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Experiencing English 2. Unit 2 Jobs and Careers Experiencing English 2 In this unit, you will first listen, and then learn to ask about job opportunities.

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1 Experiencing English 2

2 Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

3 Experiencing English 2 In this unit, you will first listen, and then learn to ask about job opportunities and go for job interviews; read about online job applications and first job experiences; learn new words and expressions; write your own résumé; visit Culture Salon for some new terms in careers; check goals. Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

4 Listen Talkand Part I Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

5 Experiencing English 2 Directions: Listen to the following passage and try to fill the missing words. Click here to listen. Unit 2 Jobs and Careers What kind of job are you looking for? The classified ads are a good place to begin a 1.______ for employment. They are a great resource to learn about what companies look for in employees and 2. _____ a little information about the company as well.Applying and interviewing for a job requires skills worth developing.Being able to 3. ________ one's strengths, effectively communicating with 4. _________, having a desire to learn more about the 5. _________, and displaying enthusiasm can sometimes make up for inexperience. As you look at the pictures, think about the different 6. ____________ each profession or vocation requires. A construction worker, a waiter and a farmer may not need higher education for their pursuits, but it 7. ________ helps. Secretarial work requires less education than being a teacher or a doctor, but each job is important in society. While becoming a teacher requires a 8. _________ of four years study at a university, teaching entails constant learning. Understanding deeply the subject matter being taught and discovering the 9. __________ of students are just two areas of 10. ______________ for teachers. Many studies continue to research how to effectively teach and how to teach students to effectively learn. In one way or another, we are all teachers. search offer identifyconfidence employer qualifications certainly minimum learning styles importance

6 Experiencing English 2 Dialogue Samples Dialogue 1 job counselor; job opening;qualifications; temporary; permanent; what are the hours; full-time; starting salary; basic benefits; health insurance; sick leave; paid vacation; apply for application; personnel office Others: human resources; candidate; position; post; to look for / hunt /land a job; candidate; applicant; cover letter; r é sum é ; requirements You got to know them:

7 Experiencing English 2 Dialogue Samples You got to know them: Dialogue 2 experience; lay off; temporary assignment; future career plan; part-time; available; strengths; reliable; opportunity to advance; (expected) salary Others: skills; abilities; personality; business trip; communicative skills; ambitious; prospect

8 Experiencing English 2 Communicative Tasks Task 2: Interview for a job Goal: practice how to ask questions at an interview Task 1: Asking about a job opening Goal: practice how to ask about a job opening

9 Experiencing English 2 Pair Work Directions: Choose either of the two communicative tasks and practice with your partner. When you are ready for a presentation, go to the teacher to give your performance.

10 Experiencing English 2 Read Exploreand Part II Unit 2 Jobs and Careers

11 Passage A

12 Experiencing English 2 JOBTRAK.COM is the largest and most popular job listing service on the Web for college students, MBAs and alumni. Through its exclusive partnerships with career centers nationwide, JOBTRAK.COM allows you to reach job-seeking students and alumni from your choice of more than 1,000 colleges and university career centers, MBA programs, and alumni associations. JOBTRAK.COM is utilized by more than 450,000 employers. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

13 Experiencing English 2 CareerBuilder is an online recruiting and job awareness service. Job seekers are exposed to more than 300,000 updated jobs, representing more than 25,000 of the top employers in almost every industry and field. More than 6 million who visit CareerBuilder each month. In addition, employers have access to more than 4 million active resumes in CareerBuilder's extensive resume database. CareerBuilder makes it easy for employers to reach the audiences they want and hire the talent they need to get the most out of their return on investment. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

14 Experiencing English 2 Houston Houston is an integrated website for daily information, including news, sports, entertainment, AD search, classified, etc. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

15 Experiencing English 2 The Homepage of Yahoo Drawing some 220 million visitors each month, Yahoo! lays claim to the top spot among Internet portals. Its Web site features a search engine and directory that helps users navigate the Web. It also aggregates content from a variety of sources, including news, financial information, and streaming media, and offers registered users personalized Web pages, free e-mail, and calendars. The company has localized Web sites in 25 countries. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

16 Experiencing English 2 the State of Maryland The Maryland colony was founded in 1634 and was named for the wife of English King Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria. Colonial Maryland attracted many settlers and, as its economy prospered, so did its social, political, and cultural life. Maryland entered the Union on April 28, 1788, as the 7th of the original 13 states.

17 Experiencing English 2 the State of Illinois Illinois is a state in the north central United States, in the heart of the Midwest. It was little more than a vast wilderness 200 years ago. Since entering the Union on December 3, 1818, as the 21st state, the economy of Illinois has expanded until today. Illinois is one of the most productive agricultural and industrial states in the Union, and its economic influence now extends far beyond the Midwest.

18 Experiencing English 2 The city of Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois, on the shore of Lake Michigan and at the mouth of the Chicago River. The presence of numerous waterways and one of the nation’s busiest airports helps make Chicago a major shipping and transportation center. City skyline, Chicago Chicago night view Chicago

19 Experiencing English 2 Lead-in Pictures Before reading Passage A, describe the following pictures. Free career sites like Careerbuilder that enable job seekers to search for jobs on dozens of the best careers Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

20 Experiencing English 2 Lead- in Lead- in. Job-hunters can find a job just by clicking a mouse on the computer. Many of them make their dream Since most students will choose to work after graduation, job-hunting is of great importance to them. They will write plenty of résumés about their education and send them to the companies they want to work for. It takes both time and energy to do so. Now, thanks to the development of the Internet, job-hunting becomes much easier come true through the Internet.

21 Experiencing English 2 Lead-in Questions 1. Do you often log on? What do you usually do online? 2. What's an online application? Have you ever tried it? 3. Do you think the Internet will be used more extensively in your lifetime? Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

22 Experiencing English 2 Skim it Read passage A within a couple of minutes and try to tell: 1. What the text is about? 2. What is the author’s opinion about finding a job via the Internet? Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

23 Experiencing English 2 Skim it Reference key: 1. The text tells 5 stories about finding a job via the Internet. 2. He / she believes that the Internet is a powerful tool for job hunting. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

24 Experiencing English 2 Summary of the Text This article describes the experiences of five people who used online sources to look for new jobs. 1.Theresa Smith used the JOB-TRAK website to find an administrative assistant's job at a university. 2.Steven Tools used the CareerBuilder website to find a marketing manager position. 3.Madeline Gragg used Yahoo! to find a job teaching English in Japan.

25 Experiencing English 2 Summary of the Text 4. Nedzad Dozlic used a newspaper website (the Houston chronicle’ website) to find a driver's job with a car dealership. 5.Wendy Mello used CareerBuilder to find a position in human resources for a media- information-services company. Mello also used another website to calculate the cost of living in her new location and decide what salary to request. All these are typical examples of online job searches, and many different types of jobs can now be found this way.

26 Experiencing English 2 Scan It – finding the details Directions: Read passage A carefully and work with your group members. Try to fill in the following table with the information you get from the text. The most efficient three groups will be graded for today’s classroom performance. Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

27 Experiencing English 2 Scan It – finding the details nameexperiencesite logged on job found starting salary time for response check the answer Passage A Your Dream Job: A Click Away

28 Experiencing English 2 New words Text

29 Experiencing English 2 Your dream job: A Click Away 1. Less than a month from graduation day, Theresa Smith of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, had yet to find the right job. The career placement center referred the liberal-arts major to JOB-TRAK, an Internet site listing 45,000 entry-level positions. 2. Smith selected four keywords: Chicago, business, marketing and full-time. Immediately she found 45 jobs meeting her criteria, including one as an assistant to an administrator at the University of Chicago’s business school. Four weeks later she was hired at a starting salary of $32,000. 1. referred 2.

30 Experiencing English 2 3.“I had no training,” says Smith, “but the Internet was extremely easy to use. I’d never have known about this job without it.” 3.“ 4. Smith is one American who clicked her way into a job. Steven Tools is another. 4.

31 Experiencing English 2 5. In 1996, the Rockville, Md., resident came across an employment site named CareerBuilder. He had just been promoted to director of marketing for a company that produces tradeshow exhibits and wasn’t looking for a job. But curious, he decided to “give it a try.” 5. came across promoted

32 Experiencing English 2 6. Tools filled out a profile with the keywords marketing manager and entered his electronic- mail address. Within a week his computer’s mailbox was filling up with available positions. Two interviews later he jumped to a new job. “The Internet is like hiring a personal assistant,” says Tools. “Effortlessly you can become aware of opportunities that may elevate your career.” 6. filled out filling up available elevate

33 Experiencing English 2 7. Even a couple of years ago, most job listings on the Internet were in high-tech fields. Today, non-technical jobs — salesclerks, bank tellers, secretaries, for example — are the fastest growing segment of Internet employment opportunities. Most major newspapers and trade publications have online versions of their classified listings, enabling job-seekers to scan for work available across town, in another state, or around the world. 7. scan

34 Experiencing English 2 8. Madeline Gragg and Nedzad Dozlic are still another two who clicked their luck online. 9. In 1996, Madeline Gragg, a 28-year-old high school teacher from St. Louis, wanted a change. When a friend mentioned teaching English in Japan, Gragg was intrigued. 10. She visited the popular Yahoo! website and typed teaching English in Japan for a list of employment opportunities. She then followed the procedure for the online application. A week later she received a call and set up an interview with a recruiter in Chicago and got the job. 8. 9. 10.

35 Experiencing English 2 11. Nedzad Dozlic, 27 years old, was scanning the Houston Chronicle’s Web site for the latest baseball trades. While online, he decided to check out the classifieds and spotted a job for a driver at a local car dealership. A refugee of the war in Bosnia, Dozlic had had a variety of jobs but was now ready for something new. He read more about the position on the dealer’s Internet site and called the number listed. Two days later he was hired. “It’s really funny,” he says, “I was just checking sports, and I ended up with a better job.” 11. scanningcheck out spotted

36 Experiencing English 2 12. Another valuable use of the Internet is to research potential employers. When Wendy Mello started her job search in the summer of 1997, she logged on to CareerBuilder, where she learned of a human resources opening at Arbitron’s, a media-information-services company in Columbia, Maryland. With a click of her mouse, Mello sent her résumé to the company via e-mail and soon received an invitation for an interview 12. via

37 Experiencing English 2 13. To find out more about the company, she clicked on to Artitron’s home page and that of its parent company, Ceridian Corp., where she reviewed an annual report and the company’s financial performance. 14. Mello also wanted to know how much she’d have to earn to maintain her present standard of living. Using an online salary calculator, she typed in her current salary, $34,000, and Baltimore (the nearest big city to Columbia). Within seconds her computer flashed $44,000. “Because of the salary calculator, I knew what to ask for,” says Mello. 13. financial 14.

38 Experiencing English 2 15. By accessing an online real estate service, she saw color photos of rental properties, including detailed floor plans. When Mello arrived in Columbia, she felt completely prepared. The interview was a success, and the next day she was offered a job at a salary of $47,800. 16. “The Internet is easy to use and it works,” says one job seeker, “What more could you want?” 15. accessing 16.

39 Experiencing English 2 鼠标轻点,美梦成真 还有不到一个月就要毕业了,特里萨 · 史密斯还没找到 合适的工作,她就读于位于伊利诺州埃文斯顿的西北大 学。就业指导中心建议这位文科生去查查 JOB-TRAK 网 站,该网站上列出了 45,000 个初级水平的职位。 史密斯选择了四个关键词: Chicago (芝加哥), business (商务), marketing (营销), full time (全 职)。她马上就找到 45 个工作合乎她的标准,其中一个 是芝加哥商业学院行政助理。四个星期以后,她得到了 这份工作,底薪 32,000 美元。

40 Experiencing English 2 “ 我没有受过任何训练, ” 史密斯说, “ 但 因特网使用很简单。要是没有因特网,我 根本不会知道有这份工作。 ” 不少美国人鼠标一点,就找到了自己的 工作。史密斯是其中一个,另一个例子是 斯蒂芬 · 图尔斯。

41 Experiencing English 2 他住在马里兰州的罗科维尔, 1996 年无意 中进到一个招聘网站 CareerBuilder 。他在 一家生产商展展品的公司工作,刚被提升 为营销总管,并不想换工作。但是出于好 奇心,他决定 “ 试试看 ” 。

42 Experiencing English 2 图尔斯填写了一份简历,关键词是 market manager (行销经理),并输入了自己的电子 邮箱地址。不到一个星期,他的邮箱里就塞满 了可供选择的职位。他去了两家公司面试,然 后就跳槽了。 “ 有了因特网,就像雇了一个私人 助理, ” 图尔斯说。 “ 你可以毫不费劲地留意到一 些机会,让你的事业上一个新台阶。 ”

43 Experiencing English 2 仅在两年以前,因特网上提供的工作绝大 部分还局限于高科技领域。现在,非技术 性的工作,如售货员、银行职员、秘书等, 是网上招聘机会增长最为迅速的部分。大 型报纸和专业出版物的分类广告大多都有 在线版,求职者能搜索到市内、国内甚至 国外的一些工作机会

44 Experiencing English 2 马德琳 · 格拉格和内德扎德 · 多兹里克也是通过轻点鼠标, 在网上碰到了好运。 1996 年,圣路易斯的一名高中老师, 28 岁的马德琳 · 格拉 格,想换个工作。有个朋友提到在日本教书的事,格拉格 很感兴趣。 她访问了著名的 yahoo !网站,输入了 teaching English in Japan (在日本教英语),找到了一个招聘机会的列表, 然后按照在线申请的要求提交了申请。一星期后,她接到 一个电话,与芝加哥的一名招聘人员进行了面试,得到了 这份工作。

45 Experiencing English 2 27 岁的内德扎德 · 多兹里克,当时在浏览 Houston Chronicle 网站,了解最新的棒球消息。 在线时,他查看了分类广告,发现一家当地的 汽车交易商招聘司机。多兹里克是波斯尼亚的 战争难民,曾从事过多种不同的工作,但现在 他想换个工作。他从该交易商的网站上了解了 该职位的更多情况,然后拨通了上面提供的电 话。两天后,他被雇用了。 “ 真有意思, ” 他说, “ 我本来只是在查看体育消息,结果却找到了一 份更好的工作。 ”

46 Experiencing English 2 因特网的另一个好处在于你能够搜索到 一些可能的雇主。 1997 年夏天,温蒂 · 梅 洛开始找工作,她登录到 CareerBuilder 网 站,发现在马里兰州哥伦比亚的 Artitron 媒体信息服务公司的人力资源部有一个空 缺。梅洛鼠标一点,用电子邮件把简历寄 到了该公司,很快就收到面试通知。

47 Experiencing English 2 为了了解该公司的更多情况,她又点击了 Artitron 的主页,以及它的母公司 Ceridian Corp. 的主页,查看了一份该公司的年度报告 及其财政状况。 梅洛还想了解,要想维持现有的生活水平, 自己该赚多少钱。她使用在线薪酬计算器,把 自己目前的收入 $34,000 输进去,再输入 Baltimore (巴尔的摩,离哥伦比亚最近的大 城市)。短短几秒钟后,电脑屏幕上就闪现出 $44,000 。 “ 因为有了这个薪酬计算器,我才知 道自己该要多少薪水, ” 梅洛说。

48 Experiencing English 2 通过上网进入一家在线房地产服务公司网站, 梅洛看到了可供租用的房子的彩色照片,包括 很详细的楼面格局图。梅洛来到哥伦比亚时, 她觉得自己完全做好了准备。面试成功了,第 二天,她就得到了一份工作,薪金是 47,800 美 元。 “ 因特网很容易使用,而且确实有效, ” 一个 求职者说道, “ 你还要什么呢? ”

49 Experiencing English 2 refer…to Vt. 将... 提交, 交付 We referred the proposal to the board of directors. 我们 把这一建议提交董事会处理。 vi.1) 论及, 谈到, 提及 In his speech, he referred to the Bible several times. 2) 查阅, 参考 ; 查询, 打听 Please refer to the last page of the book for answers. 3) 涉及, 有关 The rule refers only to special cases. 这条规则只涉及一些特殊的情况。

50 Experiencing English 2 come across 1) 偶然碰到 I have just come across a beautiful poem in this book. I came across an old friend yesterday. 我 昨天碰见一位老朋友。 2) 出现于 A very good idea came across his mind. 他的脑海里出现一个好主意。

51 Experiencing English 2 promote vt. 1) 晋升 He certainly ought to be promoted. 他应该要提升。 2) 使 ( 学生 ) 升级 Pupils who pass the test will be promoted to the next higher grade. 通过考试的学生将升到高一个年级去。 3) 促进 ; 发扬 ; 引起 The Prime Minister's visit will promote the cooperation between the two countries. 4) 【美】宣传, 推销 ( 商品等 ) Your job is to promote the new product. 你的工作是促销这一新产品

52 Experiencing English 2 fill out/in: put in (whatever is needed to complete something) Examples: After Tom passed his driving test he filled out an application for his driver's license. The policeman filled out a report of the accident

53 Experiencing English 2 fill up: make or become completely full 1) 装满 He has filled up the tank with gas. 他已给油箱装满了汽油。 2) 被填满 The ditch filled up with mud. 沟渠为泥所淤 塞。

54 Experiencing English 2 available adj. 1) 可用的, 在手边的 ; 可利用的 The swimming pool is available only in summer. 这个游泳池只在夏天开放。 Is there water available around here? TV sets are available in any department stores. 电视机在任何一家百货公司里都能买到。 3) 有空的, 可与之联系的 The principal is available now. 现在校长可以接见你。 4) 有效的 This film ticket is no longer available. 这张电影票不再有 效。

55 Experiencing English 2 elevate: make better, higher, or more educated 1) 举起 ; 抬起 ; 使上升 Earth movements in the past elevated great areas of the seabed. 地球过去的运动使海底大片 地区隆起 The government is trying to elevate the living standards of the people. 3) 振奋 ( 情绪等 ) The good news elevated our spirits. 4) 提升... 的职位 He was elevated to the position of captain. 他被提升为船长。

56 Experiencing English 2 scan v. 美】粗略地看 ; 浏览 I scanned Time magazine while waiting at the doctor's office. 在医生的诊所等的时候, 我翻看时代杂志。 He scanned the headlines of the evening paper. 他浏览晚报的大标题。

57 Experiencing English 2 intrigue 激起... 的好奇心 ( 或兴趣 ) Fairy-tales intrigue most children. 大多数孩子都十分喜爱神话故事。

58 Experiencing English 2 check out 1) 结帐离开 Mrs Hyde has checked out this morning. 2) 检查 I have checked out all the figures and found them to be correct. 我核对了所有数字, 发现都正 确。 3) 通过能力测试 All the trainees checked out all right. 所有的受训人员都符合要求。 4) 【口】看看, 试试 You should check out that new movie. It's great. 你应该看那部新电影。很棒的。

59 Experiencing English 2 spot: 1) 使沾上污点, 弄脏 His boots were spotted with mud. 他的靴子上沾有泥渍。 2) v.pick out, recognize, see He was the first to spot the danger. We spotted the winner of the beauty contest the moment she appeared. My father spotted several spelling mistakes in my composition. 我父亲在我作文里发现了好几个拼字错误。 NEXT

60 Experiencing English 2 spot: n. 1) 斑点, 斑块 2) 污点 ; 污渍 The boy's white shirt was marked up with spots of ink. 那男孩的白衬衫上有墨水渍。 3.) 场所, 地点 He was just on the spot when the two trucks collided. 4) 娱乐场所, 旅游胜地

61 Experiencing English 2 via prep. 1) 经由 ; 取道 He flew to New York via Hong Kong. 他经过香港飞往纽约。 2) 通过, 凭借 I sent a message to Mary via her friend. 我通过玛丽的朋友带信给她。

62 Experiencing English 2 financial: connected with money Examples: In that case they would receive financial aid from the state. They are now confronted with a serious financial crisis.

63 Experiencing English 2 access N. 名词 (pl. accesses) 1) 接近, 进入 ; 接近的机会, 进入的权利 ; 使用 Only a few people have access to the full facts of the case. 只有少数几个人能看到有关该案全部事实的材料。 2) 通道, 入口, 门路 The only access to their house is along that narrow road. 3) 【电脑】存取 ; 取出 V. 动词(及物) ( accessed; accessed; accessing) 【电脑】取出 ( 资料 ); 使用 ; 接近

64 Experiencing English 2 Exercises 4. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. 1) I'm absolutely sure that this dress is a cheaper version of the one we saw in that department store. 2) The bookshelves were crowded with books and scientific publications. 3) If you want to open a file,click twice on the icon (图标) for it.

65 Experiencing English 2 4) To their disappointment, the thieves were spotted by the police at the moment they were entering the bank. 5) During World War II, many refugees fled to the United States. 6) They've updated( 更新 ) a lot of entries in the most recent edition of the dictionary.

66 Experiencing English 2 7) Despite financial difficulties,they did not find the life in London unpleasant. 8) After a lot of part-time jobs, John finally got a full-time position. 9) In your report, you should give a detailed description of the whole incident. 10) Companies publish annual reports to inform the public about the previous year's activities.

67 Experiencing English 2 5. Complete the following sentences with phrases or expressions from the passage. 1) At the age of 29, he set up a commercial property business. 2) While she was tidying up the living room, she came across her old photograph album.

68 Experiencing English 2 3) My doctor referred me to a specialist in heart disease. 4) He hired private investigators to check out his future business partner. 5) She only learned of her son's marriage long after the event. (or:learnt of)

69 Experiencing English 2 7.Translation 1)The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident. 2)I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. 3)If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure

70 Experiencing English 2 4)We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help. 5)After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat.

71 Experiencing English 2 8. 1.He had just been promoted to vice president of the company and wasn’t expecting another promotion in six months. 2. shortly after he graduated from school, he jumped to a satisfactory job. 3. Most colleges and universities have their homepages, enabling applicants to scan for the information available about the university they want to apply to.

72 Experiencing English 2 4.with a click of her mouse, she submitted her assignment to the tutor and soon got the reply. 5. By accessing the website of the university she was going to study in, she saw color photos of the university, including a detailed map of the university campus.

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