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1 ARCHETYPES by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen.

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1 1 ARCHETYPES by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen

2 Part I The Journey: An Overview 2

3 3 THE ROMANCE Northrup Frye says that the Romance presents an idealized world, the black-and-white world of our desires, where good things are really good, and bad things are really bad. The Romance involves the Journey, and the Journey involves the Hero, the Villain, the Quest, the Sage, the Prohibition, the Sacrifice, the Dragon, the Treasure, and sometimes the rescue of the Maiden. The epiphany (mountain top, tower, island, lighthouse, ladder, staircase, Jack’s beanstalk, Rapunzel’s hair, Indian rope trick etc.) connects Heaven and Earth.

4 Short Journeys and The Romance 4

5 Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy 5

6 6 THE HERO In archetypal hero tales, the hero, usually a young person identified as having “special” qualities, sets out on a journey—either real or metaphorical. The young person does not know what is in store and has probably not made a conscious decision to embark on “the quest.” Nevertheless, when challenges come, the young hero meets and overcomes them, often making some kind of a sacrifice in exchange for wisdom. A common motif is that help will come from an unexpected source, perhaps from an older and wiser person or from a supernatural source.

7 7 STAGES OF THE JOURNEY The stages of the journey (listed below) can be seen in many of the quest stories and can also be compared to one’s own life. The Shadow Archetypes result from hyperbole, from developing protagonists’ characteristics to such an extreme that they become a negative force as when the caregiver turns into the overprotective mother or the lover into the jealous controller preventing or marring the process of development.


9 9 PREPARATION FOR THE JOURNEY INNOCENT: ARCHETYPE: Security, Acceptance, Disillusionment, Optimism SHADOW ARCHETYPE: Denial, Repression, Blame ORPHAN: ARCHETYPE: Abandonment, Accepting Help, Against Authority SHADOW: Cynicism, Victimization WARRIOR: ARCHETYPE: Fighting for Self, for Others, and for Ideals SHADOW: Ruthlessness, Fighting to Win CAREGIVER: ARCHETYPE: Self-Sacrificing, “Tough Love,” Responsibility SHADOW: Martyrdom, Guilt-Inducer

10 Five Archetypes (Factions): Abnegation (Selfless), Amity (Peaceful), Candor (Truthful), Erudite (Intelligent) and Dauntless (Brave) 10

11 11 THE JOURNEY ITSELF SEEKER: ARCHETYPE: Exploration, Experimentation SHADOW: Perfectionism, Inability to Commit DESTROYER: ARCHETYPE: Confusion, Acceptance of Chaos, Letting Go SHADOW: Destructiveness of Self and Others LOVER: ARCHETYPE: Following Love, Bonding, Committing SHADOW: Envy, Fixation, Don Juanism CREATOR: ARCHETYPE: Visionary, Creator of Own Environment SHADOW: Creators of Negative Situations

12 The Journey 12

13 13

14 The Wizard of Oz, The Life of Pi, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and James and the Giant Peach 14

15 15 THE RETURN FROM THE JOURNEY RULER: –ARCHETYPE: Responsibility for Self & Others, Good of Planet –SHADOW: Ogre, Tyrant MAGICIAN: –ARCHETYPE: Making Dreams Come True –SHADOW: Turning Positives into Negatives SAGE: –ARCHETYPE: Searching for Truth –SHADOW: Insensitivity, Critical Judgment WISE FOOL: –ARCHETYPE: Living for Fun, Living in the Moment –SHADOW: Self-Indulgence, Gluttony, Sloth

16 It’s the Journey—not the Destination 16

17 Journeys can be Toward, or Away From… Into the Woods, The Prodigal Son, Exodus 17

18 Here are nine more archetypes to consider. 18

19 Here are two good books fur further reading about Archetypes. 19

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