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Unit Three Online travel 授课人:丁家骏.

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1 Unit Three Online travel 授课人:丁家骏

2 Drawing and designing Writing computer programs Word processing Sending and receiving s Searching for information Playing games

3 New words : daily course include cover order regard function Daily : everyday Daily English 每日英语 daily news 每日新闻 English course 英语课程 Chinese course中文课程

4 include :包括 The book includes 20 stories. The CD-ROM includes 2 games. cover:涉及 , 覆盖 His research covers a large field. 他的研究涉及很大的领域. The table is covered with cloth. 桌子上盖着布. order :buy 订购 What do you want to order? I ordered two books yesterday. function: 功能 The computer has many functions.

5 e listen to people talking
a go on short online tours of Australia and New Zealand Book b ask for help Ea r c read articles and stories about a topic Tour d do exercises Pencil e listen to people talking Anita

6 Daily English . A new English course from _________with a book and five____________. Good for tourists and ___________. Learn about using the _________ , asking and answering questions , talking about the weather and the _______. Topics include travel and hotels , food and ______ , shopping and_______. Short online tours of Australia and New Zealand. Your ______ is called Anita. She will help you when necessary. Australia CD-ROMS students telephone time drink money guide

7 Dear Sandy I have just listened to an interview on the radio. It was about a new CD-ROM program called___________ . It is a new_______ from _________ . The package includes a _______ and ______________. It is very good for ________ and _______. I’m sure we can learn a lot from it. We can learn about _________________, asking and ___________ questions. We can also learn to talk about the _______ and the time. The course covers many topics, including _____________ , ______________ and __________________. I am going to order a package online. Do you want me to order one for you too ? Regards Millie Daily English course Australia book five CD-ROMS tourists students using the telephone answering weather travel and hotels food and drink shopping and money

8 What can the Internet do for you ?
Discussion What can the Internet do for you ?

9 Thank you

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