of practice through studying-enable for students to get specific business skills.  Encourage awareness of students for importance of personal activation in both, process of continuing education and process of employment seeking.

41  Encoruage entrepreneurial spirit of students (self employment) through academic plan and program.  Offer wide range of opportunities for students in terms of how and where they can place their knowledge, skills and competencies.


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