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FY12 Community Engagement

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1 FY12 Community Engagement
DPE FY12 Community Engagement

2 Agenda Objectives for FY12 Community Engagement Calendar
DPE Accountabilities Community Influencer Accountabilities Activity Planning Community IMPACT Awards FY12

3 Community Engagement : FY12 Objectives
Consistent & Predictable Rhythm of Engagement Contribute Content and Showcase Community Champions to the technical audience universe Drive priorities through your communities Community Influencers to provide product and initiative feedback on a regular basis. Regular interaction with evangelists, relevant product teams, etc. Contribute apps, code snippets, stories, technical articles, videos, etc. to our online properties Recruit community members to participate in MSDN & TechNet forums and provide active query resolution on social media, as SME’s Deliver sessions to drive product evaluations, certifications & downloads based on FY12 priorities, among your community. Ensure success of the Community IMPACT awards program to drive above priorities.

4 FY12 Priority 1: Consistent & Predictable Rhythm of Engagement
No. Activity DPE Accountabilities Community Influencer Accountabilities Frequency 1 Roundtable with evangelists, relevant SMEs (BG’s, IDC Product teams, etc.) Organize roundtables with relevant stakeholders in key cities. Invitation and BYC would be sent min. 2 weeks in advance to MVP Lead and UG Leads. To ensure participation by the right members of the community (as per technology theme) Quarterly (3rd month or every quarter) 2 Call between MVPs, UG Leads, Prominent Bloggers, Evangelists & AMM’s Organize the calls with relevant stakeholders. Drive agenda Help formalize the v-team Ensure participation by v-team members in the call. Monthly (Starting Aug) 3 Monthly bulletin to all MVPs and UG Leads Newsletter to be created by marketing team, and sent to MVP Lead, INETA, GITCA Ensure monthly contribution of 1 article on focus technologies s per flight plan from various community influencers. Ensure percolation of monthly newsletter to ALL community members. 4 All Community Events – Online & Offline Promote UG/MVP Events through all audience marketing channels and drive demand. Support with content, resource material and speakers. To ensure timely reporting of all activities – pre and post event, to enable us to drive demand.

5 Community Influencer Accountabilities
FY12 Priority 2: Contribute Content & Increase Reach No. Activity DPE Accountabilities Community Influencer Accountabilities Frequency 1 Participation in MSDN & TechNet forums & social media handles. Promote community influencers as subject matter experts. Promote blogs, articles written by influencers through our social media channels To ensure sign-ups to the MSDN/TechNet forums & social media channels by ALL members of the community To aid in active query resolution with an SLA of 24 hours. Submit blog posts and articles on a fortnightly basis. Regular 2 Participation in specific initiatives & campaigns Specific messaging to the community around initiatives & campaigns through monthly community newsletter. DPE to share Resource Toolkit with all community members. Ensure maximum participation from the community – submission of apps, code snippets, stories, articles, etc. Developer Champions My App is Better My Career Roadmap 3 Increase Size & Reach of Communities Marketing support to increase UG membership. Monthly calendar of activities to be shared with DPE well in advance. Recruit more developers and IT Pros to join the communities and increase reach. Work with evangelists to identify new influentials and create new UG’s. Monthly

6 FY12 Priority 3: Enlist Community Champions to drive priorities
No. Activity DPE Accountabilities Community Influencer Accountabilities Frequency 1 Regular sessions in the community (online & offline) based on focus technologies Content and other relevant resources to be provided. Marketing of each event to our database. Product focused kits to be sent to all UG’s (working with UGSS to finalize the same) To promote certifications and downloads of focus technologies. To report these metrics on a monthly basis. Bloggers to include occasional banners in their blogs Regular 2 Community IMPACT Awards Overall Contest Management and Marketing Monthly reporting of all UG activities, for all UG’s. Motivate fellow members to participate in the contest. Quarterly

7 Community IMPACT Awards
Category A: Team Contribution (Annual) Award Criteria Prizes Best Tier-1 Developer User Group # of events (online and offline) conducted. Total reach of events (each event to be supported with database). Total # of certifications (applicable only to IT Pro UG’s) Total # of contributions on Microsoft online campaigns (blogs, articles, stories, apps) Best User Group FY12 Trophies (4). Plaques for (up to) four (4) User Group Leads (from each winning UG). Recognition in Microsoft online properties. Best Tier-1 IT Pro User Group Best Tier-2 Developer User Group Best Tier-2 IT Pro User Group

8 Community IMPACT Awards
Category B: Individual Contribution (Bi-Annual) Award Criteria Prizes Best Developer Community Contributor # of sessions taken Total # of session attendees Feedback Rating of Sessions # of Blog Posts & Frequency of Blog Posts Impact on social networks (Twitter, Facebook) as measured by Microsoft X-Box with Kinect Feature story on MSDN Community Portal and on “My Career Roadmap” portal. Showcase on MSDN Flash newsletter. Certificate signed by senior Microsoft leadership. Best IT Pro Community Contributor

9 Category C: Arun Kumar Memorial Award for Community Excellence
Community IMPACT Awards Category C: Arun Kumar Memorial Award for Community Excellence Award Criteria Prizes Arun Kumar Memorial Award for Community Excellence and exemplary contribution This award winner will be decided upon by the Microsoft. Indicative criteria* are: All criteria listed in Category B. Any book authored/co-authored in Any other significant impact on the community. *Indicative only. Award decision solely rests with Microsoft. Certificate signed by Microsoft Senior Leadership. All expenses-paid trip to Tech.Ed North America in 2012. Showcase on all relevant Microsoft forums incl. MSDN Community Portal and MSDN Flash newsletter. Windows Phone 7

10 DPE T h a n k Y o u

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