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World War I America Mobilizes.

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1 World War I America Mobilizes

2 The Selective Service Act
Young men were encouraged to enlist in the military, but in order to ensure that the U.S. had enough troops Wilson asked congress to pass the Selective Service Act. The act was passed in May 1917 and authorized a draft that would call young men to service in Europe. 24 million men registered for the draft throughout the war. 2.8 million were called to service. The US armed forces had a total of 4.8 million men serving during the war.

3 A War Economy All Americans were asked to help out, not only in Europe but on the home front too. The War Industries Board was created to regulate industries and wartime production. The government controlled many aspects of production and transportation, including what farmers grew and where goods were sent. They even asked Americans to conserve food, so more food from home could be sent abroad. How does this differ from today’s economy?

4 Public Opinion These measures, especially eating less, required that Americans support the war. The Committee on Public Information was created to inform and convince Americans that their involvement in the war was for a good cause. Many Posters were created and displayed as propaganda to convince Americans to support the war, join the armed forces, buy war bonds, and also to hate the enemy.

5 War and American Society
The face of the workforce changed… Due to men having to leave their jobs to serve, 500,000 women entered the workforce. 400,000 African Americans moved from the south to the north to work industrial jobs. 240,000 Mexicans moved to southwestern states to fill agricultural jobs.

6 Art Analysis What can these recruitment posters tell us about American attitudes toward military recruitment and the Central Powers?






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