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Scalp & Muscles of face D.Rania Gabr D.Sama. D.Elsherbiny.

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1 Scalp & Muscles of face D.Rania Gabr D.Sama. D.Elsherbiny

2 Objectives Explain the muscles of Scalp with their action.
Enlist the muscles of facial expressions and discuss their actions. Discuss temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Enlist and discuss the Muscles of Mastication. Enlist the muscles of Neck and discuss their actions.

3 Scalp Extension Posteriorly: from the superior nuchal lines of the occipital bone Anteriorly: from the supraorbital margin of the frontal bone Laterally: over the temporal fascia, to the zygomatic arches

4 Layers: S: Skin: contains hairs. C: Connective tissue: contains nerve and blood supply of scalp. A: Apponeurosis: contains occipito-frontali muscle. L: Loose connective tissue: dangerous layer which contains emissery veins. P: Pericranium: periosteum which is adherent to the bone.

5 Frontallis: from skin and superficial fascia of eyebrows to aponeurosis. Raises eyebrows Occipitalis: from highest nuchal line to aponeurosis. Moves the scalp backward. Nerve supply: facial nerve.

6 Are derived from the 2nd pharyngeal arch
Are supplied by the facial nerve Orbital Muscles Orbicularis Oculi: 3 parts 1. Orbital part: powerful closure of the eye 2. Palpebral part: light closure (blinking) 3. Lacrimal part: dilate the lacrimal sac to aspirate tears from the eye Frontalis: elevate the eyebrow (act of surprise or fear) Oral Muscles Buccinator Orbicularis oris Zygomaticus major: elevate the angle of the mouth Zygomaticus minor: elevate the upper lip


8 Orbicularis Oculi: 3 parts
1.Orbital part:  surround the orbital margin  from the medial palpebral ligament to the medial palpebral lig  powerful closure of the eye 2. Palpebral part:  present in the eyelid  from the medial to the lateral palpebral ligament  light closure of the eye (blinking and sleep) 3. Lacrimal part:  from the lacrimal bone to the lacrimal sac  dilates the lacrimal sac to aspirate tears

9 Origin: outer aspect of maxilla and mandible.
Insertion; upper and lower lips. Nerve supply; facial nerve. Action: Blowing – prevent accumulation of food in vestibule of mouth

10 Orbicularis Oris In the lips Surrounds the mouth.
Nerve supply: facial nerve. Action: whistling and kissing.

11 Ear Muscles

12 Nose Muscles

13 Platysma Origin: from the deep fascia and skin over pectoralis major and deltoid. Insertion: inferior border of the mandible skin of the face inferior to the mouth Nerve supply: Facial nerve Action: depresses the angle of the mandible


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