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A IRINKAI 愛隣会 “Ai” for Love “Rin” for Your neighbour “Kai” for An organization in Japanese DAY 3 MORNING.

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2 A IRINKAI 愛隣会 “Ai” for Love “Rin” for Your neighbour “Kai” for An organization in Japanese DAY 3 MORNING

3 The Origin of A IRINKAI 愛隣会 Established in January 1945 Entrusted from Tokyo city government Utilized an old Japanese military base camp To provide services for singleton, families, broken families, the disabled and elderly in a single facility.

4 A IRINKAI 愛隣会 A comprehensive social welfare organization with : - Manpower: about 300 staff - Service users : 650

5 A IRINKAI 愛隣会 Services : I.Elderly 1. Komabaen 駒場苑 (special nursing home) 2. Hakujuso 白寿莊 (nursing-care home) II.Children 1. Nozomi Hoikuen 保育園 (nursery) 2. Megumi Hoikuen 保育園 (nursery) 3. Airinkai Gakudo Hoiku Club 愛隣會学童保育 (after school day care)

6 A IRINKAI 愛隣会 4. Hikawa Sou 水川莊 (Mother-children home) 5. Meguro Wakaba Ryo 目黑若葉寮 (Children home) III.Mentally Disabled 1. Ayumien (self support home) 2. Meguro Keifu Ryo 目黑若風寮 (self support home)

7 K OMABAEN 駒場苑 Special elderly nursing home Provides custodial care for disabled or mentally disabled elderly e.g. senile dementia of Alzheimer type people

8 KOMABAEN 駒場苑 Capacity : 50


10 H AKUJUSO 白壽莊 A nursing-care home Serving elderly who cannot take custodial care at their home due to environmental or economical reasons Capacity : 168

11 N OZOMI H OIKUEN 保育園 Capacity : 70 children (6 classes) Manpower: 29 staff ( include nurses, nutritionists) Extended hour service

12 H IKAWA S OU 水川莊 Capacity: 20 families Target: women and children (no gender and age requirement) Service users background: family violence, MI/MR

13 1. Goal : - Preparation and pre-adjustment to community living 2. Follow up consultation: - Continue after discharge 3. Manpower: - 10 staff H IKAWA S OU 水川莊




17 History of Refugee in Japan 1978 – Japan started accepting Indo-Chinese refugees (Vietnams, Laos, and Cambodia) 1979 – Japanese government entrusted the work of settlement to the Foundation for the Welfare and Education of the Asian People (FWEAP) RHQ was set up under the FWEAP 1981 – Japan acceded to the 1951 Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee 2006 – Japan was no longer accepting the Indo- Chinese refugees

18 Settlement Support Program For Convention Refugees and Their Family Members

19 Settlement Support Program 1. Japanese Language Education (572 units: 1 unit = 45 minutes) 2. Guidance for Japanese Life (120 units: 1 unit = 45 minutes) 3. Vocational Counseling Service

20  Japanese Language Class Vocational Counseling 

21 Course Types & Other Assistances Six-month Daytime Course : Spring Term Autumn Term One-year Evening Course:

22 Course Types & Other Assistances Free Accommodation Living Expenses: Age 12>: ¥1500/day Age 11<: ¥750/day Transportation Expenses Medical Expenses Settlement Allowance: Age 16>: ¥156,900 Age 15<: ¥78,450 Office Nursing Room Accommodation


24 Assistances for Asylum Seekers 4-Month Term Accommodation: ¥40.000/month  Emergency Shelter for Refugee Applicants (ESFRA) Living Expenses: ¥1500/day Medical Expenses Government RHQ Government YES or NO There are total 300 Asylum Seekers receiving RHQ assistances Application Procedure:

25 YEARTotal Number of AS in Japan 2004426 2005384 2006954 2007816 20081599 20091388 YEARNumber of Refugee approved in each year 200415 200546 200634 200741 200857 200930


27 Question and Answer Can a Asylum seeker work in Japan?  Yes, but it depends on the visa they are having. If they have a working visa, they are not eligible for the RHQ assistance. How long does it normally take for a asylum seeker to hear the result of their refugee status?  Around 18 months How long will Asylum seekers be detained once they arrived Japan?  It depends on how fast they could find a guarantor and pay for the surety. The longest detained period so far is 4 years.

28 Question and Answer What benefits can Refugees enjoy in Japan?  Permanent Residence Permit, Refugee Travel Document, National Pension Plan, Child Support Allowance, Welfare Allowance, and similar benefits Which countries are the Asylum Seekers and Refugees from?  Myanmar, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, China...

29 Beauty Therapy Training for Refugee DAY 3 EVENING

30  Ms. KANAKO (Project Manager)  Goal: To promote the self independence of Refugee in Japan  Participants: New immigrants and Refugees  Cost: FREE  Duration: 3~5 Months  Program: Manicure Beauty Training



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