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United Way of Greater Cincinnati Channeling Influence Into Action Living Your Legacy Tocqueville Growth and Engagement.

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1 United Way of Greater Cincinnati Channeling Influence Into Action Living Your Legacy Tocqueville Growth and Engagement

2 World Class Arts Institutions –Strong Arts Campaign raising $12 million for 110 organizations Professional Baseball and Football Teams Nationally Ranked Universities and Colleges Hospital Systems with Strong Research Capacity Growing YP Presence s The Region is Home to 10 Fortune 500 Companies Revitalized Downtown and Riverfront – Hosting All Star Game in 2015 Independent Restaurants and Local Chefs Gaining National Prominence Strong Local Attractions: Zoo, Museums, Waterparks, Aquarium, Casino, Amusement Park Metropolitan Statistical Area: 27 th Largest Metro in the U.S. with 2.14 Million People CINCINNATI AT A GLANCE: A LIVEABLE AND VIBRANT MIDWESTERN CITY

3 ONE OF THE LARGEST TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETIES IN THE COUNTRY Founding Founded in 1985 with 13 Members (5 current members) Company Driven One Annual Gathering Tocqueville Award Established Current State More than 900 members Donating $13.3 Million Member Driven – Members Recruit/Advocate New Members Diverse Menu of Engagement Opportunities –Unique Affinity Groups –Strong Pipeline –Growing Brand Recognition

4 UNDERSTAND AND SELL THE VALUE OF THE NETWORK WHILE BUILDING THE BRAND Give the member a unique and safe network or experience that no other organization can provide on a large scale. Learn, Work, Play! The Cincinnati Tocqueville Society is the premiere leadership platform in the region. Crosses all geographies, industries, ages, gender, religions, ethnicities. As the brand builds – the flywheel will bring members to you. Structure/balance engagement opportunities around common themes of Learn, Work, Play. A.G., Lafley, CEO, P&G

5 OUR PATH, OUR PLAN People, Product & Passion Have a Product(s) to Sell Identify Prospects Aligned with the Product(s) Enlist/Train Solicitors Who Are Passionate about the Product Couple with a Challenge Match

6 TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY: LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE Tocqueville Advisory Council: Strategy and Content Launched in 2011 to Oversee Strategic Direction, Governance, Retention Mission/Vision Statement: Channeling Influence Into Action Tag Line: Living Your Legacy 3 A’s Platform Ally: Networking Align: Learning Opportunities Act: Using Collective Influence Membership Survey Key Results: Significant Engagement and Educational Series Developed and Implemented. Tocqueville Cabinet: Sales/Retention Identifies and Cultivates New Members Identifies and Cultivates New Segments Record-breaking results in: 2011 161 New Members (54 WLC) 2012 139 New Members (35 WLC) 2013 138 New Members (47 WLC) 2014 130 New Members (28 WLC) Advocates Within Their Industry/Sphere of Influence Cabinet activity and solicitation February 1 – January 31

7 PATH TO TOCQUEVILLE ENGAGEMENT: LEARN, WORK, PLAY Lists Recognize Luncheons Networking Reward Inform Connect Engage Advocate Educate Inspire Influence Change Impact

8 UNDERSTAND THE CHANGING NEEDS OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP Survey, Analyze, Adapt! Resulted In: Tocqueville on the Road Survey of membership in 2010 yielded three distinct themes and one over-arching comment. Quotes follow: “Work does not permit me to attend the day time events – do something in the evening hours outside of the downtown location.” “Like the speakers at the lunches – wish there was more networking time.” “Happy to write the check, why aren’t you using my brain?” And throughout each of the these statements: want a stronger connection – “How can I plug in?” An evening series outside of downtown that alternates between networking and deep dive sessions on specific topics. Learn & Play Beyond the Check (Learn) Brief 45 minute gatherings to engage new and longstanding members on programs and progress

9 SEGMENTATION IS KEY Unique Affinity Groups WLC: Women’s Self-sufficiency, Networking, Professional Development, Book, Travel and Tennis Groups Women’s Leadership Council  258 Tocqueville women giving $2.8 million Hispanic Leadership Society  55 members giving $267,000 Tocqueville Riders  101 riders giving more than $1.6 million Herbert R. Brown Society (African American Membership)  363 members giving $762,000

10 UNDERSTAND AND SELL THE VALUE OF THE NETWORK WHILE BUILDING THE BRAND First Tuesday Lunches (Learn) Held: First Tuesday of each month September – June Speaker: Member only Topic: Speakers choice Cost: Full sponsorship $50,000/year Attendance: At capacity 225 United Way Message: CEO and speaker (brief) Member Message: Recent awards noted Tocqueville Updates: New members introduced, Legacy Gifts recognized Program Updates: Events highlighted on calendars Prospects: Welcomed with member (limited seating)

11 ENGAGEMENT IS BROAD, INCLUSIVE, INTEREST AND PASSION DRIVEN Tocqueville Riders – 4 Rides in 2014 Women's Tennis, Travel & Book Groups Tocqueville University Under consideration: Core curriculum is framed around the community’s Bold Goals So that: Members have an enhanced understanding of the issues, needs, challenges and strategies. Foster unconventional collaboration to solve problems Convene leaders who share a common bond of interest, talents and networks.

12 Million Dollar Roundtable (19 members) $1,000,000 – $1,999,999 Commitments payable within 5 years Outright Gift Donating appreciated stock or life insurance policy Up-front Pledge or Challenge Grant through cash or appreciated stock Giving an irrevocable planned gift in which United Way of Greater Cincinnati is the sole owner and beneficiary Successful Roundtable Investments – Raising the Bar MAJOR & PRINCIPAL GIFT INVESTMENT Two Million Dollar Roundtable (1 member) $2,000,000 – $2,999,999 Three Million Dollar Roundtable (2 members) $3,000,000 – $3,999,999 Four Million Dollar Roundtable (2 members) $4,000,000 – $4,999,999

13 MAJOR & PRINCIPAL GIFT INVESTMENT New Opportunities – Million Dollar Roundtable Advisory Cabinet A group of MDR members came together in 2012 for the purpose of identifying a strategy to increase Million Dollar Roundtable membership Outcome: Creation of two new local Roundtable recognition levels William Cooper Procter Roundtable ~ $500,000 payable within 5 years Frederick A. Geier Roundtable ~$250,000 payable within 5 years Successes to Date: Members (as of 3/1/15) Total Commitments William Cooper Procter 4$2,000,000 Frederick A. Geier 4$1,000,000

14 Newest Opportunity – Major Gifts Cabinet Founded in 2014 for the purpose of building a pipeline to increase Major and Principal gift investment 2015: Introduction of the UWGC Centennial Society Annual gifts at $25,000 - $249,999 2014 Baseline = 61 members 2015 Goal = 100 members MAJOR & PRINCIPAL GIFT INVESTMENT Planting the seeds for future growth… Next steps for the next 100 years…

15 Dollars Raised (in Millions) Tocqueville Giving Our Plan 1999 – Create Challenge Match that Funded a Product that Started a Conversation. Apply Human Resources Coupled with Known Champions. Offer a Network that Did Not Exist in Large Scale Build Brand Using a One on Many Approach First Engage the Mind then the Heart and then make the Ask Learn, Work, Play! OUR PLAN, OUR PATH – INTO THE FUTURE

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