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Maine’s new web based job seeker and employer service.

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1 Maine’s new web based job seeker and employer service

2 General Benefits and Features  Internet based, providing complete access to the Maine Job Bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Incorporates a high level of security and user confidentiality.  System is ADA Compliant and has been through rigorous testing  “Easy User Name and Password retrieval  Job Seeker and Employer benefit from “real time” match capability

3 Log-in 3 Easy Steps 1. Create an Account 2. Register for Maine Job Bank 3. Create Job Order Employer: The Job Order is easy as…

4 From Job Seekers to Employers Job SeekersEmployers User created account allows the ability to create and update personal profile and preferences. Maine Job Bank makes matches User created account allows freedom to create and update job orders Post generic resume Employers receive resume’s and generic application directly from job seekers See only JBC verified postings managed by the employer JBC verifies and approves postings Qualifications and Preferences are matched to the right job Receives Job seekers who meet Qualifications and Preferences matching Employers needs

5 Employers have options too User created account allows employers freedom to create and update job orders 24/7. JBC verified and approved postings managed by the employer Employer can receive resume’s and generic applications directly from job seekers

6 Creating Job Orders Occupation Location Experience Education Licenses and Certifications Shifts Travel requirements Pay Range Contact Information Referral Instructions References Required

7 Job Order Management Real Time Statistics: # of Active Job seekers Today’s Job notices # of referrals today Past and Current Job Orders Job ID Job Title Recruitment Start Recruitment End Status Locations Openings Referrals Notices Dashboard

8 New Job Order-Match Preview RequirementJob Order# of Carpenters Carpenter’s Helper LocationAugusta6582 Minimum Experience 60 months6325 Driver’s LicenseYes6325 EndorsementsNone6325 Minimum Education High School Diploma 6324 Part time/Full Time Full Time6320 TemporaryNo6120 ShiftDay6120 TravelYes508 Labor Pool Want a sense of the labor pool? Click here to search the job seekers using geophraphic, occupation, and job preference critieria.

9 Employer Options Choose method of contact Fill out generic application form Apply in person Apply by phone Send resume by US mail Apply online (link to Employer’s URL) Email resume and cover letter Email Job Bank stored resume only Fax resume Choose recruitment period to either run for 30 days or run for 60 days before closing or editing.

10 Contact Information Web address: http://www.mainecareercenter.com E-Mail: – Employers – Job Seekers Employers Phone: 1-888-457-8883 TTY: 1-800-794-1110 Mailing Address: Maine Department of Labor Maine Job Bank 55 State House Station Augusta, Maine 04333-055

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