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Presents presented by How MHEDA And Its Members Are Successfully Marketing Online Via Search and Social Liz Richards, Executive Vice President MHEDA Eddie.

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1 presents presented by How MHEDA And Its Members Are Successfully Marketing Online Via Search and Social Liz Richards, Executive Vice President MHEDA Eddie Bluff, Vice President Key Accounts & Co-Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. Brian Bluff, President & Co-Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. 1

2 What We’ll Cover… MHEDA’s experience with search and social Changing Internet marketing landscape o How search and social fit together o How associations and members can benefit Search and social in the material-handling world Associations Where it’s all going Getting Started 2

3 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience 1996-1997 INDUSTRY-NET (Anyone remember them?) 1997 to present Internet 4 Associations 2015 ??? 3

4 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience MHEDA’s Critical Impact Factor – Defined in July 2009 “Because of emerging online technologies and social networking sites members and the association need to become educated and understand the implications and opportunities.” 4

5 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience 2014 LinkedIn Group (formed May 2009): 8,700+ members LinkedIn Liz: 1,341 connections Twitter: @MHEDAOffice 3,400+ followers Facebook: 422 likes (24% increase since Jan) Google+: 113 Followers/MHEDA & 281 Followers/Liz MHEDA TV*: Visitors/Jan: 1,701 Visitors/May: 11,626 *Unique visitors 167% increase since Jan 5

6 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience Tools & Vendors Board Members are #1 support I4A MHEDA Publishers Beacon Live WorkerBee.TV HootSuite, ManageFlitter MHEDA’s Networking Coordinator Site-Seeker o Education – Lives Conferences & Webinars o Sponsorship o Website Audit – Step 1: Buyer Persona 6

7 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience Member Involvement LinkedIn Discussions – Round Table Topics Follows, Shares and Likes Board Member Tutorials Webinars – Professional & Member Led Lots of Promotion – Early Adopters “Champions”/Emerging Leaders 7

8 MHEDA’s Digital Marketing Experience Member Involvement MHEDA Publishers – Data Key then Naylor MHEDA TV – Content Marketing Thought Leader Video Series - a Home Run Content 360 – Moderator in Chief 8

9 MHEDA University – Online Education 9

10 Current Project Measure and Report o Establish website performance Baseline o Create automated Google Analytics automated reports o Set up rank tracking reports o Periodic website performance analysis o Perform user testing on the existing site 10

11 Current Project Adjust o Make recommendations to improve usability, ranking and conversion o Support website fix/build decision o Current website and CMS capability assessment (cost and functionality) o Coordinate with vendors to define and price out changes o As needed, create requirements document, sitemap, wireframe 11

12 Current Project Persona Development o Development of top four Buyer Personas o Results to be presented to board at the fall meeting 12

13 Changing Internet Marketing Landscape 13

14 Social Media 14

15 Convergence Of Search And Social 15

16 How Has Google Changed 16

17 The Way We Search Has Changed Used Forklift Forklift for sale Interest Over Time 20052013201120082007Average 17

18 Our Devices Have Changed 18 2.9% 11.21% MHEDA’s Mobile Traffic Jan 12 – May 14 250 Sessions Vs. Time 500

19 ID Need Evaluate Post Buy Eval Purchase Search Generate Lead Propose Win Negotiate Engage Upsell/Resell Educate prospects Repurpose & distribute content Position content search engines and social media Strengthen brand awareness - create buzz Engage prospects through social media and website Eliminate risk, demonstrate value, simplify the buying decision Customers promote your brand Generate referrals How Customers Buy Has Changed 19

20 Your Website Social Media 0.75% 75 10,000 More Money 0.75% 94 12,500 25% 1.0% 125 12,500 0.25% 67% Vertical Websites Our Focus Needs To Change 20

21 Why Measuring Is Important Keeps you focused Decisions based on facts Allows you to test Accountability Assess effectiveness Identify opportunities Improved campaigns Reduce cost *** 3.8:1 – Calls:Forms GoalCompletions 21

22 Live Site Reviews. Any Volunteers? 22

23 MHEDA Website Audit 23

24 MHEDA Website Audit 24

25 MHEDA Website Audit 25

26 Google “Material Handling Education” Google # 27 Material Handling Education is in the text 26

27 Google “Material Handling Education” 27

28 MHEDA Website Audit Duplicate 28

29 MHEDA Social Stats MHEDA Group page has 8,680 MHEDARebecca 1,237 Followers Klout Score 46 MHEDAOffice (Liz) 3,301 Followers Klout Score 51 MHEDA page 113 Followers Liz’s Personal Page 281 Followers Rebecca’s Page 91 Followers Average Klout score = 40 Only 5% of users have a 63 or higher 29

30 Powerful Industry Sites 30

31 Membership Is Generating Content Blogs 31

32 Membership Is Sharing Content Active and Sharing 32

33 Offering A Great Experience “3 Things Your Company Must Be Doing In The Digital Age 33

34 Actively Engaging 34

35 Welcome To The Future 35

36 The value of great content has never been lower, the importance has never been higher. 36

37 Become the Expert Create Accounts (Name Claim) Grow Networks Create Content Distribute Content Lead Discussion Participate In Discussion Establish Credibility With Social Media 37

38 Creating/Disseminating Expert Content Everyday we… Solve problems Think Develop solutions Learn Teach We communicate information by Email Presentations Proposals Sales literature Case studies Articles Press Releases There is an opportunity to repurpose content Blog Video Guest article Email news Letter And to distribute content via SlideShare Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ YouTube 38

39 Reduce Social Media Costs Make it a team effort Set aside your “go-to” resources Create editorial calendar ahead of time 39

40 Reduce Social Media Costs Automation and scheduling tools can help streamline the process 40

41 MHEDA 360 Metrics 41

42 Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing is advertising through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing,… which bring customers in closer to the brand. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content. 42

43 What is Drip Marketing / Lead Nurturing Send pre-written messages Content offers via email marketing User behavior triggers/dictates the sequence Handoff better qualified leads Lower cost to process leads 43

44 Buyer Personas 44

45 GOAL: Keep visitors on your site, reading content and viewing pages Sales Personas 1)Engineer 2)R&D 3)Buyer 4)Sales & Affiliates 5)Manager 6)Co-Supplier HR Personas 7) Employee 8) Applicant 9) Partner Corporate Personas 10) Community 11) Media Align Website To Satisfy Persona Needs 1,3,4,5,6 45

46 Personas And The Buying Process 46

47 Lining Up the Buying and Selling Process 47

48 Where To Start 48

49 Outline Of An internet Marketing Plan 49

50 Questions? Thank you! Brian Bluff President & Co- Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. brianbluff@site- @BrianBluff w: 315.732.9281 x 11 Eddie Bluff Vice President Key Accounts & Co- Founder Site-Seeker, Inc. eddiebluff@site- @EddieBluff w: 315-732-9281 x 14 Liz Richards Exec Vice President MHEDA @MHEDAOffice w: 847-680-3500 50

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