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The National Job Fair and Training Expo 2014 Yorkton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon April 23, 2014.

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1 The National Job Fair and Training Expo 2014 Yorkton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon April 23, 2014

2 Why Ontario to attract workers? Over half a million international immigrants moved to Ontario between 2006 & 2011 (43%) Toronto is Canada’s major immigrant gateway (2.5m foreign- born individuals) 215,040 immigrants landed in Toronto CMA under the Skilled Workers Category (2006-11) Higher youth unemployment rate Higher rate of unemployed and underemployed immigrants as compare to Canadian-born Internationally trained skilled professionals (Permanent Residents & Canadian Citizens) Vs Temporary Foreign Workers

3 The National Job Fair & Training Expo, Toronto (24 th Edition – Spring, April’2014) Since 2002, 24 fairs (12 in Toronto - Spring & 12 in Montreal - Fall) have been organized bi-annually. Cumulatively 2,554 exhibitors and 209,800 visitors between 2002 and 2013. On average 10,545 visitors during the spring (Toronto) edition as compare to 9,436 during the fall (Montreal). On average 143 exhibitors in the spring edition as compare to 116 exhibitors during the fall.

4 Preparation for the Job Fair – Promotional Tools Online Survey - distributed to 450+ businesses (Chamber members) & Regional Communities Develop several promotional tools to prom0te Yorkton and area:

5 Promotional Tools (Ad in Toronto Sun, Poster & Promo Cards)

6 Promotional Tools – Bookmarks

7 Promotional Tools –

8 Promotional Tools - Other Community Profile Economic Profile Videos – “Yorkton 2013” & “Multicultural” USB Cards Web Banner for the National Job Fair Map of Saskatchewan Map of east-central Saskatchewan region Online Survey to be filled by visitors

9 Highlights of the Fair & Online Survey The 24 th edition of the National Job Fair & Training Expo showcased 147 booths presented by 115 organizations Out of Ontario Exhibitors: ▫City of Yorkton, SK ▫Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd., SK ▫Parkland College, SK ▫Edmonton Ford Hires, AB ▫Initiatives Prince George, BC ▫RDEE TNL, NFL


11 Visitors Over 800 job seekers visited our booth in two days 172 visitors responded to our online survey at the booth Respondents Profile: ▫Unemployed19 ▫Underemployed33 ▫Students24 ▫Want to switch76 ▫Others20


13 Respondents – Field of Specialization Information Technology13 Engineering, Trades & Technology:53 ▫Chemical Engineers/Bio-Technicians 12 ▫Mechanical Engineers 06 ▫Environmental Engineers/Technicians 06 ▫Electrical Engineers 08 ▫Electricians 04 ▫Welders 02 ▫Auto. technicians/service advisors 04 ▫Civil Engineers/Architects 07 ▫Construction workers 04

14 Respondents – Field of Specialization Health Services 10 Business/Marketing & Finance: 32 ▫Accounting 04 ▫Finance 08 ▫Business Administration/Management 10 ▫Sales & Marketing 05 ▫Supply Chain & Logistics 05 Others – include general labour, drivers, teachers, human resource professionals, etc. 64

15 Status in Canada Canadian Citizen7041% Permanent Resident6236% Foreign Worker74% International Student2112% Visitor11% Other106%

16 Willing To Move To Yorkton Yes17199% No11%

17 Factors to be Considered in Moving to Yorkton Salary13524% Size of the Community & its amenities 5510% Spousal job prospects499% Recreational opportunities 539% Schooling for children478% Health services7313% Quality of life12623% Other204%

18 Barriers in Moving to Yorkton Knowledge about Yorkton7333% City amenities3215% Spousal job prospects209% Access to health services2411% Religious or cultural needs84% Other6228%

19 Willing to Share Information with Prospective Employers Yes16999% No21%

20 Summary  Greater Toronto Area could be a target labour market to fill employment gaps in Yorkton and area – 171 respondents are willing to relocate to Yorkton.  We now have a full range of good marketing materials to promote the city, our quality of life and investment potential

21 Next Steps  Forward survey results to local/regional businesses & Chamber of Commerce.  Develop a mechanism to share information & create linkages: o Collect local labour market information to match job openings with job seeker’s skills. o Promote Yorkton’s Quality of Life. o Conduct a comparative wage study. o Enhance Yorkton’s marketability.  If we attend job fairs in the future, effectiveness would be greatly increased with participation from the Yorkton Chamber, local businesses and regional representatives.


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