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1 Smarter Scholarship Matches WFAA, Fall 2011. 2 >Increase access to scholarships for Washington students, with emphasis on low-income.

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1 1 Smarter Scholarship Matches WFAA, Fall 2011

2 2 >Increase access to scholarships for Washington students, with emphasis on low-income and underserved students >Improve efficiency in the private scholarship application process >Grow private scholarship philanthropy >Provide a high-quality, centralized information resource Washington Scholarship Coalition Goals

3 3 >Launched January 2010 >Over 75,000 scholarship seekers >Over 200 providers listing nearly 1,000 scholarships since launch. >Over $28 million in available dollars listed in 2010-11 vs. $12 million in 2009-10. >In 2010-11, the number of awards ranged from 4,511 to 11,660. WFAA, Fall 2011

4 4 Student Snapshot >Half are in high school; the rest are preparing to attend or are already enrolled in college >Four out of ten are students of color >21 percent are first-generation students >Nearly six out of ten reported a family income of less than $50,000 WFAA, Fall 2011 Who are the scholarship seekers?

5 5 Reaching Underserved Seekers WFAA, Fall 2011

6 6 Reaching Low-income Seekers Nearly 60% report an income level under $49,999

7 7 Statewide Sign-Ups WFAA, Fall 2011

8 8 Provider Breakdown

9 9 WFAA, Fall 2011 Scholarships listed are diverse and support a wide variety of student accomplishments. Only 21% require a GPA higher than 3.0 60% are not based on financial need 31% are renewable, encouraging students to work towards degree completion 70% are open to different types of students, not just high school seniors Facts and Figures All types of scholarships

10 10 WFAA, Fall 2011 Updates >Provider Marketing >Regional events – Grays Harbor, Spokane, Vancouver, Tri- cities, Marysville, Peninsula, Kitsap >Provider Update – e-news for providers not yet registered >Seeker Outreach >Partnerships with College Bound-Yakima, Tri-cities, Wenatchee, Peninsula, Kitsap >Conferences, paid advertising, free media, monthly e- News, Facebook, Twitter Communications, Marketing, & Outreach

11 11 WFAA, Fall 2011 Sustainability >Increase Seeker base by 100% >Increase Providers and Award $ by 50% Targets

12 12 WFAA, Fall 2011 Governance Structure >Executive Steering Committee >Technology Steering Committee >Marketing & Outreach Advisory Group Revised Governance Structure

13 13 WFAA, Fall 2011 Product Development Provider Focus: Adding flexibility and control >Target delivery date: early December 2011 >Planned features: more flexibility in adding scholarship criteria, more control over award notification process (for those accepting applications on-line), enhancements to print functionality (what gets printed and how), better analytics Seeker Focus: Adding more magic to the match >Target Delivery: late January 2012 >Planned features: tightening match logic resulting in a more targeted list for Seekers, rethinking the user experience to demonstrate the value of certain profile elements, clarifying what “complete” means

14 14 WFAA, Fall 2011 Product Development Admin focus: More analysis and reporting >Target Delivery: April 2012 >Planned features: better tools for segmenting the user base in order to track progress against Coalition goals for first generation and lower-income students; retention analysis tools, administrative tools to manage the growing catalog of seekers, providers and scholarships.

15 15 WFAA, Fall 2011 Data Use Policy >To advocate for improvements in the practice of scholarship philanthropy, the Washington Scholarship Coalition will access and analyze the data gathered in >Data owned by the Washington Scholarship Coalition and are not publicly shared without permission from the WSC. >Personally identifiable information will not be shared regarding seekers without explicit permission. >Data will not be disclosed that identifies specific providers.

16 16 Want to know more? Check out the student-created public service announcements on Follow us! Contact Mary Beth Lambert 206.282.4528 WFAA, Fall 2011 Many ways to keep in touch

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