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Kristine Wehrkamp St Paul Public Schools ABE Denise Felder iSeek Solutions Yingfah Thao MnSCU THE SANDBOX GROUP A Statewide Collaboration Model for Online.

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1 Kristine Wehrkamp St Paul Public Schools ABE Denise Felder iSeek Solutions Yingfah Thao MnSCU THE SANDBOX GROUP A Statewide Collaboration Model for Online Career and Education Resources

2 Minnesota faces a growing skills gap “All Hands on Deck” Governor's Workforce Development Council, 2011 Policy Advisory

3 96% Working Americans use communication technology* everyday. Why online career-based tools? Today’s jobs require digital literacy more and more every day. 62% View the internet as integral to their work. High speed internet access and online skills are critical for seeking, applying for, and getting jobs.

4 What is the Sandbox Group? a collaboration of systems creating tools to help our students and working learners find a career direction and a pathway to accomplish their goals. We are working together to make sure every door is the right door. We want to make sure everyone who comes through our door is at the right one even if it isn’t our own. We like to think of the world we live in as one BIG sandbox. Minnesota’s Working Learner projects are partially funded by the State, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and private foundations.

5 By striving to: Decrease duplicated efforts. Cross agency lines and work together. Include all who want to participate in the Sandbox group. We help a diversity of learners The best service we can provide our customers is one that works together with other programs and finds the best tool for each learner.

6 We support each other’s tools These programs are online tools available to a diversity of learners.

7 Which tool do I use?

8 8 Introduction to career planning concepts and why to set career goals Content offered in three literacy levels (6 th grade and below) Career pathways for Adult Basic Education students Audience: Adult Basic Education Students, English Language Learners

9 Written at 9 th grade level Emphasis on helping users connect to resources and social services Includes support tutorials for eFolio (free electronic portfolio) Audience: Working Adults, Job Seekers, Career Changers Workforce GPS LifePlan

10 Individualized action steps for job search, re- careering, and identifying training/education Easy access, short online questionnaire to create job search plan Provides links to the best tools and resources on the WorkForce GPS LifePlan Audience: Adult Learners, Dislocated Workers, Career Changers, Working Adults Job Seeker’s Planner

11 Job Seekers Guide introduces six-step career planning process Connects job seekers to trusted online career tools Website and print guide written at 6 th grade reading level Audience: Entry-Level Job Seekers, Dislocated Workers, Career Changers Job Seeker’s Guide

12 Northstar  Free, online, open access assessments  6 assessments: Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Email, Windows OS, Mac OS, and Microsoft Word  Optional database and management tools available to organization for a minimal fee  Audience: Dislocated Workers, ABE Students, Anyone with Digital Literacy Skill Development Needs

13 The Learner Web Digital Literacy Learning Plans introduce skills for digital world Broadband Consumer Education Learning Plans introduce high- speed Internet Orientation to Career Pathways Learning Plans introduce career planning Audience: Dislocated Workers, Adult Basic Education Students

14 Teaches technology skills for daily living, employment, and transition to higher education Modules include Basic Computer, Internet, E- mail, Windows and Word Processing Skills Follows job seeker through self-guided, learner-centric modules Audience: Low-Literacy Adults, English-Language Learners, Residents of greater MN MyDigital Literacy

15 MN’s career, education, and job resource Connects career exploration with education options and job search Context to LMI, education data from DEED, MnSCU, MDE, others Audience: Dislocated Workers, Career Changers, High School & College Students ISEEK

16 One-of-a-kind compressive career information for ex- offenders follows six- step process "Closed" website accessible in MN Dept. of Corrections facilities Lists barred occupations, work restriction for people with felony convictions Audience: Ex-Offenders, Transitioning Incarcerated Job Seekers Step Ahead

17 Identify extra-curricular activities that are related to your career interest Explore training requirements for careers, learn how to refresh your skills, and prepare for training. Understand how the classes you're taking in high school lead to a career Uses a career cluster framework Audience: Adults and High School Students Career Pathways and Programs of Study

18 Free online job coach, in English and Spanish Expert resume assistance, live interview coaching Access service with public library card, anywhere Internet is available Audience: Job seekers in Twin Cities Metro Area; People Seeking Career Advancement JobNow!

19 How does the Sandbox fit with GWDC Initiatives? Skills@Work: A Campaign to Close Minnesota's Skills Gap Learners identify skills and options for skill improvement Practitioners and learners have access to quality career exploration tools Return on Investment Initiative Reduces duplication Promotes collaboration of practitioners Content and information shared between agencies Minnesota FastTRAC Easy access to tools for basic skills improvement Content geared toward various reading levels Source: Digital Literacy Fact Sheet, US Dept. of Commerce, 5/13/2011

20 How can the GWDC support the Sandbox Group? Be aware of the lack of resources to do outreach for these tools. Help increase awareness of Minnesota online career tools.

21 Questions or Comments

22 Sandbox Contact Information: Pat Thomas (MyMnCareers): Denise Felder (iSeek Solutions): Michele Jersak (GPS LifePlan): Jen Vanek (Learner Web): Melinda Ludwiczak (JobNow! & MELSA): Yingfah Thao (Career Pathways/Programs of Study): Sandbox Group project website

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