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Threat Independent Protection System

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1 Threat Independent Protection System
An active countermeasure system for helicopter applications Christer Zätterqvist October M issue A

2 The objective Complete the mission objectives
Achieve the same amount of landings as take-offs… Survivability Increased Aircraft Combat Survivability (PS) Susceptibility to threats (PH) Maximizing PS = 1 - PHPK|H (1- Susceptibility * Vulnerability) Increased likelihood for mission success

3 The problem A plethora of threats Small arms IR IR imaging RF Laser
Multi-mode CLOS LLTV Wire Radio Unguided AIED

4 Known threats MANPADS (SA-7, SA-14, SA-16, SA-18, Stinger, Mistral, HN-5, FN-6) IR AAM (AIM-9, AIM-132, IRIS-T, AA-8, AA-11) IR SAM (SA-9, SA-13) RF AAM (AIM-7, AIM-120, AA-9, AA-12) RF SAM (Command typ, SA-2, SA-3, SA-4, SA-5, SA-6, SA-8, SA-10, SA-15) IR/RF AAM (also IR/SARH Semi Active Radar Homing, AA-2, AA-6, AA-7, AA-10 CLOS (LLTV, Wire (RBS56, Bill), Radar (RBS23, Bamse), Radio Beam riders (RBS70/90, Starstreak) AT/RPG (AT4, Carl Gustav, RPG-7)

5 Non-decoy technology required
Known threats Decoys possible Non-decoy technology required BR IR AAM gen. 4 Current capability RF SAM MANPADS gen. 4 CLOS IR AAM gen. 3 Threat technology MANPADS gen. 3 IR SAM IR AAM gen. 2 RF AAM IR AAM gen. 1 MANPADS gen. 2 IR/SARH AAM MANPADS gen. 1 AT/RPG Difficulty to decoy


7 Less known or emerging threats
AIED Known attacks using AIED Envisioned to become more and more used as consumer electronics becomes more and more capable, sample components;

8 AIED Threat technology AIED Difficulty to decoy

9 AIED, a design example Verbal description

10 The problem in a nutshell
A plethora of existing and emerging threats Limited knowledge of installed seeker/guidance technology Unguided threats do not respond to decoys Proliferation of developed weapons Development trend of consumer electronics

11 Downed helicopters in Iraq 1
68 helicopters lost to insurgent fire, resulting in 201 fatalities [1] Source; The Brookings Institution, Iraq Index October 1, 2007

12 Actions Preventive / Tactical Tactics Technical Layers of protection
Arms control Port and border security Tactics Flying tactics and operating procedures Speed / altitude Situational awareness ConOps Technical Hardening of structure Ruggedized airframe Blast protection Signature reduction System redundancy Countermeasures Layers of protection Survivability = 1- (Susceptibility * Vulnerability)

13 Analysis, threat matrix
Analysis of common threat characteristics Highly transportable Designed to fly… On-board propellant Similar physical attributes Similar kinetic energy

14 Analysis, proliferated threats

15 Result of analysis No such system exists today for flying platforms
A CMDS is needed to address the plethora of current, emerging and future threats Use knowledge of common threat characteristics No such system exists today for flying platforms

16 TIPS, the idea To physically counter incoming threats regardless of guidance technology, if at all present....

17 Threat characteristics
Counter threats with the following characteristics Portable by a single person Speed: 84 – 600 m/s Mass: 1,9 – 10,8 kg Body/warhead diameter: 4 – 10,5 cm Altitude: 0 – 3500 m Range to shooter: xx – 5000 m

18 Threat characteristics
Threats smaller than 4 cm = HFI Angle/sector indication Range indication

19 TIPS, one system – all threats
System functions Detect Launch Intercept Defeat

20 TIPS, one system – all threats
System functions Detect Radar Short range High resolution 360° coverage Installed on the platform Launch Intercept Defeat

21 TIPS, one system – all threats
System functions Detect Launch A directional launcher Azimuth and elevation Directed towards the incoming threat Launch of counter-projectile Sector inhibit function Intercept Defeat

22 TIPS, one system – all threats
System functions Detect Launch Intercept Counter Projectile Short range Guided towards the incoming threat using own platform guidance data Defeat

23 TIPS, one system – all threats
System functions Detect Launch Intercept Defeat Defeat mechanism The threat defeat mechanism is activated at a suitable distance from the incoming threat Remote or proximity activated Preferably non-explosive

24 TIPS system building blocks
TDCU Tactical Display & Control Unit ADC Active Defense Controller SPU Safety Pin Unit Display Radar sensor Radar sensor Datalink Discrete signal Wireless datalink ADC SPU Sensor Controller Wireless Transceiver Launcher Radar sensor Radar sensor Counter Projectile(s)

25 TIPS system building blocks

26 TIPS connected to existing CMDS

27 Simulation

28 Sample installation, Super Puma

29 Conclusion Investigation shows it is possible to develop a system capable of defeating targeted threats Will affect platform ConOps Development cost is significant

30 Questions?


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