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Welcome to IGDA! President – Curtis Humphrey Adviser – Dr. Uvais Qidwai.

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1 Welcome to IGDA! President – Curtis Humphrey Adviser – Dr. Uvais Qidwai

2 What is IGDA? International Game Developers Association

3 Q. & A. Q: This is just for Programmers… A: NO! We need artist, writers, musicians, sound composers, and much more! –Biggest thing the projects currently need are artists! Q: This is just of Game Geeks A: No! It helps, but some who likes art or stories will find themselves at home here too.

4 What is IGDA? A network of people and resources – to start, work, and complete game projects – and have fun doing so!

5 IGDA Goals Lofty –Establish IGDA: Tulane as a resource for Game Development –Establish Resource Library –Establish Community Enrichment –Establish Summer Funding / Game Lab

6 IGDA Goals more Earthly –Make the means to finish projects –Give avenue for personal advancement (papers etc…) –Community events Game Tournaments, etc. –Speakers / Showcase / Seminars 3D Max mini-series? / Intro to Game Engines? –Continuation of IGDA: Tulane

7 Current Leadership President – Curtis Humphrey –duties: Coordinator, Charge of Project Leads, Runs meeting V. P. Events – Michael Conway –duties: Coordinator of Events Treasurer – James Terry –duties: Budget, control money, money part of events

8 Positions Open – Elections Next Meeting! V.P. Marketing –duties: Fundraising, Publications Webmaster –duties: Design, maintenance, forum Secretary – Open only to Fr, So –duties: Web textual content, meeting notes, calendar ESC Rep – Open only to Fr –duties: Representation, T-Shirts!

9 Positions Open E-mail - Be here next time! V.P. Marketing Webmaster Secretary ESC Rep

10 Meeting Times Next meeting in 1.5 to 2 weeks Times based on sign-in sheet tonight

11 Projects Osiris –2D Team Based A.I. Seeker / Odyssey –RGP? Others? –Arcade?

12 Osiris Programmers: Mark Keck Jr. and Alan Jamieson Graphics: Curtis M. Humphrey Current State – Needs help probably more than less Osiris Intro!

13 Seeker / Odyssey

14 Project Tomahawk

15 Questions?

16 See you Soon! Sign in Sheet!

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