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1 National Career Readiness Certificate Wisconsin Job Service January, 2011.

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1 1 National Career Readiness Certificate Wisconsin Job Service January, 2011

2 2 Why Am I Here?  Longest recession since WWII  Unemployment ~ 9%  37% of people age 18-29 were not in the workforce in 2009  National Center for Higher Management Systems 2006 Study: 88 million adults have at least one education barrier (47%, out of 188 million)

3 3 It’s the Economy, Stupid.  Anthony Carnevale, Georgetown: “Recessions accelerate the trend to eliminate low skill jobs and those jobs don’t come back.” New jobs = higher skills.  2009 ASTD Poll on Skill Gaps:  Number 1 – Leadership (50%).  Number 2 – Basic Skills (46%).

4 4 Changes in Workforce Skills Needs, 1955-2005 19552005 Unskilled60% Unskilled12% Skilled 30% Professional 20% Professional 20% Skilled 68%

5 5 What Is This Guy Selling?  A used car?  Insurance you don’t need?  A free estimate with nine pages of “fine print”?  Trying to create a new, statewide “work readiness credential.”  Less than easy: It will take agreement and a willingness to share a common tool.  More Partners + More Employers = More Success What we are NOT doing. What we ARE doing.

6 6 Why the National Career Readiness Certificate?  A portable credential that documents and certifies an individual’s ability level to learn / perform occupation specific skills.  A valuable complement to a job seeker’s portfolio of traditional credentials.  Promoting a common language for employers, individuals, educators to address skill gaps.  Integrating workforce initiatives at the state, regional, national levels. WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc.

7 7 NCRC / CRC State Activity WorkKeys Activity Source: ACT, Inc. (September 2009) United States WorkKeys/NCRC Activity: National, Portable Credential

8 8 54 52 50 46 48 44 42 40 38 36 32 34 28 22 24 26 20 30 Canada (55%) Japan (54%) Korea (53%) New Zealand (44%) Belgium, Ireland, Norway (42%) Denmark, France (41%) United States, Australia, Spain, Sweden (39%) Finland (38%) U.K. (37%) Netherlands (36%) Switzerland (32%) Poland (28%) Greece (27%) Germany (22%) Mexico (19%) Massachusetts Minnesota North Dakota Connecticut, Colorado, New York New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire Maryland, Nebraska, Illinois Virginia, Iowa Rhode Island, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Washington Pennsylvania, Kansas, Delaware Hawaii Utah, Montana Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Florida, Maine Indiana Idaho, South Carolina, Arizona Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Alaska Oklahoma Kentucky, New Mexico Mississippi, Louisiana West Virginia, Arkansas Nevada Percentage of Young-Adults Degree Attainment (ages 25-34) Source: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Education at a Glance 2008, CRC Advocates from the ACT Workforce 2010 Conference

9 9 Essential Skills NCRC Based on Analysis of over 17,000 Jobs (September 2003 to August 2008) Source: CRC Advocates from the ACT Workforce 2010 Conference

10 10 National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc. Employers: Do you want to validate skills and take some of the guesswork out of hiring decisions? Want to increase productivity and decrease turnover? Jobseekers: Do you want to separate yourself from the crowd? Want to demonstrate, with a nationally recognized credential, that you have the work readiness skills employers want? NCRC. Answers the questions.

11 11 Components of the System  START HERE: WorkKeys / NCRC Primary component of system. Based on over 17,000 existing job profiles. Test and assess skills of individuals to demonstrate work readiness.  SOLIDIFY YOUR STANDARDS: Job Analysis / Profiling Additional service for select, interested employers. A trained job profiler can analyze a specific job. The profile will identify the skills and skill levels necessary.  TARGET RESOURCES: Training / Curriculum As applicable, employers and workforce system partners can use the WorkKeys results to develop training curricula specifically targeted to identified skill gaps. WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc.

12 12 Four NCRC Certificate Levels WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc. BRONZE: Core employability skills for approximately 30% of jobs PLATINUM: Core employability skills for approximately 99% of jobs SILVER: Core employability skills for approximately 65% of jobs GOLD: Core employability skills for approximately 85% of jobs

13 13 Bronze ONETTITLEAMLIRI 51-9111.00 Packaging and Filling Machine Operators and Tenders 343 51-9012.00 Separating, Filtering, Clarifying, Precipitating, and Still Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders 344 53-7062.03 Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand 343 43-3071.00Tellers344 13-072.00 Loan Officers344 Source: ACT, Inc.

14 14 Silver ONETTITLEAMLIRI 51-1011.00 First Line Supervisors/Managers of Production and Operating Workers 444 11-3051.00Industrial Production Managers444 43-4171.00 Receptionists and Information Clerks 444 43-1011.02 First-Line Supervisors, Administrative Support 444 11-3051.00Industrial Production Managers444 Source: ACT, Inc.

15 15 Gold ONETTITLEAMLIRI 13-2041.00Credit Analysts655 49-2094.00 Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment 555 17-2112.00Industrial Engineers555 13-1073.00 Training and Development Specialist 555 Source: ACT, Inc. ** Platinum level occupations not yet identified; level is still too new.

16 16 Wisconsin Job Service and Implementation General Public 02/1004/1009/1010/0906/1005/10 Re- employment Services (RES) Pilot All Unemployment Insurance (UI) Re- employment Eligibility Assessments (REA) Veterans Program Milwaukee / SE WIRED Initiative

17 17 NCRC on Job Seeker Homepage

18 18 NCRC on Job Seeker Registration / Enrollment Homepage

19 19 NCRC on Employer Homepage

20 20 NCRC on Job Search Results

21 21 KeyTrain = Explore and Learn. This tool helps customers prepare for WorkKeys and can also help customers identify where their skill gaps exist. WorkKeys = Assess. These assessments measure an individual’s skill levels in Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. NCRC = Prove Foundational Skills. The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is a nationally recognized, transferrable work readiness credential. Results = Achieve Successful Employment Outcomes. Reduced turnover, improved productivity, improved workplace success. WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc. KeyTrain WorkKeys ® NCRC Workplace Success

22 22 KeyTrain 101  KeyTrain is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for improving basic skills and preparing for WorkKeys Assess potential WorkKeys scores Review topics in each WorkKeys skill area Practice problems similar to those on an actual WorkKeys assessment Prepare for testing environment Prepare for computer based testing  The KeyTrain system includes self-paced instruction, pre- and post- assessments, and an occupational job profiles database.  KeyTrain is the first CBT available specifically designed for WorkKeys.  KeyTrain helps ID basic and remedial needs, including ABE. Also helps target and focus training decisions.

23 23

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26 26 KeyTrain and WorkKeys in Wisconsin October 1, 2009 through January 20, 2011:  KeyTrain: Over 35,000 customers enrolled Over 22,500 pretests and over 7,700 lessons  WorkKeys (Statewide) Over 4,020 WorkKeys Assessments (3/person) 1,565 NCRC’s earned 15% Bronze42% Silver 40% Gold3% Platinum WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc.

27 27  Employer Marketing Initiative / Materials  Employer Outreach Efforts  Job Center Business Service Teams  Presentations

28 28 How can employers support and implement the NCRC?  Ask applicants if they have their NCRC.  Include the NCRC in your job ads: “NCRC Preferred”  Select, and test, targeted group of employees. WorkKeys and the National Career Readiness Certificate are registered trademarks of ACT, Inc.

29 29 Employer Benefits  Assists with Recruitment  Reduces Turnover  Reduces Training Time  Increases ROI

30 30 Wisconsin Participating Employers Letter of Support  Johnsonville Sausage, LLC  Labor Solutions  Universal Recycling Technologies  Genencor, a Danisco Division  The Vollrath Company, LLC  Express Services  Fire Protection Specialists  Federal Mogul  Sonoco  Kettle Foods  5N Plus Corporation  Lakeside Staffing Services  Rockline Industries  HC Miller Company Applicant Testing  Johnsonville Sausage, LLC  Sonoco  Brillion  Universal Recycling Technologies  The Vollrath Company, LLC  Federal Mogul  Wausau Papers (Mosinee, Rhinelander, and Brokaw locations)  Merit Gear

31 31 It’s a Changing World… … We Need to Change With It

32 32 Thank You! Brian Solomon Director, Wisconsin Job Service 608.267.7514 Kristina Thole, PHR Employer Outreach Coordinator / ACT Authorized Job Profiler 608.267.7214

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