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African Americans and the Civil War

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1 African Americans and the Civil War
Chapter 4 Section 2

2 Enslaved African Americans Seek Revenge
Treated as a contraband or captured war supply in the Union hands Some in Missouri under Fremont became free – later reversed due to being a border state Lincoln thinking of the right time to issue an order dealing with emancipation – did not want to appear desperate


4 Antietem Single bloodiest day of the Civil War – more than 23,000 soldiers dead or wounded Lincoln had the victory he needed to declare emancipation


6 Emancipation Proclamation
Freed all people in places of rebellion after January 1, 1863 – in reality did not free a single slave Impact North – redefined the war as being “about slavery,” increased enlistment of African American soldiers – Militia Act allowed them to enlist South – Put an end to any thought of peaceful negotiation, will be a war until the end


8 African Americans Join The Fight
54th Massachusetts – First all black regiment – known for Battle at Fort Wagner Slaves in South help the Union – spies, scouts, sabotage farms

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