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2 OVERVIEW POSITIONING CORE MESSAGE TARGET DISTRIBUTION BUDGET 2012 SPRINGHILL  Upper moderate all-suite style brand projected to reach 300 hotels by y/e 2012  #1 in Guest Satisfaction in Marriott Portfolio (full year 2010)  New and renovated product performing well (+14.4% RevPar compared to portfolio).  Weekend Market Share leads MI select and full service brands.  Marriott distribution channels contributing strong 61% of business. Space, Style, Value. Only SpringHill Suites delivers the space, and the stylish, inspiring spaces that enrich our guests’ travel. “Style and Space. Beautifully Priced” “Stylish Suite-Seeker” - Target guest is FBT looking for a hotel with great style at less than full service prices, and believes that space, style and ambiance are very important. They currently find business travel both stressful and uninspired, often losing their sense of self and sense of style in the “sea of sameness” that represents the upper moderate tier business hotel category. These guests are looking for a hotel to be an antidote to the stress of business travel, so they leave better, calmer, and more enriched than when they arrived. North America:285 North America: $8.5M (TBD) Total $8.5M (TBD) NORTH AMERICA CORE IDEA Providing spaces to enjoy and simply renew 2

3 NORTH AMERICA KEY DRIVERS CORE MESSAGE TARGET KEY COMPETITORS  Limited marketing budget challenges us to be extremely efficient and targeted with every dollar.  New and renovated product performing well with financial and GSS premiums.  A greater mix of BT business is needed to achieve financial goals.  Brand awareness is relatively low and must be grown.  Competition is supported by strong portfolios and newer product.  Repositioning of the brand key to success with only 25% of portfolio currently on strategy. “Style and Space. Beautifully Priced” Key Proof Points:  Spacious Suite - Separate spaces to sleep, work and relax allowing guests to stretch out and unwind, or work the way they want to work  Stylish Aesthetic – Style and design allow guests to feel calm, leaving more refreshed than when they arrived. Primary: “Stylish Suite-Seeker” – FBT looking for a hotel with great style at less than full service prices, and believes that design, style and ambiance are very important. Demographics Sex: 84% male Mean HH income: $129K Mean age: 44 years old BT trips: 26 trips / year Secondary Targets: BT: Small Business; PT: Weekend Group Business, Selective Driving Boomer Couples Hyatt Place: Competes in same upper moderate lifestyle space and delivers newer product with a portfolio that is 100% on strategy. HGI: Strong portfolio brand with new product. Aloft: Delivering an innovative and “hip” style and design that competes with SHS. However, small distribution and a questionable financial model could limit growth. Hampton Inn and Suites: Huge distribution and a product that that UM consumers like. Holiday Inn: Aggressive pruning, renovation and new positioning have strengthened the brand, allowing them to get back into UM tier consideration set. 2012 SPRINGHILL Psychographics  Aesthetics and style are important to them in creating an interesting and calming experience.  They describe success in terms of family, friends, good health.  Work ends when they arrive at hotel; look to relax and renew. 3

4 OBJECTIVESSTRATEGIESMETRICS NORTH AMERICA Increase BT share and mix. Increase consideration of the SHS leisure value proposition, particularly among couples. Increase brand competitive advantage by activating programs and marketing tools at field and property level.  Continue to leverage successful marketing strategy targeting the on-the go FBT through high-impact advertising.  Leverage small business programs including Amex OPEN and CFRST small business to drive consideration in the sub-segment.  Expand social programs to deepen engagement with current loyalists and potential new customers. Evolve initiatives proving to be “game changers” for the brand (The Connection, ArtNight, etc).  Create innovative PR strategies to drive awareness of brand proposition.  Maximize participation in cross-brand leisure programs, including amateur sports and weddings, to grow weekend group business.  Merchandise brand in targeted channels to drive PT consideration and bookings (paid search, travel sites, etc).  Provide field with comprehensive set of tools to pull-through national marketing and PR initiatives (ArtNight, Market Share tools, etc).  Fully leverage communication channels (Air Kit, PR Kit, BrandWorks) to achieve unprecedented levels of on-property marketing activation.  Statistically significant lifts in core messaging and key perception metrics through in- market research.  Reach and loyalty measures through social media channels.  Share and revenue goals for specific programs.  Media exposure for PR activities.  Increased consideration of SHS leisure brand proposition.  Incremental room nights and revenue.  Paid search revenue.  W/E market share index.  Number and success of pull- through programs.  Usage of marketing tools and assets by field.  Metrics directly related to national programs at property level (Art Night, etc). 2012 SPRINGHILL 4 MACRO BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Increase BT mix to drive RevPar Index.

5 CHANNEL / ACCOUNTABILITY PROGARM/ACTIVITY METRICS NORTH AMERICA Digital Media  Video  Online  Mobile  Paid Search Ecommerce Mobile HWS Public Relations Marriott Rewards 2012 SPRINGHILL  Continue to leverage successful strategy targeting the “on-the go” FBT through online, mobile and video advertising.  Paid Search - Drive B/T & L/T bookings. Expand mobile PPC presence. Test new paid opportunities.  – maximize merchandising opportunities as new capabilities are available. Leverage site-wide retargeting campaigns.  Mobile - create consumer validated mobile experiences to differentiate SHS within portfolio.  HWS – evolve imagery, floor plans and update voice elements as needed to optimize sales efficiency of brand and property pages.  Expand successful ArtNight program to drive media exposure and property pull-through.  Promote HALO properties through press releases, interviews and local events.  Continue to leverage national survey.  Target BTs with a Fall Direct Mail Points promotion to drive incremental stays (similar to 2011).  Utilize available tools (METT) to communicate brand messaging.  Further leverage SHS loyalists in MR database to grow ambassador program. Plan email for Q1.  Statistically significant lifts in core messaging and key perception metrics via in-market research.  Paid search revenue and return on spend. Mobile – branded experience, revenue, engagement. HWS – property page standards compliance, photography updates, voice audit. – channel contribution, share of merchandising voice.  Media / consumer impressions for each outreach initiative (UMVs)  Number of successful PR initiatives at portfolio and property level.  Incremental revenue  Connection membership 5

6 CHANNEL / ACCOUNTABILITY PROGARM/ACTIVITY METRICS NORTH AMERICA Sponsorships / Partnerships Promotions Social Media Field Marketing / Sales Support 2012 SPRINGHILL  Leverage cross-brand partnerships related to BT and PT brand goals including leisure, couples, small business and group business initiatives.  Explore sponsorships that have the ability to expand and elevate key brand programs. Ex. ArtNight sponsorship.  Develop promotions that drive incremental BT bookings by leveraging MR database and external partners.  Leverage promotional opportunities with AmEx OPEN and other relevant partners.  Expand ambassador program to further engage brand loyalists and increase opportunities for sharing of brand message through social channels.  Leverage Facebook presence to drive new engagement leading to increased consideration.  Develop new sales and marketing materials.  Pull-through sponsorships and promotions on- property  Create a market share playbook  Increase ArtNIght pull-through by continuing to deliver tools for properties/  Bookings/Incremental revenue  Reach and conversion of target sub-segments.  Lift in leisure awareness & consideration  Bookings/incremental revenue  Revenue growth through OPEN  Customer engagement and brand advocacy. Conversation and Buzz.  Connection membership and sharing / reach of program.  Facebook followers and engagement.  BrandWorks utilization  Pull-through of national programs  Increase in media exposure for individual properties 6

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