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Lean LaunchPad for Undergrads Implementations and Strategies.

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2 Lean LaunchPad for Undergrads Implementations and Strategies

3 Empower U.S. undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life for the benefit of our economy and society

4 Mary Besterfield- Sacre University of Pittsburgh Grant Warner Howard University Patricia Sullivan New Mexico State University Yash Risbud Cooper Union Ed Pines New Mexico State University Mary Raber Michigan Technological University Lee Burge Howard University

5 5 5 x 5 mins. presentations 1 x 5 mins. opening reflection 2 x 5 mins. conversations 2 x 5 mins. closing reflection

6 { LLP and Other Influences on Our Undergraduate Programming Mary Besterfield-Sacre University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering

7 Who and What We Are  6 departments  13 programs  Joined Pathways  Invested in the UIF program

8 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Co-Curricular SSOECurricular Engr Clubs Design Hub ESW/EWB EERC Professional Development 2013-14 Seminar series 2013-15 LLP Beckman, Gartner, Clark, Bodnar (MOOC), Wosu, Sejdic, Winter Spaces Workshop with Stanford 3 rd Floor Hallway Design Rooms Staircase 24/7 Lab – Buddy/Schohn Inventory; ideas to expand G34 Living Learning Community Incubator in WPU? New classrooms in DLH Innovation Institute Pathways IP for Students Coursework Non-sponsored Undergrad and MS University Innovation Fellows Student Catalysts EpiCenter/VentureWell 7 total (5 SSoE) EERC Activities Bootcamp (NCIIA funded) 2013 – 8 2014 – 23 2015 – expansion Academic Year Challenges Contests Encouraging international design competitions Hack @ Pitt 1000 pitches Big Idea Innovation Week Etc. Courses/Curriculum Product Development Engr 1050 (3x/yr) IE 1089 (?/yr) Entrepreneurship IE 1039 (spring) Design Thinking/Creativity Engr 716 (Fr spring) MEMS 24 (So fall) Music Engineering (2x/yr) Engr 1716 (So-Sr fall) Integrated ChE 214, 314, 414 BioE 1160, 1161 Other – Sanchez workshops Expand /Revitalize Certificates Product Realization Engineering for Humanity Collaboration with CBA Industry/Mentors Design Expo! Build a network Chancellor’s directive Communication Facebook Twitter

9 Co-Curricular Required Elective Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman Boot Camp Intro Chemical Product Design Intro Mechanical Engr Design Taking Products to Market ChE Product Realization Chemical Product Prototyping Entrepreneurship for Engineers The Art of Making Honors The Art of Making Music Engineering Rapid Prototyping & Reverse Engr Bio Engr Design 2 Minority Grant International Social Entrepreneurship Bio Engr Design 1

10  LLP is a philosophy & suggested set of tools – we don’t ram it down their throats  Send a few more faculty to LLP across the disciplines  Focus on developing one or two more technical electives Still to do…

11 Adventures in LLP

12  Enterprise Program  ACTiVATE  MicroDevice Engineering, LLC  NSF ICorps Program / LLP  LLP for Educators Training  Epicenter Pathways Team LLP Background

13 Our LLP Challenges  Few “entrepreneurial -minded” students  Rural area with limited access to mentors, businesses and customers

14 Our Approach  1-credit module offered through the Enterprise Program  Open to students of all majors  I-Corps format  Emphasize relevance to intra- and entre-preneurs  Start with a creativity/brainstorming session  Encourage ideas relevant to our community  Enlist help of I-Corps participants as mentors 36 students 6 project teams Udacity lectures 2 customer interviews/ student/week Bi-weekly BMC presentations MVP’s Meetings w/ Instructors

15 Our Plan  2 module series - LLP Intro and LLP Advanced  Enlist help of alumni and SmartZone for mentors  Customer Discovery!  Connect LLP Advanced to participation in Business Model Competition  Launchpad Central  I-Corps Site Grant!!

16 Let’s talk…


18 Agenda ◦ SHORT Intro ◦ HowU Innovate ◦ Bison Startup ◦ How do you sign up ◦ Business Model Canvas ◦ Q&A ◦ Pitch ◦ Mix ◦ Sign up to the email list ◦ If team is forming identify team

19 Proposition: HowU Innovate is a statement describing the Lab’s mantra and mission. The HowU Innovate Lab will employ and enhance best practices for developing innovative thought. The Lab will expose Howard Engineering students, and the community at-large, to the tools and methods employed by the most successful multi-national corporations and start-up ventures. The Lab, which will be housed in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences, will function as the breeding ground for developing solution-based thinkers and will attract innovators from across Howard’s campus. Philosophy: The principles of the HowU Innovate Lab are largely based on “Design Thinking”. Design Thinking incorporates the relentless inquiry and disruptive solution generation that are core to a designer’s job. The premise of the Lab is that exposing individuals to the processes and methods that designers use to ideate and problem solve will better enable them to innovate. Function: Co-working space Maker Space Incubation Space Classroom Space Event Space Entrepreneurship challenges Hack-a-thons Start-up Weekends Fireside Chats The HowU Innovate Lab This is…. HowU Innovate.

20 Innovative Thinking Tenets: Questioning: Clearly define problem Networking: Encourage broad engagement Observing: Embrace “proudly found elsewhere” Experimenting: Develop educated risk-taking skills and tolerate failure For more information, contact: Grant M. Warner, Ph.D. Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship CEACS 202-806-6607 This is…. HowU Innovate.

21 Details WHAT: Bison Startup Audience (All Majors Welcome) Bison Startup is a new, interdisciplinary course for ALL MAJORS. This course will introduce you to the successful process used by Silicon Valley startups and connect you with Washington, DC’s entrepreneurship eco-system. BUT to get in you need to form an interdisciplinary team of Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers and then pitch your idea. The Hipster: Brings the creative design and cool factor. The Hacker: Brings their utility belt of engineering and technology solutions The Hustler: Packages it all up and takes it to the masses Faculty: Legand Burge (SCS), Micah Crump (Bus.), Grant Warner (Eng.) Mixers (sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank) 1 st Mixer: TODAY @ School of Business 2 nd Mixer: October 9 @ CEACS 3 rd Mixer: October 23 @ School of Communications Team Selection Event: October 30 GET ON MAILING LIST

22 To Join the Course ◦ You must pitch your way in ◦ Pitch event is Thursday, October 30 ◦ Sign up on the website to list your team: ◦ Pitch includes: ◦ 3 slides outlining your business ◦ Must include your Business Model Canvas ◦ ◦ Value Proposition ◦ Customer Segments ◦ Customer Relationships ◦ Channels ◦ Partners ◦ Revenue

23 About the Business Model Canvas ◦ Pre-business- plan strategy tool that captures how you intend to make money ◦ Write out all of your GUESSES ◦ Fill out on: ◦ www.cava www.cava ◦ Description of BMC: ◦ Overview of the Canvas Overview of the Canvas


25 Pitch – Who wants to form a team (60 secs) ◦ Intro ◦ Specify College/Major ◦ Your idea ◦ Problem ◦ Solution ◦ What team elements are you looking for ◦ Do you need a programmer, marketing expertise, CFO?

26 Pitch – Who wants to join a team (30 secs) ◦ Intro ◦ Background ◦ Specific Interests for work ◦ Did anything presented catch our interest?

27 ◦ MIX

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