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The presenter grants permission for the information in this PowerPoint to be used in any way.

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1 The presenter grants permission for the information in this PowerPoint to be used in any way.

2 Assembling a Student Tech Crew

3 Mary Klauk, Library Media Specialist

4 Assess needs Find quality candidates Secure increased computer & network rights


6 5 th largest district in MN. – NW Mpls. 22,000 students K-12 17 elementary schools 4 junior high schools 3 high schools + 1 ALC

7 1,700 students 10-12 81 teachers 6 counselors 60 ESPs* 15 Cooks, Custodians 5 Administrators * Educational Support Professional

8 Computers 700 Windows 7 35 Macs Projectors 90 mounted Multimedia Equipment Video & still cameras 40 Document Cameras Speakers Wireless Keyboards & Mice Printers Spaces with Technology Forum Room – Multimedia Equipment Auditorium – use & partially maintain

9 Library Media Specialist (LMS) Media ESP - 7 hours Tech ESP - 6 hours Tech Support Specialist from District – 8-10 hours/week & by phone HelpDesk 7AM-4PM Student Tech Crew

10 1996 - Started by Media Specialist Mike Buck Tech support – very limited 4 students – Homeroom & tech aides Set up & imaged computers Installed software Did extensive troubleshooting Misc.

11 1998 –.5 MGSH 2000 – 6-hour Tech ESP*, Mike Buck retired & I became 1.0 2001 – 2 Tech Support Specialists weekly & by phone 2003 – increased Tech ESP to 8 hours Student Tech Crew Continued * Educational Support Professional

12 Whatever is needed Whatever they are capable of doing & learning to do Whatever they have rights to do



15 Real-world experience Résumé-worthy role Letters of recommendation & job references from LMS, Tech ESP Comfortable learning environment Training from Tech, Tech ESP & LMS

16 Interaction with staff & students Increased responsibility Problem-solving opportunities Greater self-confidence Recognition Night

17 Media Center – customer-service oriented Increases size of staff During homeroom time – 25 minutes, 3x/week Tech Aide – 1 or 2 students, 1 hour/day Summer tech crew Students volunteer during August workshops Staff learns from students I learn from students!


19 Assembling a Student Tech Crew Admin Support

20 Process Start search in January 4 seniors (2013) 4 sophomores (2015) Work in pairs for 3 rd trimester

21 4 students 1 – Auditorium Tech 1 – Webmaster for Media Center page 1 – Video production 1- Engineering Classes – Robotics Club

22 Auditorium – Current Student Tech & Technical Director of Musical Webmaster – Web Design Class Video Production – Art of Film, Computer Art, AP Computer Science Engineering & Robotics – Club Advisor, AP Computer Science

23 References Email or in person Only Teachers – current (10 th ) & last year (9 th ) Yes/No Questions Optional Comments Check transcript Require an email from student with tech interests

24 Do you characterize _______ (last trimester, 6th hour, Chemistry) as responsible, ethical, honest & trustworthy?

25 Do you think _______ can be trusted to keep passwords confidential?

26 Do you think _______ has the attitude & aptitude to learn & teach?

27 Is there anything else I should consider about this student before making the decision to invite them to join the Student Tech Crew?

28 Behave with the utmost integrity, honesty, respect – teachers report this Share technology “transgressions” Contribute to community Demonstrate being a life-long learner Help in class when tech needs arise Sign agreement & parents sign Use powers for good & not evil

29 Orientation Introductions to Media Staff & seniors Tour of Media Office & Head-end Room The “I know where you live” talk Take the “I will use my powers for good and not evil” oath

30 I email teachers of the new Tech Crew members letting them know it’s OK to request tech support from these students. I email the staff that new members have be brought into the fold & that the seniors will be orienting & training the sophomores.

31 Increased local rights Right click on desktop Download & install software Most staff cannot install software Add printers

32 Develop a system Have tasks ready when students arrive Visit labs to see if all is well

33 Connection the Media staff & students make

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