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Glenridge PTSA. Our Goal To pass on an active and functional PTSA.

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1 Glenridge PTSA

2 Our Goal To pass on an active and functional PTSA

3 What we have done to reach our goal We reformed the student PTSA group Internet and Social Media Proactively reached out to teachers and staff Leveled Up Thanksgiving Luncheon for Teachers and Faculty Started biannual donation drive for students in need Set goal to double membership from previous year Leveling Up for Teacher Appreciation Week Made community events a priority Cooperative Support

4 ROAR Changed name, day and time of the meeting –Better accessibility to the majority of students Offered scholarships –Implemented a no embarrassment process Really allow the students to be heard –The students drive the committees and are guided by the adults

5 Internet and Social Media Facebook –Page existed, but was rarely used –Began to promote page –Updated and used regularly to keep parents/students up to date –Easy for people to inquire about things –Get quick feedback on events Website –Created website –Easy place for people to come for information and to make contact

6 Proactively Reached out to Teacher/Staff Went looking for ways to help –Working with Ms. Talbot-Williams –Letting teachers know we are here to assist students to be successful –‘Adopted’ students and their siblings for Christmas

7 Faculty Thanksgiving Lunch Changed the event from lunch periods in Media Center to after school in cafeteria –Allowed staff to relax and enjoy –We were able to decorate tables –More of a Thanksgiving feel

8 Donation Drive Learned we have a good number of students in need Worked with Ms. Talbot-Williams to identify needs Implemented 2 drives over the school year for toiletries –Start the Year off right in August –Share the Love in February

9 Double Membership 2013-2014 school year there were 350 members 2014-2015 goal was to double membership Fell short- we are ending up with 520 memberships Goal for 2015-2016 school year will be above the 700 mark

10 Teacher Appreciation Week Some issues in the past Special Week Daily activities Coordinating with other groups

11 Community Events Winter Park Christmas Parade Baldwin Sparks Parade Relay for Life

12 Cooperative Support This year we have forged a spirit of cooperation and support with the Lion’s Pride Foundation (LPF) Assisted with events Participation and promotion of each others events

13 Why do we need you? Involvement –Started out with full staffing –Want to end with full staffing Ideas –New ideas this year have made huge differences

14 Recruitment This is the first year for this event –Parents of incoming students- and even current students- sometimes don’t know how to get involved –Remove ‘click’ mentality –Remove the – they don’t need me feeling Initiated Co-Chairs –Always someone who has participated in area to show a parent in 6 th or 7 th grade the ropes and to be a support and help in responsibilities

15 Grade Specific Vice Presidents VP 6th Grade VP 7th Grade VP 8th Grade Each VP reaches out to the teachers in that grade See if they have events coming up needing PTSA support Facilitate teachers joining the PTSA 8 th Grade VP should have active participation in 8 th Grade Party

16 Corresponding Secretary This person has historically been who should send out the emails produced by the PTSA With the addition of social media and webpage, they would handle these areas as well in cooperation with the President Should have ability to learn how to use social media and website if not already familiar Keep all means of communication up to date

17 Membership Chair Help come up with creative ways to promote joining by not only students parent and grandparents, but community members as well. Help come up with ways to communicate what PTSA does for our students and teachers to encourage membership Keep log of all members and card numbers Actively assist with the Mane events in August

18 Fundraising Co-chairs Continue with fundraising that has been successful Come up with new and creative ways to raise funds for initiatives Make arrangements to use school facilities as needed Coordinated assistance for fundraising activities

19 Lions ROAR Co-Chair Promote Lion’s ROAR group Guide students ideas fostering acceptance Maintain an each student has worth attitude Coordinate with Chair and attend group meetings and events Coordinate breakfast grab and goes for group meetings Assist students with initiatives in a positive and uplifting way

20 Teacher Appreciation Seat Coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week Enlist assistance from community for weeks activities Staff daily ‘events’ for the week

21 8th Grade Party Co-Chair Help plan 8 th grade party Get ideas for party themes from ROAR 8 th Grade party committee Hold 8 th grade student vote for party theme Help staff event Attend event

22 Relay for Life Chair Coordinate with county Relay for Life group Come up with fundraising ideas to meet goal set Work with Relay for Life group Coordinate Activates Attend event

23 Faculty Thanksgiving Lunch Co-Chair Work with students on committee in ROAR for meal plan Assist students with learning how to plan to feed a large group Enlist assistance for items needed and preparation Attend and run event

24 THANK YOU! Does anyone have any questions I can answer for you?

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