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ENMU-Ruidoso Campus February 4, 2014 Leroy Cockrell L ittle B ear F orest R eform C oalition.

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1 ENMU-Ruidoso Campus February 4, 2014 Leroy Cockrell L ittle B ear F orest R eform C oalition

2 National recognition program for subdivisions/communities that take proactive measures to prepare for wildfire

3 FIREWISE is a project of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) FIREWISE is a nationally recognized program that is usually administered by the State Forestry Departments. Ruidoso has been a FIREWISE recognized community since 2003 (re-chartered in 2013) Village of Ruidoso Forestry Department established the Village ordinance (Sec.42-80)

4 VoR Forestry Department personnel will interact with Village residents and subdivisions to promote FIREWISE guidelines in the Community New Mexico State Forestry will interact with County residents outside the city limits of the Village of Ruidoso ( (

5 Steps for the Subdivision Sponsor a neighborhood FIREWISE Task Force Committee that will oversee the FIREWISE Communities/USA program and track its progress and status Enlist a wildland/urban interface specialist (VoR or State) to complete your neighborhood assessment and create a plan that identifies agreed- upon achievable solutions to be implemented by the community

6 Steps for the Subdivision (con’t) FIREWISE committee develops and implements FIREWISE plan which includes: Composing a letter to the property owners explaining the intentions, benefits and time frame for FIREWISE activities to be completed Some mention of necessary compliance with Village ordinance (Sec.42-80) is recommended if applicable May require reminders to property owners via Email or postal mail

7 Steps for the Subdivision (con’t) FIREWISE committee reviews progress and contacts VoR Forestry or NMSF authority when ready for re- assessment The appropriate authority will approve results or suggest additional activity by the homeowners to bring the properties into line with FIREWISE Principles When complete, the appropriate authority will support the application for the subdivision’s recognition Submit an annual report to FIREWISE Communities/USA that documents continuing compliance with the program

8 For the Property Owner: Create a defensible space around the structure (30’-level land, 60+’- sloped land) Remove dead/dying vegetation Trim tree canopies to >= 10’ from structure Remove leaf litter (leaves/needles) from yard, roof and gutters Relocate firewood, etc. to 30+feet from structure Remove “ladder fuels” (low level vegetation, wood fences, railroad ties) Remove excess vegetation along roadway Wide driveways/roadways can help slow/stop wildfire

9 Additional Activities for the FIREWISE Community Observe a FIREWISE Communities/USA Day each year that is dedicated to a local FIREWISE project Host a chipping day for residents to remove excess vegetation from their property, as well as community property Hold a pine needle or debris removal day in cooperation with the local fire department Hold a FIREWISE Education day (Forest Health Expo- April 11-12) that provides information about proper plant and construction choices, introduces local staff, and distributes pertinent FIREWISE information for the community Create a fuel removal project that enlists local volunteers

10 Benefits of becoming a FIREWISE Community Neighborhood becomes a more safe and secure environment More esthetically attractive properties Posted FIREWISE approval makes for easier $ales and increased property values Can result in lowering or sustaining costs of homeowners insurance And it may save your life, your neighbor’s life and your property!


12 Questions? Discussion? Ahhhh….remember when???

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