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Ste. Marie Among theHurons Parent Information Night.

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2 Ste. Marie Among theHurons Parent Information Night

3 Information Night Objectives An overnight trip can be an amazing opportunity for students to experience hands on learning and social growth and development in a community of their peers. It can also create some potential anxiety for young people who have not had much experience with extended stays away from home. This meeting will: 1. Help inform parents and students about what they can expect on the trip as well as answer any questions and concerns you or your child may have 2. Seek parent input about the trip and answer any questions or concerns raised by parents or students 3. Discuss fundraising possibilities and enlist any parent volunteers to assist as chaperones or in other capacities

4 Overview What is Ste. Marie Among the Hurons? A recreated living history museum located outside of Midland, on the site of the first European settlement in Ontario. Originally constructed in 1639 by French Jesuit Missionaries and other French settlers and lay people. Established as a Jesuit mission to the Huron people. Overnight Program “Moon of Winter Time” provides students opportunity to experience life in a recreated mission in 17 th century New France Students are immersed in hands-on, curriculum related activities that challenge them and enhance the experience of 17 th life for Natives and French settlers.

5 Summary of Facts (Preparation Package Section II) Minimum charge for 20 participants One teacher/adult free for every five students All participants must pay for meals at on site restaurant (or supply own food) Cost of education programming per student $90.00

6 Sleeping Accommodations The education centre is a modern building with heat, washrooms and electricity Males and females sleep in two large separate rooms on the Upper floor of the education centre Padded sleeping mats are provided Washrooms have toilets and sinks ONLY Large common room with tables and benches A small kitchenette with a small refrigerator and sink We are expected to leave the Education centre “cleaner than we found it”

7 Safety Procedures There is a security guard on site from 4:30 pm-8:00 am An emergency phone and phone numbers are provided in the Education centre Parents and students must sign a waiver and complete medical Information sheet for Ste Marie, on top of regular school forms Students who are not observing safety or behaviour expectations will be sent home at the cost of their parents. Refer to Preparation Package Section VII and VIII for further safety procedures

8 Programming Small group workshops daily that highlight 17 th First Nations and European traditions Teacher selects from a range of programming options (see Prep. Package Section III) Curriculum Links See section IX in Prep Package Additional programming such as journaling, campfire songs story telling, skits are organized by students and teacher

9 Meals Ste Marie’s –on site restaurant (see Menu order form) Bring prepared meals (pea soup, bread, muffins, cereal etc) Bring nutritious snacks Open hearth fire (hot dogs/bannock/smores etc.) Depending on how we would like to balance our budget we may choose any combination of the following: For any options where we are to bring or prepare our own food, we will need to bring our own cooking and cleaning utensils and have parents who can volunteer to provide items ahead of time.

10 What to Bring A comprehensive list of what students and organizing adults need to bring is included in the preparation package Section VI What to Bring NOT Video games radios Curling irons I Pods Hair dryers MP 3 Players

11 Fundraising Fundraising depends on the group. Its best to find out if there are parents willing to take an interest in fundraising. Fundraising can not only lower the costs paid by students, but it can also be a good learning and community building exercise depending on the fundraising activity. Volunteers We will need parent volunteers to help with the following: Chaperones on the trip Snack food preparation and donation Organizing fundraising Helping count money Pea soup activity


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