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Informational Interview Taggart Solomon Industry: United States Armed Forces.

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1 Informational Interview Taggart Solomon Industry: United States Armed Forces

2 Background On Vic Tise Graduated West Point 1977 Was MI Officer Was on Senator Salazar’s and currentely is on Senator Bennet’s Academy Nominating Commitee (helps choose who Senators will support with getting into the Academies) Senior Army Officer assigned to teach at Air Force Academy in 1996 Political Science teacher at the Air Force Academy, Coaches Girls Rugby I have been talking via email with him since mid September

3 Interview Date of interview will same day as Air Force Academy tour: – January 17 th, 22 nd, 31 st – February 5 th, 7 th Will talk with him over a dinner wherever he would like in Colorado Springs, CO on one of the above dates Did not want to call or email interview him becuase I feel that meeting him in person will look better

4 Reason For Choosing Military As Industry Very possible future for myself Have always wanted to join but also want to go to College Want to be an Infantry or Engineering Officer in Army or Marine Corps Attend either West Point, Anapolis, or go the ROTC route It’s a good cause to uphold

5 How Did I meet Vic Tise My boss at The Little Nell, Tim Baldwin, was aware I was looking into the Academies and he is a very close friend to Mr. Tise I asked him if he could introduce me with Mr. Tise and give me his contact information I emailed him introducing myself and my future goals and we worked on planning a time in our schedules that we could meet and discuss life as an Army Cadet in person.

6 Questions I Plan on Asking What are the main differences in student mentality you see between West Point and Air Force Academy students? What are the benefits of going to a Military Academy as opposed to joining ROTC for that specific branch? How do academics and military training intertwine at the Academies? Do you feel that graduating from West Point set you up for success in civilian life? How so? Do you have any advice for me in my process for applying to an Academy?

7 Requirements And Reasons To Go Into The Military As An Officer Found On Military’s Websites To become an Officer you can go to an Academy or go through ROTC. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree (preferred in math or science field). College is payed for You can enlist and be selected/apply for OCS (Officer Candidate’s School). They pay for college Good cause to uphold You dedicate your life to helping other people

8 Takeaways From Talking To Mr. Tise So Far... He is a very, VERY important contact to have in the process of applying to one of the Academies He is well connected with many people in more than one branch of the military He shows initiative to want to meet with me and help me through the process The Army has built him up to secceed in life. He is very successfull

9 First Email Recieved From Mr. Tise HI Taggart, Pleasure to meet you electronically and THANKS for your interest in the Air Force Academy and West Point! I do not know if Tim communicated to you that I am a West Point grad, Class of 1977 and I was the senior Army officer assigned to the Air Force Academy from 1996 to 2000 - where I served as an Assistant Professor teaching Politcal Science. Additionally, I have sat on Senator Salazar and Senator Bennet's Academy Nominating Committee for the last 10 years. As of right now, I am not sure if I will be in the Colorado Springs area that last weekend in October. I am one of the Coaches of the Air Force Academy Women's Rugby team and we are due to be in Albuquerque, NM that weekend. I would be back sometime on Sunday evening, so meeting that following Monday morning might work. With the government shutdown - none of the competitive sports teams can compete - so who knows what is in store by October 26th. I will keep you informed - if we don't go to NM we could meet sometime over that weekend. If nothing else - we could chat via phone conversation, but let me get back to you when we know something more concrete. Vic Tise

10 Other Contacts John Fitzpatrick – West Point graduate, Army Lawyer, Met through my Aunt, stay in email contact with him, possibly meet when going to Air Force Academy (he lives in Denver) Captain Griffith – Met at College Fair; Army Ranger, Special Forces, Sapper, stay in email contact with him I may get more contacts after meeting with Mr. Tise

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