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Monster Secrets An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job Dan DeMaioNewton December 2009.

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1 Monster Secrets An Insider’s Guide to Getting the Job Dan DeMaioNewton December 2009

2 Thank You! Thank you for your interest in the Monster Worldwide presentation on Monster Secrets given at the Westford Job Seekers Networking Group in Westford, MA on December 15, 2009. My greatest hope is that it may be helpful to you in helping you get a better job faster. I’m granting you access to all my slides in their entirety and would ask that if you use them in your own work that you reference Monster Government Solutions. If there is any way I can be of assistance in any way, large or small, please feel free to contact me. Warmest Regards, Dan DeMaioNewton Director of Strategy and Business Development Monster Government Solutions 978.823.2346


4 Agenda Current Local Labor Situation What’s Going on with Unemployment Monster Secrets – Insider Insights to Getting the Job

5 The Latest from the Unemployment Front

6 The National Economy is Stabilizing.

7 Overall Job Demand in Boston is Still Under Water.

8 Overall Job Demand in New England has been Fairly Flat Over the Past 4 Months, but is Still Greater than It Was in 2003!

9 12 of Top 28 Top Metro Markets Showed an Increase in Job Seeker Demand in November 2009. New England Has 4 of the Top 10 States for Talent Demand.

10 Planning and Developing Good Habits Is Education an option?

11 A Recruiter’s View of the World


13 Local Career Event Calendar – Networking Group Meetings – Career Fairs – Seminars – Workshops Job Seeker Discussion Forums – Hidden Jobs Exposed – News for Job Seekers – Better Job Hunting Articles – Phantom Job Seeker – Recruiter News – Success Stories Stay in Touch with Dan

14 What is Your Resume Saying?

15 Please help us get 1,000,000 Resume Clouds Create and share your Resume Cloud on Invite others to participate on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn

16 Find out and share what really works Find out and share what is a scam Help job seekers get the most for any investments in time and money Help Job Seekers Get Better Jobs Faster



19 Monster Secrets 19

20 Career Snapshots 20 Career Snapshots A research tool that standardizes thousands of job titles and allows users to research occupational descriptions and data.

21 Career Mapping 21 Career Mapping A patent-pending, career exploration tool developed from a decade of resumes.

22 Career Benchmarking 22 Career Benchmarking An assessment tool that helps candidates measure themselves against others in their industry, location or job.

23 Introducing Monster Power Match 23






















45 Next Steps 45 1.Go to and Try 2.Send me your feedback (

46 The Power of the LinkedIn JobsInsider Widget 1.Search for jobs 2.View a Job 3.LinkedIn Tool Shows Connections to the company through People You Know!

47 Shows how to connect to the person at the Company who can help you get the job Optimized to reach out through your network to the Insider. Streamlined to communicate through your connections to the right person.

48 Recruiters and Resume Search Recruiters Search on: Keywords Most Recent Employer Zip Code Radius Most Recent Job Title Most Recent Job Description Schools Attended Desired Salary Range (Default: Per Year) Education Level Experience Level Work Status Job Type Industry Occupation Resumes Posted Within Past Month (Default)

49 First Impressions: What a Recruiter Sees

50 Resume Naming Mistakes Using your Name Only Sounding Desperate Telling Nothing Dating Yourself You are only a Title Typos Too Cute


52 Resume Stars Function / Company / Industry / Salary / Relocation preference Show Them Where You Want to Be Recruiter can “See” the Candidate and Wants to Learn More

53 Improve Your Chances /#

54 Outthink the Recruiter Never forget the #1 way people find jobs. Find any way to get to the hiring manager. Compliment the Recruiter and recognize their challenges Build and Reinforce Your Social Networks Design your resume to have maximum hooks – Use the 10/3/3 rule – It’s all about what you WILL and CAN DO, not what you’ve done Take 5 minutes for jobs you want to research the company so you can embed hidden hiring factors Eliminate everything that may give the recruiter a reason to disqualify you Write your resume incorporating as many key words and phrases as appear in the job posting Be quantitative whenever possible Be Ruthless with Resumes: 2 Pages or Less

55 Managing the Job Search: Actions and Attitudes Actions – Refresh your resume at least once a month. – Invite people to go for a walk. – Acknowledge feelings and recognize them as simply that. Then take action. Do not be distracted – Consider starting your own blog ( – Attend Workshops and Seminars in your field Attitudes – Handle Staffing Agency calls quickly, but firmly – Be assertive, not arrogant, and stay in contact with the HR recruiter – Be friendly and open to new ideas – Always try to be helpful to recruiters. They are connectors. Be a connector for them.

56 What Can You Do? There is no longer a stigma associated with unemployment Volunteer Build Your Personal Brand - the Wave of the Future of Work Group together and start a Business Attend Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops – Boston Business Journal – Conference Alerts: http://www.conferencealerts.com Help companies make money or save money Be patient Be like a Willow: Bend, but Never Break Reach out to others. Everyone needs something. Use 2 criteria in evaluating every opportunity: – Is This a Greater Opportunity to Make a Difference? – Will I have More Fun? Don’t worry about taking a step backwards to move forward

57 Final Pearls of Wisdom Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it. - Theodore Roosevelt Emergencies have always been necessary to progress. It was darkness which produced the lamp. It was fog that produced the compass. It was hunger that drove us to exploration. And it took a depression to teach us the real value of a job. - Victor Hugo All Happiness comes from thinking of others. All suffering comes from thinking of one’s self. - Dalai Lama Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. - Dalai Lama

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