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A Separate Peace Historical Analysis. World War II Start in 1939 America became a belligerent in the war in late 1941.

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1 A Separate Peace Historical Analysis

2 World War II Start in 1939 America became a belligerent in the war in late 1941

3 Before The Attack United States placed a trade embargo on Japan ▫Prohibited export of steel, scrap iron, and aviation fuel In April 1941 Japan sign a neutrality treaty with the Soviet Union June – July 1941 ▫Japan occupied southern Indochina ▫Two days later United States Britain and the Netherlands froze Japanese assets (Japan could not buy oil)

4 Japans War Plan Planned a sweep into Burma, Malaya, East Indies, and the Philippines Expected the United States to declare war but not fight to win the war Greatest concern was the United States Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor As insurance Japan planned to attack the Pacific Fleet in a surprise air attack

5 Attack on Pearl Harbor Early December 7 th 1941 the first wave of Japanese planes left the aircraft carriers (Pearl Harbor) ▫Reached Pearl Harbor before 8 am ▫Two waves lasted two hours ▫Wounded over 3500 Americans ▫Sank or badly damaged 18 ships ( Including all 8 battleships) ▫Over 350 planes were destroyed or damaged

6 World War II On December 11 th 1941 the United States and Britain declare war on Japan Germany and Italy declare war on the United States

7 Axis vs. Allies Axis powers were Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria Allies were the United States, Britain, France, Soviet Union, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, and Yugoslavia Y

8 A Separate Peace Finny did not believe the war existed ▫He used the War as an excuse to do careless things ▫He wore a pink shirt to represent the bombing in Central Europe and said the school should be involved “I don’t really believe bombed Central Europe, do you?” said Finny ( Knowles, 29)

9 The Draft September 16, 1940, ▫The United States passed the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 ▫Every man age 21 – 45 had to register to for the draft (The National WWII Museum) hs

10 A Separate Peace The young teachers were drafted into the war Finny Says “We had to do that, naturally, because we are getting ready for war”(Knowles, 22).

11 The Draft 1942 ▫ The draft age was lowered to 18 To join the military before 18 boys had to enlist ▫Most boys had to be 17 to enlist, but if they were tall or looked older they were allowed to enlist younger (The National WWII Museum)

12 A Separate Peace Gene and Brinker were going to enlisted in the military, but Finny returned to school and told them they were crazy Recruiters were constantly at the school trying to get students at Devon to enlist Leper enlisted because one of these presentations Gene went to war after Finny died

13 World War II President Roosevelt ordered Japanese and Japanese Americans in western United States to relocation centers United States and Filipino troops surrendered to Japan in Manila Bay

14 World War II German 6 th Army surrendered at Stalingrad Allied troops land on Italian mainland after going through Sicily Italy Surrenders but the Nazis seize Rome

15 PTSD Post Tramatic Stress Disorder is very common when soldiers come back from war They feel stressed and frightened when there is nothing to be afraid of.

16 A Separate Peace Leper was sent home because he went crazy from the things he saw. He said, “ psycho. I guess I am. I must be. Am I, though, or is the army?” (Knowles, 150)

17 During WWII 16 million Americans fought during WWII About 400,000 Americans died The bloodiest war America fought in

18 A Separate Peace WWII at Devon School Gene said, “ I never killed anybody and I never developed an intense level of hatred for the enemy. Because my war ended before I ever put on a uniform; I was on active duty all my time at school; I killed my enemy there. (Knowles, 204)”

19 Bibliography Pearl Harbor. Web. 20 October 2013. The National WWII Museum. Convio. Web. 20 October 2013. Knowles, John. A Separate Peace. New Work. Scribner, 2003. Print.

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