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External Consulting Project: Mondelez International Inc. Group Y.

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1 External Consulting Project: Mondelez International Inc. Group Y

2 Company Background & Industry Information  Mondelez International is a $32 billion global snacks business  Food Manufacturing Industry

3  Primary Contact:  James Thomas, Sales Representative  Graduated from LaSalle University, Marketing Degree  3 years of experience with Mondelez/Kraft Foods  Sells from the biscuit portfolio  Territory: West Chester, PA  Secondary Contact:  Thomas Wirstad, Sales Representative Sales Contacts

4  Misallocation of sales force efforts  Sales managers neglected to analyze call plan adherence of sales reps who reached their goals Areas of Concern

5  Limits the potential of valuable insight  Disrupts value proposition  Conflicts with core values and company culture  Puts customer loyalty at risk Importance of Concerns

6  Sales managers that neglect to analyze misallocation of sales force efforts will adversely impact customer relationships and undermine the value proposition of Mondelez International, thereby decreasing long- term sales. Hypothesis

7  Sales Area 2  Call Plan Adherence  Performance Management  Sales Force Metrics and Reporting  SF Effectiveness drivers used to diagnose problem:  Sales managers  Compensation & incentives  Culture  Coaching Area of Study

8  1. Methods of training the sales force on call plan adherence  2. Performance management systems to enforce call plan adherence  3. How to best design an incentive compensation plan that motivates reps to adhere to the call plan  4. Using internal data to show potential problems or issues Research Topics

9 Training Employees on Call Plan Adherence  Communicate frequently  Continuous training & reporting on sales activities  Sales meeting dialog Figure 1: (The Connection; July 2012, pg. 2)

10  Ranking System:  Ranking based on specific criteria  Expands analysis of individual call plan adherence  Sparks competition  Separates excellent, average, and poor performers Performance Management Systems

11  Competency Model:  Defines what is needed to succeed  Based on organization's core competencies  Defines levels of achievement  Manager and sales rep evaluate performance Performance Management Systems

12  Classification System:  Evaluate and classify for appropriate consequences  Part qualitative and part quantitative  Group reps based on performance  Separate performance management plans for different levels Performance Management Systems

13  Nestlé's “Big Leap” strategy  Heinz & Bacardi: Mobile Retail Audit Application  Laura’s Lean Beef: Performance Management leads to Competitive Advantage Benchmarking Performance Management

14 Motivating Sales Force: Incentives & Compensation  “ When rewards don’t match the needs of individual workers, they’re a waste of money.” ( Sales and Marketing Management; May 2007, pg.16)  Identify the motivation DNA of reps: Award Seeker, Nesters, Bottom Liners, Freedom Yearners, Praise Cravers, Upward Movers. Managers redesign IC plan The rewards motivate reps to allocate correctly Less misallocation

15 Motivating Sales Force: Incentives & Compensation  Reward employees for contributing to the overall success of the company:  Long-term relationship  Maximize value proposition  Share the risk-rewards of creating a successful business  “To make your new compensation program work, your employees need to assist in setting company goals, team goals, individual goals, and the resulting compensation.” (Executive Excellence; Jul 1999, pg.11)

16  Continuously analyze actual sales performance against call plan  Report sales activities and trends to Home Office  Use data based insight to improve sales and marketing alignment Using Internal Data to Show Issues

17 Heinz: Using Internal Data for Competitive Advantage  Eric Ginsburg, Associate Manager for Sales Operations, Heinz:  “Better insight is dependent on both the quality and quantity of data. The more data points available, the deeper the analysis possible, resulting in superior merchandising strategies.” More Data Deeper Analysis Superior Merchandising Strategy

18  Sales Managers miss key insights by neglecting to analyze successful sales performance  The solutions researched are proven methods to increase call plan adherence  Misallocation of sales effort contradicts the core values of Mondelez International Inc. Sales Analysis: Conclusion on Hypothesis

19  Train employees on value of call plan adherence  Manage performance using a classification system  Use other metrics, in addition to sales, for employee evaluations  Evaluate sales despite positive output Recommendations

20  Performance management model becomes more controlling  More metrics affecting compensation and incentives  Company values are enforced with each client Implications for New Policies

21  Decrease neglect of less lucrative stores  Decrease complacency when goals are attained How will Policies Rectify the Situation?

22  Mr. James Thomas  Mr. Thomas Wirstad Sales Contact Feedback

23  Must have someone in charge of communication  Must be willing to compromise  Must start early and stay consistent  Cross-Functional Structure Team Learning

24  Chose a well-established, global company  Chose a company hesitant to give out information Research Errors

25  Zoltners, Andris A., Prabhakant Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer. Building a Winning Sales Force: Powerful Strategies for Driving High Performance. New York: AMACOM, 2009. Print.  Grove, Denis. "How a Strong Business Culture Helps to Deliver Excellent Customer Service." The Connection RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. June-July 2012. http://www.the- service/http://www.the- service/  Warner, Melodie. "UPDATE: Kraft Foods 3rd-Quarter Net Rose 13% as Margins Improve." Https:// N.p., 7 Nov. 2012. Web. 15 Nov. 2012..Https://wsj.com  Zenger J, Folkman J, Edinger S. Making Yourself Indispensable. Harvard Business Review [serial online]. October 2011;89(10):84-92. Available from: Business Source Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed November 28, 2012.  Bloom N, Sadun R, Van Reenen J. Does Management Really Work?. Harvard Business Review [serial online]. November 2012;90(11):76-82. Available from: Business Source Premier, Ipswich, MA. Accessed November 28, 2012. Appendix

26  Dilanthi Amaratunga, David Baldry, (2002),"Moving from performance measurement to performance management",Facilities, Vol. 20 Iss: 5 pp. 217 – 223  "Maximizing Sales Performance at Store Level." Flowfinity Wireless Inc, 2011. Web. 11 Nov. 2012..  Treace, John. "Food Manufacturing." How Core Values Drive Sales Performance. Food Manufacturing``, 9 Feb. 2012. Web. 28 Nov. 2012..  Mukherjee, J., & Basu, A. (2010). Distributor sales force performance management. Vision, 14(4), 309-321. Retrieved from Appendix

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