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Developing a Complete Player Presented By Josh Cobble Cowley College.

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1 Developing a Complete Player Presented By Josh Cobble Cowley College

2 Aspects of a Complete Player Technical Strategic Tactical Mental Physical

3 Technical Easiest to teach Easiest to compensate for (Winning Ugly) At a minimum, a player needs functional strokes of a complete game Ideally, a player develops at least one weapon or strength and reduces weaknesses Simple can be successful

4 Strategic Know Thy Self – Is your player a complete player? Know Thy Opponent – Is the opponent a complete player? Use that knowledge to WIN – SWOT – Tactics

5 Tactical Have a playbook Practice the proper plays Mix it up Timing Situation Sure thing or take a chance

6 Mental Mental Toughness – Handling Pressure- Short-Term Memory – Handling Adversity- Handling Fear – Handling Conditions- Self-Confidence Get it by TRAINING IT – Develop these situations into practices – Rehearse the proper response Be part of the solution, not the problem

7 Physical Endurance – Anaerobic; 2:3 ratio Strength – Injury prevention, power Speed – Proper distances Balance – Dynamic Balance Agility – Functional Footwork

8 Implementation Limited contact with players brings necessity to combine training Player & Coach evaluations help guide training Everything has a guided purpose Set players to improve weaknesses first before adding to their game Only as good as 2 nd serve applies to your players entire game

9 Recommendations Start development as young as possible Do evaluations as early as possible to create a development plan Enlist help: Strength & Conditioning coach, Sports Psychologist, Local Pro or experienced coach, professional organizations

10 Questions 620-441-5302 Thank you!

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