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Lesson 7Module: SBM Lecture 8 Managing Human Resources & Setting Up the Organizational structure.

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1 Lesson 7Module: SBM Lecture 8 Managing Human Resources & Setting Up the Organizational structure

2 Lesson 7Module: SBM How To Obtain And Manage Human Resources And Diversity In Small Companies Planning Human Resource Needs HR Sources Methods For Recruiting Employee Development Managers vs. Nonmanagers Laws Of Recruiting, Selection, & Development Compensation & Benefits Employee Health & Safety

3 Lesson 7Module: SBM Staffing “…planning for, recruiting, selecting, and training and developing employees, as well as compensating them and providing for their health and safety.”

4 Lesson 7Module: SBM Planning HR Needs Job Description –Duties –Responsibilities –Working Conditions –Relationships Job Specification- Qualifications –Mental –Physical –Other

5 Lesson 7Module: SBM Components: Job Description & Specification Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p.237

6 Lesson 7Module: SBM Sources Of Employees Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p.238

7 Lesson 7Module: SBM Tips To Aid Recruiting Current Employees Seniors Internships Bulletin Board Specific Job-Related Talents Recruitment Agency

8 Lesson 7Module: SBM Methods Of Recruiting Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p.241

9 Lesson 7Module: SBM Techniques For Selection Preliminary Screening/Interview Application/Resume Testing In-Depth Interview References Physical Exam Judgment Orientation

10 Lesson 7Module: SBM Testing Valid Relates To Performance Types –Intelligence –Aptitude –Proficiency

11 Lesson 7Module: SBM Interview Topics To Avoid  Children  Age  Disabilities  Physical Characteristics  Citizenship  Name  Lawsuits  Arrest Record  Smoking  AIDS/HIV

12 Lesson 7Module: SBM Strategies At Interview Stick To Pre-Determined Questions Do Not Make An Emotional Hiring Decision Interviewing In-depth Be Very Clear About Job Performance Expectations

13 Lesson 7Module: SBM Types Of Training On-The-Job Apprenticeship Internship Cross-Training E-Training Outside Help

14 Lesson 7Module: SBM Developing Managers Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p.249

15 Lesson 7Module: SBM On-The-Job Training Steps Tell What Tell How Show How Let Them Under Guidance Right/Wrong/Correction Repeat

16 Lesson 7Module: SBM On-The-Job Training Advantages Low Cost Production Continues No Transition Educates & Motivates Disadvantages Excessive Waste Poor Environment Owner/Manager May Not Be Best Trainer

17 Lesson 7Module: SBM Employee Compensation Legal Influences Setting Rates Of Pay Motivation Merit Increases Incentive Payments Profit Sharing Commissions Bonuses Push Money/Spiff

18 Lesson 7Module: SBM Employee Health & Safety Organization Size Industry Occupation Human Variables Job Satisfaction Personal Characteristics Management Attitude Occupational Safety & Health Act

19 Lesson 7Module: SBM Setting Up Organization Basic Organizational Concepts Effective Leadership Employee Communication Employee Motivation Discipline & Termination Employee Performance

20 Lesson 7Module: SBM Organizational Concepts Delegation Span Of Control Specialization

21 Lesson 7Module: SBM How Well Do You Delegate? Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p.269

22 Lesson 7Module: SBM Indicators Of Organizational Trouble Too Many People in too Many Meetings Growth of Administrative Costs Too Many Procedures/Conflicts Key People Not Focus on Key Activities

23 Lesson 7Module: SBM Successful Recipients Of Delegation Learn From Other’s Mistakes Follow The Plan Are Teachable

24 Lesson 7Module: SBM Line Organization Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 270

25 Lesson 7Module: SBM Line/Staff Organization Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 271

26 Lesson 7Module: SBM Small Unincorporated / Mom-and-Pop Firm Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 270

27 Lesson 7Module: SBM Organizing Activities By Groups Function Performed Product Sold Process Used Areas Served Type Of Customer Project

28 Lesson 7Module: SBM Types Of Teams Problem-Solving Self-Managing Work Cross-Functional

29 Lesson 7Module: SBM Social Contract For Good Human Relations Between Owner & Employees Reasons For Business Communicate Goals Growth Production Involvement Ethics

30 Lesson 7Module: SBM Leadership Leading –Communicating –Motivating –Disciplining Leadership – Ability To Influence Others Diversity’s Role

31 Lesson 7Module: SBM Communication Process Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 275

32 Lesson 7Module: SBM Rules Of Communication Keep It Simple Recruit Initial Users Encourage Diversity Enlist Cheerleaders Archive Best Advice

33 Lesson 7Module: SBM What Do You Want From Job? Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 277

34 Lesson 7Module: SBM Motivation “…inner state that activates a person, including drives, desires, and/or motives.”

35 Lesson 7Module: SBM Employee Performance Performance = Ability X Motivation

36 Lesson 7Module: SBM Why Motivate? Attract Potential Employees Improve Performance Retain Good Employees

37 Lesson 7Module: SBM Employee Motivation Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 280

38 Lesson 7Module: SBM Techniques Of Motivation Quality Circles Zero-Defects Job Enrichment Work Variation Schedule Flextime Job Splitting Sharing

39 Lesson 7Module: SBM How Performance Appraisals Operate Small Business Management, McGraw-Hill, p. 284

40 Lesson 7Module: SBM Counseling Troubled Employees 1.Establish Standards 2.Be Specific 3.Restrict Criticism 4.Be Firm & Consistent 5.Be Prepared 6.Point Out External Sources 7.Employee Decides 8.Only Activities On Job 9.Confidentiality 10.Commitment

41 Lesson 7Module: SBM Job-Related Areas Of Counseling Health and Safety Retirement or Termination Stress

42 Lesson 7Module: SBM Handling Employee Complaints Assurances to Employees Simple Complaint Procedure Minimum Time

43 Lesson 7Module: SBM Types Of Discipline Encourage Self-Discipline Positive Discipline

44 Lesson 7Module: SBM Legal Discipline Set Rules Act Promptly Gather Facts Allow Explanation Evaluate Courses Of Action Select Course Of Action Take Action Maintain Records

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