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Bringing managerial organization, efficiencies, and simplicity to parks everywhere.

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1 Bringing managerial organization, efficiencies, and simplicity to parks everywhere

2 TODAY’S INFORMATION STREAM CREATES CHAOS DEFICIENCIES Information is incomplete Conflicting information Critical information missing Lacks time sensitivity Critical vs frivolous are mixed Calls turn into chat sessions Difficult to organize or prioritize information Data has no interconnectivity SOURCES Headquarters Local Agencies Staff Public Feedback Volunteers Formal Reports (accidents, citations) Park Neighbor DELIVERED BY: ●Phone●Fax ●Email● In Person

3 BEFORE BEFORE ParkWatchReport AFTER AFTER ParkWatchReport Handwritten notes on scraps of paper with no connectivity Required transcribing and researched to complete the incident assessment No centralized data for creating reports, tracking action taken, cost, frequency, locale, who made report, or who responded. Written documentation of each incident via identically formatted emails w/ photos Critical info is completed on sight by trail user Public involvement Reports available immediately Each incident receives a unique ID # that connects all related data indefinitely

4 Google Map Pin are used

5 Query Reports

6 ParkWatchReport Management ParkWatch functions as a stand alone web– based service that does not require (or interfere) with your existing IT system It is easier to use than Facebook Data to be gathered from trail and park users is established by the land manager who also determines the appropriate action to be taken Utilization of the data collected is at the discretion of the land manager

7 New Features in 2.0 NEW FEATURESNEW RESULTS Quick Scan code GPS locator Point and Click Data downloads easily customized Assess from any browser Reports are filed on sight by cell phone Incident location is logged by cell phone Minimal typing required More types of data can be tracked Use any smart phone

8 Quick scan app for cell phones made available on park signs, entrances, kiosks, day use/annual passes, and ParkWatch cards 1 2 3 4 5 67 8

9 The possibilities are endless ParkWatchReport works anywhere there is a collection of people that want to send specific information to a central source. ParkWatchReport works for any agency or otherwise united group that wants to enlist the help of the public or other specified group in collected data of a specific nature

10 Introductory ParkWatch Card




14 Alerts

15 Create an Alert

16 Opening page of incident report

17 What are the benefits? Data Sort: The land manager has the ability to pull reports organized by any of the data headers (incident type, date, time of day, location, action taken, etc). Labor Management: Personnel can be deployed, fully equipped, to a specific GPS location. Advance surveying and wasted trips to the incident site are avoided. Planning: The data collected can guide decision making based on recorded, unbiased facts related to both issues and resolutions. Evaluate Results: The data collected after a decision is implemented offers insights into the intended and unintended results of that decision. Financial Planning: Data that has tracked the demand for repairs, additional personnel, the impact of special events, etc., is essential to the budgeting process. Track Volunteer Hours and contributions: Every park enjoys the contributions made by volunteers who serve as docents, assistant units, trail work parties, etc., but the concrete results of their work and the number hours contributed are hard to track. ParkWatch can do this.

18 More benefits Public Relations: Public participation improves the public’s perception of an agency's transparency and the honesty of the agency's decisions. Facility Planning: ParkWatchReport can be used to query the public for data that is useful in planning for the future expansion (or elimination) of particular types of facilities or activities. Improve litigation results: Offering a comprehensive history of collecting and responding to safety issues with prompt and effective action demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe environment for public recreation. Staying in touch: ParkWatchReport keeps a finger on the pulse of individuals and groups with specific agendas related to park policies, activities and assorted concerns. Cost Avoidance: By staying current on maintenance and safety issues the most costing of accidents can be avoided. Litigating just one serious accident will be more than the expense of ParkWatchReport in a lifetime. Versatility: By blending HaborWatchReport, CityWatchReport, StreetWatchReport with ParkWatch the power and reach of this tool is an expense that is easily justified.

19 Town of Plymouth Pricing The following features and services are offered to the Town of Plymouth, Massachusetts by ParkWatchReport, LLC. 1.Unlimited and full time access to the web-based services offered under names of ParkWatchReport, HarborWatchReport, StreetWatchReport and CommunityWatchReport. 2.Updates to the site’s functionality (not including new features which are offered as an option and at an additional cost). 3.Full time support and training as needed. 4.Extensive Customization is available through the ParkWatchReport programmer at a prevailing hourly rate. Cost Structure: Pricing is based on the number of Administrators. One Administrator is $500/month provided ParkWatch receives permission to fill a limited number of advertising spaces on the site.

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