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Macbeth Act III.

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1 Macbeth Act III

2 Brief Synopsis – Act III
Banquo half suspects Macbeth of Duncan’s murder but accepts an invitation to be the chief guest at the new king’s fest. He tells Macbeth that he and his son Fleance will be riding that afternoon, and Macbeth employs two murderers to kill both father and son, thus negating the second part of the witches’ prophecies. Their murderers waylay the pair killing Banquo, but Fleance escapes. That night at the feast Macbeth speaks glowingly of Banquo, whom he has had killed.

3 Brief Synopsis – Act III continued …
The ghost of Banquo enters and occupies the place of Macbeth, who is the only one who can see the ghostly apparition. Macbeth speaks to the ghost in horror, and the queen dismisses the guests before they become more suspicious. They discover that Duncan’s son Malcolm has been joined by the powerful Lord Macduff in opposition to Macbeth and are busy enlisting the help of Northumberland, Old Siward, in their cause.

4 Brief Synopsis – Act III continued …
The three witches meet on the heath with their mistress Hecate to bring about Macbeth’s fall.

5 Study Guide Questions

6 Study Guide Questions 1-2
In the short soliloquy that opens Scene 1, what does Banquo reveal that he knows about Macbeth? What does he decide to do? ____________________________________________________ Banquo reveals that he suspects Macbeth came by the crown dishonorably and if the witches prophecies have come true for Macbeth, will they not come true for Banquo “…that myself should be the root and father of many kings.” But he decides to wait and watch.

7 Study Guide Questions 1-2
How and WHY does Macbeth arrange Banquo’s murder? How is Lady Macbeth involved in the murder? ____________________________________________________ Macbeth has hired two murderers to kill Banquo (because he knows Banquo’s knows what he did) and Fleance because he fears he has murdered Duncan only for Banquo’s children to become king. Lady Macbeth doesn’t know of the murder, she’s thinks he is speaking of Duncan when she asks him “what’s to be done?” Macbeth answers “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed. ……”

8 Study Guide Questions 3-4
In Scene 3, who escapes the murderers? ____________________________________________________ Describe what happens in Scene 4 when Ross, Lennox, and the other lords invite Macbeth to share their table. What does Macbeth do? What does Lady Macbeth do? Fleance escapes the three (3) murderers. Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo sitting in Macbeth’s place so he refuses to sit and talks to the ghost “Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake they gory locks at me.” Even though Macbeth did not kill him with his own hands, Macbeth is responsible for the murder. Lady Macbeth puts the gentlemen at ease by saying that Macbeth often has these seizures and he will be himself soon. She warns the nobles that it will offend Macbeth if they make too much of his actions.

9 Study Guide Questions 5-6
By Scene 6, what opinion do Lennox and the other lords hold of Macbeth? ____________________________________________________ Macduff does not appear at all in Act III. Where is he and WHY? They believe Macbeth is guilty of the murder of Duncan. Macduff has gone to the holy king in England to plan with Northumberland and the warlike Siward to see if they can come to Scotland overthrow Macbeth. In the mean time, they wait quitely.

10 Study Guide Questions 7 Why do you suppose Shakespeare did not have Macbeth kill Banquo with his own hands, as he killed Duncan and his two guards? What can you infer about Macbeth’s changing character from seeing how readily he engages in this complex plan involving professional murderers? ____________________________________________________ This shows the rapid and malignant growth of the evil Macbeth is embracing. He is now paying for the deed to be done so he does not have the actual blood on his hands. He doesn’t care what is happening to the souls of the men he hires to do his bidding.

11 Study Guide Question 8 The relationship between Macbeth and his wife has changed in several ways since they became rulers of Scotland. Describe some of these changes. What reasons can you suggest for these changes? _____________________________________________________ Macbeth does not involve Lady Macbeth in the planning of the murders. They are no longer in partnership and are both dealing with the horror of Duncan’s death on their own. Macbeth by seeing ghosts and illusions and Lady Macbeth by avoidance.

12 Study Guide Question 9-10 How is Fleance’s escape a turning point in the play? ____________________________________________________ Fleance’s escape is a turning point in the play because this is the beginning of the end for Macbeth. This is the first time Macbeth has not completely succeeded in his evil plan and it still holds the witches’ prophecy as true that Banquo’s heirs shall rule.

13 Study Guide Question 11 Nobody except Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost. In some productions of the play, the ghost does not appear onstage; in others, it does. What is gained by having Banquo appear at the banquet, made up as a ghost? What is gained by having nobody actually appear to motivate Macbeth’s terrible behavior? _____________________________________________________ Macbeth seeing Banquo aids the audience in understanding that Macbeth is seeing and talking to a ghost. Whereby, when the nobles see Macbeth talking to himself it aids in their believe that he is going crazy and must have some demon pursuing him.

14 Study Guide Question 12 How does the banquet scene blur the clear-cut and common sense distinction that most of us make between the real and the imaginary? Describe what happens in other scenes in which this distinction has also been blurred. _____________________________________________________ Remember, Macbeth sees the floating knives, he hears voices after he kills Duncan, and he see’s Banquo’s ghost.

15 Study Questions 1-4 Who does Macbeth say killed Duncan?
____________________________________________________ What does the “barren scepter” represent? Why must the assassins keep Macbeth’s plan a secret? Who is an unwelcome guest at Macbeth’s banquet? _____________________________________________________ Macbeth says the groomsmen killed Duncan and that is why he killed them in a great rage. The barren scepter represents a king with no power,; one who is unable to produce the success and loyalty required of a king. Macbeth has threatened the murderers that he knows powerful people who could come back to hurt them. Banquo’s ghost is an unwelcome guest at the banquet.

16 Study Questions 5-8 Who makes excuses for Macbeth’s strange behavior?
____________________________________________________ Who suspects that Macbeth killed Duncan? _____________________________________________________ Who does Macbeth blame for Banquo’s death and why? Who is angry with the witches because she was not included in their plans concerning Macbeth? Lady Macbeth makes excuses for Macbeth by saying he suffers from a childhood malady. Macduff suspects Macbeth has killed Duncan so has left the country to England and to Malcom. Macbeth blames himself. He know he killed Banquo because Banquo would tell on him. Banquo was honorable and true. Hecate the lead witch is angry with the other witches.

17 Study Questions 9-10 Who escapes Macbeth’s assassins?
_____________________________________________________ Who hopes for aid from England against Macbeth? Banquo’s son Fleance escapes the murderers. Lennox and another Lord hope that Macduff and Malcom rescue them from Macbeth.

18 Act III Why does Macbeth fear Banquo?
_____________________________________________________ Why is Macbeth so determined to have Fleance killed? Whom do the murderers kill? Macbeth fears Banquo because of the prophesy and Banquo’s goodness. Macbeth wants Fleance killed because the prophesy states that Banquo’s heirs will rein over Scotland. The assassins kill Banquo in the woods by slitting his throat.

19 Act III continued … Why is it ironic that this person escapes?
_____________________________________________________ Whom does Macbeth exclude from this murder that was deeply involved with Duncan’s murder? The irony is that the escape gives truth the witches prophecy and Fleance is really the only one that had to die and he lived. Macbeth excludes Lady Macbeth in all of the planned murders from this time forward.

20 Act III continued … What does Macbeth see at the banquet?
_____________________________________________________ What do the guests at the feast think about Macbeth and his ramblings? What does Lady Macbeth tell Macbeth that he lacks which could greatly help his situation? Macbeth see’s Banquo’s ghost. The guests are troubled and believes he is ill. Manliness and courage.

21 Act III continued … What are Macduff and Malcolm doing at the end of this act? _____________________________________________________ Macduff and Malcolm are with the king of England trying to bring Northumberland and warlike Siward to fight Macbeth for Scotland.

22 Act III Quotes

23 Act III Quotes 19.“Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all, as the weird women promised, and I fear thou play’dst most foully for it’t.” Speaker = __________________ Explanation = ____________________ Banquo When Macbeth was crowned King at Scone.

24 Speaker = _____________________ Explanation = _______________________
20.“There is none but he whose being I do fear: and under him my genius is rebuked, as it is said that Marc Antony’s was by Caesar.” Speaker = _____________________ Explanation = _______________________ Macbeth

25 Speaker = _______________ Explanation = ___________________
21.“Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown and put a barren scepter in my grip, thence to be wrenched with an unlineal hand, no son of mine succeeding. If’t be so, for Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind;” Speaker = _______________ Explanation = ___________________ Macbeth

26 Speaker = ______________ Explanation = _______________________
22.“It is concluded Banquo, thy soul’s flight, if it find heaven, must find it out tonight.” Speaker = ______________ Explanation = _______________________ Macbeth

27 Speaker = _________________ Explanation = ___________________
23.“Nought’s had, all’s spent, where our desire is got without content: ‘tis safer to be that which we destroy than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.” Speaker = _________________ Explanation = ___________________ Lady Macbeth

28 Speaker = _____________________ Explanation = ______________________
24.“Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed.” Speaker = _____________________ Explanation = ______________________ Macbeth

29 25.“Thou canst not say I did it. Never shake thy gory locks at me.”
Speaker = __________________ Explanation = ____________________ Macbeth

30 Speaker = __________________ Explanation = ________________________
26.“I am in blood stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.” Speaker = __________________ Explanation = ________________________ Macbeth

31 Act III Quiz

32 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 1. As he considers Macbeth’s kingship, Banquo feels a. premonitions of his own impending death b. admiration for Macbeth’s achievement c. glimmers of hope for his sons d. disgust at his encounter with the witches C

33 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 2. The “barren scepter” Macbeth refers to is a symbol implying that he a. will never wield power b. will have no heirs to the throne c. will soon be overthrown and slain d. prefers a smooth scepter barren of decoration B

34 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 3. Macbeth explains to the hired murderers that they must keep his plan a secret because a. he would be forced to execute them to satisfy the people b. the murderers would be ostracized for their dirty work c. he and Banquo have friends in common who would be upset d. the people should not know about the king’s sins C

35 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 4. When Macbeth hears that Fleance has escaped the murderers, he reacts with a. relief b. anxiety c. happiness d. indifference B

36 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 5. When Macbeth begins talking to Banquo’s ghost, Lady Macbeth reacts by a. telling the others Macbeth has an illness b. talking loudly so that Macbeth cannot be heard c. confessing their crimes to the guests d. pretending she sees the same apparition A

37 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 6. Which of the following phrases is the most vivid example of figurative language in Act III? a. “As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches shine . . .” b. “O, full of scorpions is my mind, dear wife!” c. “There’s comfort yet; they are assailable.” d. “Blood hath been shed ere now . . .” B

38 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 7. Hecate intends to ensure Macbeth’s downfall by making him a. devoted b. angry c. overconfident d. fearful C

39 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 8. At the beginning of Scene 6, Lennox speaks of Macbeth’s sorrow and nobility in a tone that is a. objective b. affectionate c. comforting d. sarcastic D

40 Macbeth Act III Quiz ____ 9. suspects that Macbeth killed Duncan ___ 10. suspects that Banquo knows Macbeth’s crimes ___ 11. is suspicious because the Witches have not provided information ___ 12. are suspicious because of Macbeth’s behavior at the banquet ___ 13. are suspicious about all events and hope for aid from England against Macbeth A Banquo Lennox and another lord The nobles Macbeth Hecate D E C B

41 Macbeth Act III Quiz 15. Which of the following quotations do you think is the most foreboding? On a separate sheet of paper, write the letter of the quotation you choose and briefly defend your choice. Each quotation is a valid choice. Use at least one example from the play to support your ideas. a. Hecate: “I am for th’ air; this night I’ll spend / Unto a dismal and fatal end.” b. Macbeth: “We are yet but young in deed.” c. Lennox: “. . . that a swift blessing / May soon return to this our suffering country / Under a hand accursed!” d. Lady Macbeth: “’Tis safer to be that which we destroy / Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.”

42 Macbeth Act III Quiz Possible Answer 15
c. Lennox’s words are the most foreboding because they describe a stirring conflict between the people and their king that is bound to end in a bloody struggle. a. Hecate’s words are the most foreboding because they suggest that Macbeth will meet a miserable, deadly end. b. Macbeth’s words are the most foreboding because they suggest that Macbeth and his wife will commit more horrible crimes. d . Lady Macbeth’s words are the most foreboding because she implies that it is better for her to be dead than to be tormented by guilt.

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