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Welcome Seniors!! Mrs. Sweigart-Counseling Secretary Meet Your Counselors! A-CroMr. Mack Cru-HigMrs. Keller Hih-MerMrs. Thompson Mes-RMs. Ryckmen S-ZMrs.

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1 Welcome Seniors!! Mrs. Sweigart-Counseling Secretary Meet Your Counselors! A-CroMr. Mack Cru-HigMrs. Keller Hih-MerMrs. Thompson Mes-RMs. Ryckmen S-ZMrs. Bryant

2 Confidentiality The counseling office is a safe place. We respect you and your right to privacy and confidentiality….however…… Disclosure of ◦Self-harm ◦Harm to others or yourself ◦Knowledge of others are being harmed The law requires us to report it Our first priority is to keep all our students safe! Acknowledge Care Tell

3 Career Center Career Questions? Looking for a job? Information on Scholarships? PSAT/SAT/ACT testing info and study guides. Military Anything you could possibly need for life after high school!

4 Crisis Cards These cards have every type of community resource one may need: ◦Suicide prevention ◦Runaways ◦Homelessness ◦Addiction services ◦Depression ◦Food banks



7 GO TO WORK Training is on-the-job Length of training varies Will need a cover letter and resume May want to consider Apprenticeship programs Go to www.azcis.intocareers to research occupations www.azcis.intocareers

8 APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS Examples: Brick Layer & Tile Setter, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter Many are available through Community Colleges Initially earns 50-55% of Journeyman’s hourly wage Hourly increases throughout training Upon completion, obtain Journeyman’s card & move to full wage

9 JOIN THE MILITARY Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves Enlist (commitment varies) ROTC program at a college or university (4 yrs + commitment) Appointment to a Military Academy (4 yrs + commitment) Ask yourself……… Military: Do you meet the minimum qualifications to enlist? (physical fitness, eyesight, security requirements, education level, and job aptitude)

10 MILITARY Active Duty = full time Reserves = part time Military will train you to do your job Educational Benefits: ◦ Earn college credits while on active duty  may or may not be related to military position ◦ Montgomery GI Bill = money for school once done with commitment  may be used for degree & certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeship/on-the-job training & correspondence courses

11 VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL SCHOOLS Certificate or Licensure Programs (6 weeks - 4 years) Degree Programs: AAS (2 yrs) or Bachelor’s (4 yrs) Ex: Devry, AZ School of Massage Therapy, ITT Tech, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, AZ Automotive Institute Programs tend to be more “concentrated” More expensive than public schools Credits may or may not be transferable to community colleges or universities

12 COMMUNITY COLLEGE Certificate or Licensure Programs (6 wks - 2 yrs) ◦ Pharmacy Tech, Airframe Maintenance, Forensic Investigation Associate’s Degree (2 yrs) ◦ Nutrition, Mortuary Science, Fashion Merchandising Transfer to a college or university (up to 2 yrs) ◦ Education, Architecture

13 COMMUNITY COLLEGES Are public institutions, so cost is less Typically have similar programs to vocational/technical schools

14 CONNECTION Many of the community colleges have agreements with universities where you can continue to work toward a Bachelor’s degree in several fields after completing your Associate’s degree – all on the community college campus! ◦ Transfer lower division credits from your community college to the ASU/UofA/NAU program of your choice ◦ Save $ by paying the lower community college tuition for your 1 st two years of schools

15 UNIVERSITY Bachelor’s Degree (4 yrs) Master’s Degree (Bachelors Degree + 1-2 more yrs) Doctorate Degree (Masters Degree + 2 or more yrs) Public or private institutions Ex: Accounting, Teaching, Psychology, Engineering, Criminal Justice, Journalism Ask yourself… Do you meet the admissions requirements for the specific school you want to attend & the program you want to study? They all vary! Ex: ASU – You need to meet the general university admissions requirements + some programs of study will have additional requirements. (W.P. Carey School of Business & Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering)

16 Preferred ACT and SAT scores In state universities require a minimum: SAT score of a 1040 or higher ACT score of a 22 or higher

17 Ivy League & Elite Universities “Standardized test scores and good grades will get a student in the door to have their application read, but it’s their extracurricular activities, leadership experience, exceptional talents, recommendation letters and personal essays that will move a student from a pile of ‘maybes’ to a pile of ‘accepted’”. Dr. Rachel Rubin -Served on admission committees at select universities

18 Acceptance Letters! When you receive your acceptance letters from the colleges and universities please come down to the counseling office and let us make a copy of it. We will be putting them on display in the counseling office. Thank you!

19 How Do I Pay I Pay for School? Financial Aid-Fill out FAFSA in January. ◦Grants-Money you do not have to pay back. Can be used for any educational institution. ◦Work Study-Working on campus. ◦Federal Student Loans-Have to pay back. Scholarships!! Look at the Tiger Bulletin! Pick one up or look online at, GHS website, under Go to your https://azcis.intocareers.org ◦Login: abc000013245 Password: 000012345 Get a job!

20 HELPFUL WEBSITES ◦ Find the best school for your intended major ◦ _careers/236.html _careers/236.html  Prediction of hottest careers ◦  A wealth of information to help you in your post- secondary planning


22 THINGS TO CONSIDER LocationSize Admissions Requirements What do I enjoy? Working alone? ActivitiesHousing Expenses/ Budget Talents?Hobbies?Skills? Work well with others? People person? EnvironmentFacilities Campus Visits/ Orientation ComputerSkills? Favorite Subjects? Math? English? Where do I go to school? What should I major in?

23 FOR THE REMAINING TIME - PUT YOUR PLAN INTO ACTION!!! Credit Checks With Your Counselor Research-Worksheet… Scholarships ACT/SAT dates Two colleges you are interested in Occupation search on Post-Secondary Information Handouts

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