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M OVING F ORWARD : PAC CREATION The Nancy Bocskor Company.

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1 M OVING F ORWARD : PAC CREATION The Nancy Bocskor Company

2 R EASONS TO CREATE A PAC You get to set the scope of what the PAC does to promote your issues PACs are long lasting: you build an organization and donor structure that lasts more than a session of Congress You can get lots of people involved: PACs build grassroots networks as well as fundraising components They allow you to think BIG: spread the message PACs give you a place at the table

3 F OUNDATION OF G IVING  Understand why donors support PACS: Protects the “bottom line” Ideologically driven – supports “the cause” Wants to be a stakeholder with influence Respond to individual request for help (someone asked!) The Nancy Bocskor Company

4 T HE F ACTS : Ensure strong officer and/or Board support: this buy-in is essential to success Highlight a legislative enemy to generate support Competition is greater than ever for political money: you must be creative and communicate value for your PAC The Nancy Bocskor Company

5 W HAT WORKS : Put Board members on the PAC letterhead: 100% participation shows unity & leadership Use one or two legislative initiatives which show how inaction costs your industry (and their bottom line) Create donor clubs with rewards (pins, events, special recognition) The Nancy Bocskor Company

6 W HAT WORKS, CONTINUED : PAC donors give PAC check to elected official back in the district – take photos (this significantly drives up PAC $$) Enlist membership input into candidate selection process through local meetings and questionnaires so your issues get more focus The Nancy Bocskor Company

7 W HAT WORKS, CONTINUED : Develop separate communications to highlight donors with presentation photos Use PAC communications to articulate positive reasons that PACs exist – and why giving is important Report to membership about how PAC disbursements were made after elections The Nancy Bocskor Company

8 Q UESTIONS & C OMMENTS Contact Nancy: or (703) 276-7488 The Nancy Bocskor Company

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