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Graphic Organizer Answers

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1 Graphic Organizer Answers
WWI Graphic Organizer Answers

2 Causes: Nationalism/Imperialism/Militarism
Nationalism – strong national pride in one’s nation, not ethnic identities France wanted Alsace-Lorraine back Minority cultures threatened Social Darwinism Destabilized empires (Austria-Hungary – Balkans) Imperialism – Desire for colonies Competition for empires (Africa, Asia) Militarism – Buildup of the military Stockpiling weapons, more and better weapons; glorification of the military Conscription Germany builds a strong army and navy

3 Alliances and Assassination
Triple Alliance – Aust.-Hung, Germany, Italy Triple Entente – GB, France, Russia Goal: protection and military aid June 28, 1914 – Sarajevo (Bosnia) Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated Gavrillo Princip Black Hand – Serbian Nationalists Chain reaction as nations honor alliances Germany advances through neutral Belgium (Schlieffen Plan)

4 Technology, Trench Warfare, Western Front
Germans stopped at the Marne Ineffective offensives coupled with powerful defenses Stalemate – 600 miles of trenches – Western Front Devastating weapons (artillery, machine guns, poison gas, tanks) Trenches – mud, filth, rats, trench foot, exposure War of attrition – thousands died Verdun (700,000), Somme (60,000 in one day)

5 American Position: Neutrality to War
Neutrality – Wilson’s official policy (“He kept us out of war”) Divided loyalties Irish/German – favored Central Powers Russians – Jews fled to US from pogroms Most Americans favored Allies British heritage French revolutionary spirit; aid in American Revolution Isolationists – stay out Interventionists – get in Internationalists – play a roll but keep peace

6 American Position – Neutrality to War
Preparedness policy – getting ready for war Many opposed Involvement: Germany unrestricted submarine warfare Lusitania Sussex Zimmerman note April, 1917 – Congress declares war

7 Home Front: Economy, Public Opinion, Dissension, Society
Economy – Government control WIB – Bernard Baruch – ran industry Food Administration – Herbert Hoover (ramped up agriculture, regulated prices, conservation and rationing Mon. – Wheat, Tues – Meat, Wed. – Pork Public Opinion CPI – George Creel, propaganda Dissension – Opposition to the war Germans/Irish, Pacifists, Govt. trespassing on individual freedoms, opposition to the draft, conscientious objectors, women’s peace movements (Jeanette Rankin)

8 Home Front Government crackdown Society Espionage Act, Sedition Act
Schenk v. US Debs imprisoned several times (Socialist) Society Prejudice at home against Germans (liberty measles, liberty steaks, liberty pups) Women jobs, 19th amendment Great Migration

9 Americas role, Battles, Leaders, Treaty
America turns the tide of the war Thousands enlist, fresh troops, Doughboys “Over There” Convoy system Battles 2nd Marne, Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, Meuse Argonne Alvin York – American hero African-American regiment earns highest honor in France

10 America cont. Leader – General John J. Pershing (“Blackjack), leads US forces Treaty Armistice – 11/11/18 (Veterans’ Day) Wilson’s Fourteen Points Freedom of the seas, self-determination of nations, reduction of military, no alliances 14th League of Nations – Senate fails to ratify treaty, US does not join the League Treaty – Germany: war guilt, reparations, demilitarize, humiliated and crushed; new map of Europe drawn

11 Impact of War: Economy, Communism, “Normalcy,” New Order
Post war recession, women and blacks lose jobs, labor unrest, inflation, flu pandemic Communism Red Scare as Russia turns communist; Palmer raids, Sacco and Vanzetti trial Normalcy Harding embraces “normalcy;” Republicans throughout 20’s; return to isolation New Order What will America’s role be? Old order of empires destroyed, millions dead, what next???

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