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An Intramural Handbook By Louise Horsten & Andrew White 2009.

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1 An Intramural Handbook By Louise Horsten & Andrew White 2009

2 Quidditch is an intramural sport based loosely on J.K Rowling’s fictional Harry Potter series. It is a team-based game that relies heavily upon the fundamentals of teamwork, effort and good sportsmanship. How Do You Play Quidditch? Quidditch is essentially a modified version of scooter board soccer. Players pass the ball to their teammates while trying to advance to their opponents net. Players must throw the ball into the opposing teams net to score goals. Additionally, each team has a Seeker, which is a player (wearing a different colour pinny) who has the special job of capturing the Snitch, (a tennis ball), when it is thrown out at random intervals. A goal counts for one point and a captured snitch counts for three. The team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

3 The Sorting Hat Ceremony The sorting hat ceremony is a fun and exciting way to determine the Quidditch teams. Students reach into a witch’s hat and select a coloured tile. Whatever colour they select is the team the are on. Red tiles are for Gryffindor, blue Ravenclaw, yellow Hufflepuff and green Slytherin. Procedure Have the students enter the gym and form two lines, one for girls and one for boys. Count up the number of boys and divide by four, do the same with the girls. Once you have your divided number, place that amount of each of the four team tiles into your sorting hat. (Example:20 boys in a line divided by four equals 5 of each colour tile in the hat). Once the tiles are placed into the hat have the students select a tile. Once a tile is chosen students are to line up behind their team logo and meet their new teammates.

4  Depending on the size of your gym, each team should field around 11 players at a time (10 players and a goalie). If you have more than 11 players on a team line changes become necessary. 5 minutes is a good shift length.  2 players from each team (1boy, 1 girl) must be chosen as Seekers. They are to be adorned with a different colour pinny and are to rotate every shift.  Only each team’s Seeker may touch and capture the Snitch. At random intervals the Snitch is thrown out. This event is signalled by a quick double whistle. The first Seeker to capture the Snitch receives 3 points for their team.  Players are not allowed to place their hands on the floor at anytime.  Players are not permitted to enter the crease of either goaltender. Goals scored while in the crease do not count. Blocks made while in a player’s own crease result in a penalty shot for the opposing team.  Players have a 3 second window in which to pass or shoot the ball. If a player holds on to the ball for too long a whistle is blown and the ball is handed over to the opposing team. This rule promotes passing and teamwork.

5  Players are not permitted to grab the ball out of another player’s hand. They must block a shot or intercept a pass to gain possession.  Once a team has scored all members of that team must return to their side of the gym before play is resumed.  While defending, players may only raise their arm up vertically or out horizontally, not towards the ball carrier. This rule prevents one player draping over and smothering another.  Players are not permitted to push, trip or intentionally block players or the Seekers. However, players do not have to get out of the way of a play.  Players who are not currently playing are not allowed to touch or influence any Quidditch ball during the game.  After each game teams line up and high-five each member of the other team while saying “good game!”  5 points for a win, 4 for a tie and 3 for a loss.

6 Creating an intramural league within a school is a great start to improving school spirit. However, there are many things that can be added to a league to make it a more enjoyable and immersive experience. Here are a few suggestions: Create scoreboards and photographed team rosters. Post them in a highly visible area for the players to see. Provide each team with a teacher to act as coach and provide encouragement and strategy to their team. Post regular announcements on the P.A. to inform students of upcoming games and game results. Provide trophies and ribbons to Quidditch participants and present them during school assemblies. Have staff versus student games. Create team uniforms. Invite other grades to watch matches. Provide game schedules. Have coaches and referees dress up.



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