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Smart Marketing in Korea Yongwoo, Cho Seoul, South Korea.

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1 Smart Marketing in Korea Yongwoo, Cho ( Seoul, South Korea

2 JOBKOREA Over 35% market share 1,050,000 Corporate Members 4,100,000 Job seeker Members 277,000 UV and 8,700,000 PV The service has started since 1998 Korean division of Monster Worldwide since 2005 Engaged the marketing partnership with Wageindicator Foundation Nov. 2006. “Win-A-Prize” promotion has conducted on Jan. 2008. Korea’s #1 an online recruitment portal site

3 First half of 2007 We placed the Banner AD & Text AD on JOBKOREA Website (esp. Salary Info Section) as well as Newsletter for job seeker We made a questionnaire channel on the Salary Info Section We released the news regarding our affiliation on the Press General affiliated programThe results

4 Obstacles Salary is not the daily concern of them. They are afraid of exposing their salary information because it is against the company employment policy and employment contract they have signed. The salary information is considered as confidential. They don’t want to spend time in answering the questionnaire without any compensations. They do not have idea on what does. Most of Korean employees & JOBKOREA website users may think ;

5 Proposal Win-A-Prize Promotion will be able to get over all those obstacles in short term. Users will forget the obstacles during answering the questionnaire to get a prize. It will be about 4~5 weeks, but we guess the result will be better than the one from a general affiliated program without any promotion. We require the Wageindicator Foundation to support expences for prize and other activities Win-A-Prize Promotion OK!

6 Win-A-Prize Promotion Time Jan. Feb.Dec. Traffic. or Revenues. * Salary info section of JOBKOREA We have chosen that period to conduct promotion Most of employers start renewal of annual salary of their employees’ in that period. We’d better concentrating on the marketing resource in that period.

7 Win-A-Prize Promotion Website Renewal of The good website makes the answerer feel confident in answering the questionnaire and the Wageindicator Foundation between Oct. and 2007 to Jan, 2008. before promotion started. Adopt JOBKOREA’s useful contents to Researches, News, Columns, Advices, and Statistics Redesign main page and the menu

8 Win-A-Prize Promotion Prize The selected prize items are all familiar to the answerers of “internet questionnaire and prize promotion” in Korea. Not a big and expensive one, but some of mid-priced and low-priced prizes. Total prize winners : 49 Those make the answerers feel that they have a good possibility to win the prize 1 winner 5 winner20 winner

9 Win-A-Prize Promotion Banner AD & AD Title Banner views all the prizes to catch user’s eyes AD Title is “Win A Prize!” or “Answer Now, Win a prize!” Place the banner AD on JOBKOREA for short period, but on many web pages for better effectiveness

10 Win-A-Prize Promotion The Result We have got the 5,865 answers in 5 Weeks Total cost for Prize : EUR 1,073.39 Expense for website renewal : EUR 2,780.00 Cost for AD & PR : Free (The JOBKOREA Resources has been used) We’re very happy with the result we had !

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