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Help for workers who’ve recently been made redundant from BlueScope Steel.

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1 Help for workers who’ve recently been made redundant from BlueScope Steel

2 BlueScope Steel Labour Adjustment Program Eligibility Redundant from BlueScope Steel’s at Port Kembla and Western Port plants, or from one of its approved contractors or suppliers on or after 1 July 2011 Eligible workers have 6 months from the exit date on their redundancy notice to register for assistance.

3 BlueScope Steel Labour Adjustment Program What is available Employment services – Job Services Australia Connecting People with Jobs - Relocation

4 Job Services Australia A free national network of organisations to help unemployed people find jobs, Advice on job search techniques and career options. Access to computers, printers, the internet and newspapers. Help to develop your resume and list it on the Job Search database. Advice on the best ways to look for work Referrals to training courses

5 Immediate Employment Services All redundant workers from BlueScope are eligible for immediate access to enhanced employment services You are entitled to receive assistance via immediate access to Stream 3 services regardless of your eligibility for a Centrelink payment. Tell your Job Services Australia Provider you are retrenched from BlueScope and show them your retrenchment letter Register for assistance within 6 months of finishing work

6 Employment Pathway Plan Job Services Australia providers will help you to develop your Employment Pathway Plan. The plan is: Negotiated with you Tailored to suit your needs Outlines agreed activities and actionable steps to help you get work.

7 Employment Pathway Fund Funds credited to the Job Services Australia Provider to help job seekers gain employment Funds for items like training courses, work clothing, safety equipment, tools, personal development, wage subsidies, post-placement support and mentoring Assessed by the Job Services Australia provider – not a cash payment to job seekers

8 New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Funds are available for self employment assistance to start a new business through NEIS. NEIS providers train and assist job seekers to run a small business Approved participants might be entitled to NEIS allowance, and on-going advice during the first year of business. Eligibility assessed and be referred to a NEIS provider by their Job Services Australia provider

9 Help for Mature Aged Job Seekers Free professional Career Counselling is available for redundant workers aged 45 years and over Over the phone advice by calling 13 17 64 A Career plan to help you set and achieve goals Advice on resume presentation and preparation

10 Relocation Assistance through Connecting People with Jobs Practical assistance to job seekers who relocate for ongoing work Immediate relocation assistance is available for workers who find employment in another location. Relocation assistance payments of up to $6000, with an additional $3000 in the case of families relocating with dependent children Employers will be eligible to receive a $2500 wage subsidy to take on relocating job seekers.

11 What to do next  You may register directly with a Job Services Australia provider but you must take your retrenchment notice  Tell your JSA provider you were retrenched from the Blue Scope Steel and are entitled to assistance under the Blue Scope Labour Adjustment program and show them your documentation/ separation certificate  Call Centrelink on 1800 107 233 to register as a job seeker

12 Useful websites For information about Jobs Services Australia call 13 62 68 or visit and – to search for providers

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