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1 Jennifer Allsopp Student Network Coordinator

2 STAR STAR is the national network of student groups working to improve the lives of refugees in the UK by:  Promoting positive images of refugees  Volunteering for local refugee projects  Campaigning for refugee rights  Fundraising to keep helping refugees

3 The STAR Network  38 groups  5,000 students  600+ volunteers in 40+ volunteering projects helping 1,500+ refugees

4 STAR National  Resources  Training  National Conference  Ideas from around the network  Information about refugees  National campaigns  Volunteering support  Website  Social Media STAR (Student Action for Refugees) @STARnational

5 STAR Conference 2012


7 STAR Refugee Quiz

8 Question 1 What’s the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee?

9 In how many different languages can your team say the word “welcome”? Question 2

10 Question 3 Where did most asylum seekers in the UK come from in 2011? a)Poland b)Zimbabwe c)Iran

11 Question 4 What percentage of the world’s refugees live in the UK? a) 2% b) 5% c) 10%

12 Question 5 How much does a single adult asylum seeker receive in benefits a week? a) £36.62 b) £49.59 c) £68.20

13 Question 6 How long can asylum seekers legally be detained for in the UK? a)72 hours b)42 days c)There is no limit

14 Question 7 What have all these things got in common? a)The song ‘Paper Planes’ b)The Mini car c)The Paralympics

15 Promote positive images of refugees  Talks & debates  Stalls  Posters and leaflets  Film screenings  Theatre performances  Music nights  Cultural evenings  Quizzes


17 Public Attitudes 4 out of 10 people believe that more than 10% of the population are refugees, when the true number is about 0.26%. 78% of the public think the main reason people seek asylum in the UK is to claim benefits. 82% of British people believe protecting the most vulnerable is a core British value. YouGov 2008, British Future 2012, Refugee Council 2011



20 STAR Campaigning Equal Access For equal access to university for refugees and asylum seekers.equal access Still Human Still Here To end the destitution of refused asylum seekers.destitution End Detention To end the use of detention as part of the asylum process.

21 Campaign Actions!  Flashmobs Flashmobs  Speaker events  Sleepouts  Petitions  Lobbying MPs  Student media









30 “I’m so glad of what STAR is doing with Equal Access, and on detention and destitution…even if it’s just one person, please keep doing what you’re doing, change will come... I was at the sleepout a few months ago and I was touched...people were getting educated and their minds changed through something as simple as that. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep motivated and more and more please!” Gladys, an asylum seeker and activist with the London- based Zimbabwe Association

31 Volunteering  English conversation classes  Night shelters  Drop ins  Women’s groups  Homework clubs  Classroom support  Sports Clubs  Youth Clubs  Food and clothes collections




35 Fundraising  Club nights  Band nights  Sponsored events  Cake sales  Pub quizzes  Films  Sporty STARs!

36 STAR Fundraising Week 1- 7 th December!!!



39 Find out more Website Email:

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