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Project Restore Project Restore Arkansas Community Action Plan August 22, 2011.

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1 Project Restore Project Restore Arkansas Community Action Plan August 22, 2011

2 Target Audience  Target population: Women 40 and over, at 200% of the poverty level who cannot afford mammograms or cervical cancer screenings  Target Health Priority: Breast and cervical cancer early detection

3 Background  To increase Arkansas Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program from $2,753,681 to $6,000,000 Our coalition selected this goal as a priority because funding for the State Department of Health’s BreastCare (Arkansas BCCEEP) program is decreasing - major source of funding is excise tax charged on cigarettes and tobacco products - due to recent state and federal tobacco excise tax increases, the number of smokers in the state is decreasing - less funding is available to help those who cannot afford mammograms or cervical cancer screenings

4 Need & Significance FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 Total Funding$4,542,291$4,349,934$3,889,805$3,568,059 Total Number of Women Served 14,73313,8729,749 8,492 Average Cost of Each Woman Served $308$314 $399 $420 BreastCare Clinical Services Expenditures and women served :

5 CAP Leadership  Arkansas Cancer Coalition  American Cancer Society  Merlin Foundation  UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute  Susan G. Komen for the Cure Arkansas Ozark Texarkana  Community Health Centers of Arkansas

6 Objectives  Conduct education campaigns to educate the general public and policy makers about the importance of breast and cervical cancer Hold legislative briefing about the current status of breast and cervical cancer in the state Conduct public education training in public health regions Coordinate messaging and print materials to raise awareness Conduct Breast Cancer Coalition (BCC) Rally at the State Capitol  Recruit volunteers to follow up with policy makers Recruit and train volunteers about the need to increase BCC funding Distribute follow-up materials to policy makers

7 Building a Brand Collaborative Innovative Inclusive

8 Steps Taken to Reach Objectives  Stakeholders presented to a joint hearing to the state House/Senate Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committee  Women’s Caucus Luncheon was held to enlist champions for the BreastCare  Refined existing Breast Cancer Promise educational materials to reflect Project Restore initiative  Launched a Project Restore website  Produced two videos, fact sheets, banners, and other promotional materials to support Project Restore  Hosted “Paint the Capitol Pink” to raise awareness about the reduced funding & met with 31 of 35 Senators  Conduct education campaigns to educate the general public and policy makers






14 T-Shirt Contact Card

15 Steps Taken to Reach Objectives  Recruit volunteers to follow up with policy makers  Hosted a booth at the Arkansas Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure where 6,000 information bags were distributed and 1,300 people provided email addresses to receive updates from Project Restore  Produced a toolkit and provided advocacy and educational training to more than 55 Breast and Cervical cancer supporters in order to educate, recruit, and engage core constituents on tools developed to support promotional efforts before meeting with their Senator


17 Outreach

18 Outcomes The State Health Department developed a quarterly report providing detailed BreastCare program information and transparency for constituents, decision makers, advocates, and the general public Development of the Project Restore website provides easily accessible and up-to-date information Printed and electronic media keeps citizens informed and leaders aware of program elements and updates Recruitment of new partners In-kind media via television coverage Special Language added to State Health Department budget bill requiring BreastCare to be maintained at a minimum funding level Although the overall objective of increasing BreastCare funding to $6 million has not yet been reached, awareness has increased among both the general public and policy makers.

19 KLRT Fox 16 Coverage Paint the Capitol Pink

20 Challenges  Previously existing political climate significantly altered by 44 newly elected legislators  Increased need to inform decision makers about issues made a challenge by the gray area of lobbying versus educating policy makers  Strong anti-government sentiment growing could cause efforts to be perceived as government regulating health  In response to these barriers, conference calls, face-to- face meetings, and the development of a toolkit with educational talking points regarding the program have been developed.

21 Luncheon

22 Outreach during SGK Race

23 Sustainability  Additional breast and cervical cancer program funding still needed so momentum behind the effort will continue  The Coalition represents large and small organizations that are vested in sustaining and increasing support for BreastCare funding  Advocates have been mobilized with training on toolkit elements and encouraged to speak with decision makers in their local districts

24 Success Stories  Race for the Cure allowed 25,000 cards on Project Restore to be distributed with facts on the BreastCare program  Within the first few months after it’s launch, the Project Restore website received 2,000 visitors with numbers expected to increase after interested Race participants were notified  Paint the Capitol Pink received statewide media coverage, generating widespread awareness about reduced funding for the BreastCare program  Nine elements comprise the new State Health Department quarterly report  Two testimonial videos were created to convey the mission, scope, and impact of the BreastCare program  Engagement of legislative champions

25 Future Plans  Continue training partners  Seek out opportunities to alert the general public about shrinking BreastCare funds  Work with decision makers to determine the best formula for state appropriations with the BreastCare program  Print additional educational materials  Host more events to raise awareness

26 Arkansas Community Action Plan Thank you to UAB and our Partners!

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