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KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20041 This Presentation is dedicated to…

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1 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20041 This Presentation is dedicated to…

2 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20042 LAUNCHER HOMING UAV VINOO KAARTHICK.M Final Year Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Anna University India By

3 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20043 We are about to see the following Brief discussion about stinger missiles Existing countermeasures for stinger attacks Proposed countermeasure : Launcher Homing Mechanism (LHM) Principle of LHM Components of LHM Layout of Launcher Homing UAV Working of LHU Advantages Conclusion

4 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20044 Modern Defense Systems… Guns, Missiles, Bombs – end technology in combat Missiles play a major role They don’t just sail but find their own target They have a built in seeking system making them smarter Electronic intelligence Missile defense systems- essential aspect in future

5 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20045 Missile Classification… Surface to Surface (SSM) Tactical & Strategic Surface to Air (SAM) Land & Sea launched Air to Air (AAM) Air to Surface (ASM) Tactical & Strategic Glide Bomb Torpedo

6 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20046 Surface to Air Missile… End system of a surveillance and tracking radar. Fired from a ground launcher Onboard guidance control Feedback navigation control provided by Engagement control station Transceiver - communication link

7 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20047 Stinger Missile… Light weight and portable Shoulder launched weapon Passive infra-red seeker Fire and forget weapon

8 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20048 Stinger Specifications… Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Dual Thrust Solid Fuel Rocket Motor Length - about 5 ft (1.5m) Width - 5.5” (13.96cm) Weight - 12.5 pounds (5.68 kg) Range - 1 to 8 km Sight ring - 10 mils Impact Fuse, self destructive Ceiling - 10,000 ft (3.046 km) Speed - Supersonic in flight

9 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD20049 Stinger Layout…

10 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200410 Propulsion System… Launch motor Dual thrust flight motor Flight motor ignites after coasting a safe distance from launcher Sustained flight phase till fuel is consumed Free flight period or coast period till intercept or self destruction

11 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200411 Guidance section… Seeker assembly Guidance assembly Control assembly Missile battery Four control surfaces (wings) Tail assembly for stabilization Stinger alternate system(LASER beam)

12 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200412 Target Engaging… Integral IFF Re-programmable Microprocessor(RMP) controlled POST homing head Dual waveband seeker RMP software to engage low signature targets A ring-laser gyro roll sensor Lithium battery

13 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200413 Dual Wave Band Seeker… Both IR and UV Rosette imaging Focal plane array design Developed algorithms to engage small targets Less background and clutter effects

14 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200414 Existing Countermeasures… Infra-red countermeasure Chaff and Decoy - flares Anti-missiles

15 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200415 Launcher Homing Mechanism (LHM) Proposed Countermeasure

16 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200416 Principle… Missile misguidance : Replacing the thermal image at stinger missile’s RMP Rerouting the missile along with the UAV to the ground by using reversal algorithm

17 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200417 Components of LHM… In Parent Aircraft  Airborne Radar  ECM Suite  Flight Path Re-Construction Unit

18 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200418 Components of LHM… In the Launcher Homing UAV  High IR Emitter unit  Re-routing unit  Rear missile locking unit  Initial thrust unit  Super sonic Booster unit  Cluster bombs

19 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200419 Air Borne Radars… Nose - Fire control or Tail Cone Radar Phase controlled antenna Slotted wave guide antenna Polarized ferrite phase shifters Target handling capability – 30 Light weight

20 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200420 Radar Specifications… Reduced beam switching time by a factor of 10 Detection at 100 km and lock on at 80 km Peak power – 4 kW Average power – 0.3 kW Weight – 75 kg

21 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200421 ECM Suite… Coordinated with the on board radar Systems use beams of light, produced by flash lamps or multi-line LASERS Multi-wavelength light is guided towards the seeker Reticle-scan of the seeker is exploited False data deceives or jams or breaks missile lock

22 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200422 Flight Path Re-construction Unit… Tracked target path history is reversed Approximate location of the launcher is given as input to the UAV Re-router Tracked data is given as an azimuth and elevation

23 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200423 Layout of LHU…

24 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200424 High IR Emitter unit… Present at the rear end of the unmanned air vehicle Multiple emitters to approximately simulate an aircraft engine’s IR signature Rotating Gimbals provide a wider coverage High intensity along with multiple wavelengths offer multifunctionality

25 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200425 Re-routing unit… Responsible for the guidance system of the UAV Has the data about the location where the stinger was first sighted by the RADAR Re-routing program is executed on receiving a signal from rear locking unit On reaching the location microprocessor activates the cluster bomb fuse

26 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200426 Rear missile locking unit… Doppler effect is used to calculate distance between aircraft and stinger Placed at the rear end of the UAV Lock is established Relative distance is maintained Stinger always remains in the track mode

27 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200427 Propulsion unit… Initial Thrust unit –Solid propellant motor –Cross section of propellant : concentric for constant phase Super sonic booster unit –Uses double base solid propellant – high specific impulse –Cross section of propellant : five pointed star profile for boosting –Nozzle diameter could be varied – for velocity matching

28 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200428 Cluster bombs… Blown out after receiving the signal from the control unit Explosive bomblets – around 670 carried in a canister Maximum damage of 200,000 steel fragments spread across 20 football fields Potential threat for a long time

29 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200429 IFF identifies the aircraft Launcher feeds aircraft’s Ir signature to the stinger’s RMP Missile launched from ground Missile guided to the aircraft at Mach speed Aircraft initiates ECM Data loss at the guidance unit of stinger Dropping UAV and escape manoeuvrin gs of aircraft Replacing thermal image Missile accelerates to UAV Rear locking unit detects the relative distance (RD) RD =fixed default distance Supersonic booster unit ignited No change Relative velocity matching Rerouting unit get actuated Transferring the reversal algorithm to UAV UAV along with missile traces the reversed path Incase of data insufficient cluster bomb get actuated Missile and UAV home to the enemy territory No Yes Overall working…

30 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200430 Advantages… Collision avoidance is assured Rerouting mechanism Reasonably inexpensive as compared to the entire destruction of the aircraft LHU also plays a role of an effective weapon Reverse Engineering is not possible

31 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200431 Conclusion… We have discussed about new method of Missile Defense system in combat This vehicle will be a solution in the form of an inexpensive and efficient countermeasure for the enemy missile attacks

32 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200432 Thank you

33 KAARTHICK107/MAPLD200433 References… Introduction to Radar Systems – Merrill I. Skolnik Electronic Intelligence : The Interception of Radar Signals – Richard G.Wiley Electronic War fares Defense websites

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